Trying to sell your beloved house can be a stressful business, especially if you want to close the deal quickly. To help the process go smoothly, it’s crucial that you make the house as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Here’s how.

1. Evaluate exteriors

Nothing makes a better first impression than a well-kept house exterior. Go outside and look at your front garden, fence, front door and porch – does any of the above need fixing or refreshing? If you consider your house to be in perfect condition, you might want to proceed with some minor works like removing dead debris and cutting back overgrown shrubs.

2. Declutter

When selling a property, no area is safe from the gaze of a serious house hunter. Having said that, the potential buyers are not interested in seeing your personal belongings like photos, but are concerned about the space instead. To make it more spacious, make sure that you properly clean and declutter your house to make it appear larger, brighter and warmer. If you need to store your personal stuff somewhere for the time being, avoid putting them in one of the rooms and opt for a local self-storage instead.

3. Refresh

If you feel like your worn, stained carpeting needs a bit of love then now is the perfect time to get it replaced. Think that your walls need a fresh lick of paint as well? Great, just make sure that the colour is bright and neutral so the buyers can move in immediately. Minor changes won’t cost you a fortune, but can make you some good profit and allow you to close the deal faster.

4. Define

The most important thing for every home hunter is an ability to picture his/her living in the house, so make sure that each room is well prepared and free of any personalised things like posters. Prior to arranging any viewings, you should also go through your place to ensure that each space highlights its purpose – for example, the dining room is more likely to impress your visitors if decorated with a family table rather than paperwork or gym equipment.

5. Use Scents

A good smell can create a relaxing atmosphere and encourage buyers to spend time in your property – especially if is homely and brings memories. To upsurge your chances of selling your house quickly, welcome the potential buyers with the scent of baked fresh bread and brewed coffee or, if you‘re in a rush, opt for a zesty fragranced spray instead.