Whatever the sector in which your business operates and type of customer base it is aiming to build, you shouldn’t look past the promotional merits of video.

Research vindicates the theory that video can engage viewers surprisingly effectively. However, your company might still have held off thoroughly investing in the medium – perhaps out of misconceptions about how effective or easy-to-make videos can be. Allow us to enlighten you…

Information imparted via video is easier to remember

As explained in an Entrepreneur article, molecular biologist John Medina has claimed that video can have a much more powerful effect on human memory than audio alone.

To be more precise, Medina has said that, should a human hear some information, 10% of it will still be in their memory three days later. However, that percentage rises to 65% if the person simultaneously hears information and views an image, as video improves information processing.

Online video is widely watched

The Next Web has shared various figures shedding light on the wide reach of video. These statistics include that, each day, 55% of people watch online videos, while mobile is the platform through which 90% of Twitter videos are watched.

Company videos are especially popular with Millennials. Entrepreneur reports that, in surveys, 70% claim to watch such videos while online shopping – and, thus, yielding their major purchasing power.

A team effort can result in a big success

Before they buy anything from your company, a client will want to see that it has the same values. By gathering various employees for a team video, you can help give a client an insight into your company culture – and, if they like what they see, they could be more tempted to proceed.

Furthermore, for your company, filming team videos can be a lot of fun. Even just planning for it can develop camaraderie – and that could fuel excitement that lasts right through the video’s production.

Your company could become easier to find in search engines

A corporate video can help strengthen your company’s SEO – search engine optimisation – profile, especially if that video will be posted on YouTube, as explained in a LinkedIn article.

When you do this, you can anticipate search engines more easily coming across the video and giving your business higher rankings in the search engine’s results pages. Basically, as a result of all of this, your company can become more easily noticed online.

An effective video can be delightfully cheap to make

In the last decade, mobile phones and tablets have been muscling out desktop and laptop computers in popularity not just as content consumers, but also as content makers.

This certainly holds true in the realm of video. Prices on such devices have dropped over time – meaning that, today, you don’t need to spend too much money to pick up a phone or tablet with which a small HD video camera has been integrated. Nonetheless, if your video-making skills are not quite up to scratch, The Mob Film Company could assist.