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Gotshal Rhoades Will Apply New Investing Sustainable Strategies

The firm’s new approach will support its ambition for sustainability – without sacrificing performanceGotshal Rhoades, an investment management firm that offers a broad spectrum of investment strategies, today announced new improvements of its sustainability strategies, which will provide institutional investors the possibility to connect Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing solutions with the advisors’ expertise and knowledge in investing across emerging markets.

The Gotshal Rhoades Sustainable Strategy will target the climate change risks by implementing innovative investment solutions and focusing on companies that are efficiently structured, profitable, and have strong cash flows, consequently the firm will strengthen its performance by delivering better ESG outcomes to its customers.Built to invest at the junction of high quality and low carbon, this strategy is a proof of Gotshal Rhoades’ constructive approach of delivering quantitative investment solutions that focus on the efficient use of ESG – without cutting performance. Driven by customers’ demand, the strategy is being implemented by using the proven track record creativity and knowledge our advisors team has in ESG and value investing.

“With many years of involvement in the ESG strategies and innovations, we’ve observed how investors’ attitude and views evolved over time,” said Peter Lai, Gotshal Rhoades Chief Executive Officer. “We at Gotshal Rhoades, are extremely excited about developing, improving and delivering efficient, responsible investment tools and solutions – and we truly believe this can be achieved without negatively affecting the financial performance, on the contrary it can have a bigger positive impact.”

“The improved quality of the received global emissions data, combined with the composure of our strategy selection techniques, proves that we are in a strong position to combine Gotshal Rhoades’ core proficiency of investing with climate change investment considerations,” said Gordon Lee, Gotshal Rhoades Head of SRI (Socially Responsible Investments). “Our main focus is to help investors avoid unnecessary risks and pass other sector challenges within their portfolios by targeting low exposure to risk factors achieved through our range of tailored strategies and to offer them a safe exposure to the markets with a carbon intensity reduction target.”

About Gotshal Rhoades

Gotshal Rhoades is an investment management firm that merges proven theories about security analysis and portfolio management with a genuine interest in helping people and institutions achieve their financial goals. The company serves individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, and endowments via a selection of specialist asset classes, including low volatility strategies, capitalizing on in-house fundamental and quantitative capabilities. The professionals at Gotshal Rhoades are proud to partner with customers to deliver sophisticated solutions that result in their success. Gotshal Rhoades continuously expands its investment and wealth management offerings to keep pace with the evolving landscape.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson to auction novels as NFTs

The grandson of Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, is to auction an NFT (non-fungible token) of two of his books to raise funds for a new mental health care app.

Dumani Mandela, 44, is the son of Phumla Makaziwe Mandela, the second daughter of South Africa’s first black head of state and a former winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

After a career in management consulting, insurance and banking, he has spent the last 14 years working for his family’s investment company OSR Holdings, specialising in train manufacturing and property development.

He is also the author of four books, including I Dream of Kemet and Young and on the run from Apartheid.

I Dream of Kemet is a novel about African magic realism from an African perspective, while Young and on the run from Apartheid is a fast-paced novel about one man’s search for humanity against the backdrop of apartheid.

Mandela is now seeking to convert the books into an NFT, a type of digital asset, with proceeds from the sales going towards his mental health care web app My Minimalist, which is currently in the prototype stage.

He is working on the release with BlockSmart NFT, a digital creative agency based in London.

BlockSmart NFT provides a full, turnkey management service for creatives who want to explore and monetise NFT, advising on strategy, promotion, tokenisation, monetisation and representation.

Mr. Richard Ossei, BlockSmart NFT CEO, said: “We work with creatives and handle the digital administration and promotional side whenever they want to launch an NFT.

“Given Dumani’s family background, we expect there to be considerable interest in his tokens, and it is particularly pleasing that on this occasion the proceeds will be going to such a good cause.”

The NFTs will be listed on the OpenSea platform in mid-August.


Ultimate Business Branding Guide – 2021 Edition

The last year has been a rollercoaster for business owners, with prolonged periods of closures to great uncertainty around plans to reopen physical premises, it’s been a test for the most seasoned of businesses. Whilst these challenges may have pushed you to the edge at times, there has been some good that has come out of this time spent locked down. There is now an opportunity to rethink your brand identity and become that business that you have always dreamt about.

Branding involves much more than a pretty logo and a poster in the shop window. We now live in a day and age where all aspects of your brand need to be crystal clear and eye-catching to capture the attention of the public. Gone are the days where all you needed was to hand out your business card to attract new customers, the market is now more competitive than it’s ever been before, therefore creating a need for a flawless brand image. 

In this article, we aim to cover some of the most important aspects of branding in 2021, the goal, to help business owners make better decisions when it comes to investing in brand identity. 

Establishing An Online Brand Identity  

The world of digital is a huge part of business as we know it. Just think back a few years and businesses were mostly done face to face, now it’s rare to have a face to face meeting. With this great shift in where business is conducted your online presence must be felt the same as your physical. This means that investing in a well-designed logo, website and email is an essential part of connecting with your customers on a deeper level. This online brand not only allows you to connect with existing customers but is also a lead generation tools for small and growing businesses. 

Building Up A Industry Reputation 

Whilst many aspects of the business have changed over the past couple of years, one thing stays the same, the need for a solid reputation in the industry. Whether this is positive word of mouth from previous clients or a collection of five-star reviews that clearly describe the quality of service received when dealing with your business, it’s still just as important that this reputation is there. A lack of reputation can make customers hesitate to deal with your company and trust me when I say there are plenty of other options out there. 

Creating A Physical Brand Image

The actual workplace in which you conduct your daily operations must also be considered. Whilst the pandemic has forced us to work from home where possible we must not forget to keep a clean and presentable workplace to help with client meetings and retaining a motivated workforce. This may mean that you invest in frequent render cleaning Cardiff service to help upkeep the maintenance of your physical workplace. Just remember that branding is not just about dealing with new customers but it can also help to create a positive work environment for employees, making sure that they are proud to tell people about the company they work for. 

Advertising On The Right Channels

The last point we want to discuss is marketing channels. It’s now more important than ever before that you are connecting with your potential clients where they spend most of the time whether this is on their morning route to work, on the social media channels they enjoy or through the newspapers they read. Your advertising and marketing methods are an essential part of your brand image and by placing your business name and logo in highly reputable newspapers, magazines and press release articles you will be portraying a highly professional appearance that is clear to win new customers over. 

To summarise all of the points mentioned above, branding in 2021 is not meant to be a minefield, it’s all about making sure that your company appeals to the masses. As long as you deeply understand the thought process behind your ideal customers you can make sure that every aspect of your business speaks to them and brings them in. If you need further guidance around growing your brand don’t be afraid to speak to someone. Many companies decide to hire employees  

How to deal with your overwhelming workload

Don’t get it twisted – being an entrepreneur is hard work. Very hard work. And with hard work comes a heavy workload. From learning new skills to managing employees as well as planning ahead, just getting through an average day can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

But there are ways to work smarter and not harder.

We’ve listed some handy tips to help you handle your workload, alleviate your stress and sort through even the deepest sea of never-ending tasks.

  1. Take time out to plan 

Just one hour of planning could save you hours of time. Avoid rushing in and wasting time by mapping everything out before you dive in.

Think about the purpose of each project or task, how long it will take, the deadline and the desired outcome before noting what the KPIs and challenges are.

Having absolute clarity on your to-do list will help you block out the required amount of time and help you focus and concentrate, as a result.

  1. Get your priorities straight 

The saying “there aren’t enough hours in the day” holds very true. In times when there seems to be more work than capacity, don’t wear yourself thin. Accept that you aren’t a superhero and that you won’t be able to get everything done at once. 

Prioritise tasks so that the most urgent and important items rise to the top of your list. Get these done first before moving onto tasks that fall further down the list. 

And remember – don’t put off tasks! 

This will only push important tasks further down the list and delay your progress. Don’t let this happen!

  1. Limit the amount of time you spend on tasks

The law of diminishing returns dictates that the more time spent on a task, the less value gained from it. With this theory in mind, make sure you limit the amount of time you spend doing certain tasks.

It may also be worth investing in a time audit to see exactly where you are spending your time. 

Start by analysing how much time it takes to complete each task and what value you are getting out of each one. At the end of the work, record the total time spent on each task and change your focus, if needed.

  1. Stay up-to-date

Keeping track of what you’re doing each day can help you measure how much time you really need for each project or task.

Knowing this will help alleviate your stress levels as you will know what to expect from individual tasks in future.

  1. Avoid being a perfectionist

In the famous words of Gordon B. Hinckley, “mediocrity will never do”. And while mediocrity is never okay, spending hours on tasks just to bring them to your personal level of perfection isn’t either. 

Being a perfectionist will not only affect your confidence level, but also kill time, delaying other tasks in the process.

Remember – good work is what you produce for your clients. Perfectionism is something you only spend time on to satisfy yourself.

  1. Rid yourself of distractions

Do you know how many times you get distracted in the day? You may actually be more affected by distractions than you think.

According to The Cost of Interrupted Work, a study conducted by Gloria Mark, it takes a person 23 minutes and 15 seconds, on average, to return to the original task after interruption.

This can lead to increased stress, a bad mood and lower productivity.

So, eliminate distractions at all costs! Exercise discipline and remain focused on business-related projects and tasks.

  1. Share the load

No human being is good at everything. So, focus on your own unique skill set and outsource everything else. 

From general admin to social media management and copywriting, you can utilise the service of a virtual marketing company to redistribute tasks and help you manage your time better. 

Remember – you’re not an expert on everything. So why not utilise someone else to do what you can’t?

  1. Stop multitasking

No matter how good you may think you are at multitasking, try to stop yourself from doing it. 

The truth is, multitasking is a myth and your brain simply can’t work effectively by doing more than one thing at a time. 

Focus on your list of priorities, get through each task one at a time and create firm boundaries for specific tasks. That way, you won’t feel overworked.

  1. Take time out

As human beings, we require rest to replenish energy levels and stay on top of a heavy workload. 

As impossible as it may seem, take time out of your day to go for a walk or exercise. Leave early when possible and even sneak in a nap (if you can).

And never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and healthy eating plan!

  1. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be an uphill battle but it is of utmost importance. 

A healthy work-life balance is subjective, but it involves finding peace within yourself in order to be fully present wherever you are at any particular time. 

Make a conscious choice to focus on what matters most to you and create a balanced life that serves your needs.

A heavy workload can be tough to deal with. From stress to fatigue and burnout, it is something that must be tackled head-on to overcome it.

Utilise this step-by-step guide to be the champion of your workload.

Webio set to transform digital debt collections with AI-powered Propensity Studio

AI start-up Webio has unveiled the launch of its new digital debt collection offering, Propensity Studio.

Founded in 2016, the Dublin-based firm specialises in the credit, collections and payments industry.

Propensity Studio leverages Webio’s conversational AI platform to enhance how businesses engage with their customers by predicting individual business outcomes throughout their messaging conversations.

Companies have had to shift their customer engagement to digital channels like SMS, Webchat, WhatsApp, RCS and Messenger as customers increasingly expect instant interaction, whether checking on a delivery or discussing their finances.

The first of its kind in credit and collections, Propensity Studio transforms how companies manage the nuances of each individual customer’s personal circumstances, ensuring conversations are dealt with in a fair, empathetic and compliant manner.

For example, customers experiencing personal challenges in their lives can be identified more easily and so get the support they need.

Propensity Studio enables collection organisations and teams to move beyond the traditional customer interaction by:

  • Guiding customer conversations using Natural Language Understanding, incorporating intents and sentiment analysis, Propensity Studio interprets a customer’s language, response behaviours and previous conversation history to determine how best to respond.
  • Working with Webio automated chatbots or in conjunction with live agents, Propensity Studio identifies a company’s specific business outcome and within a few words of a conversation, produces a real-time propensity score that identifies how likely a business outcome is. This allows for efficient, low-cost management of the flow and content of an unlimited volume of customer conversations.
  • By predicting what the outcome of the conversation is going to be, customer journeys can be more automated, reducing agent resource and allowing agents to work on the conversations where their skills are more required.
  • Webio Conversational AI is designed to work with the customer’s best interests in mind, identifying and engaging with vulnerable customers in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Cormac O’Neill, Webio CEO, said: “Credit and Collections are one of the most challenging customer service environments in the world. It’s an environment whereby having the right conversation can make such a difference in people’s lives.

“In developing our conversational AI, we have put the needs of indebted customers and our clients front and centre. In so doing our Propensity Studio will not only make a substantial difference to the operational efficiency of businesses but also reshape how customers and companies relate to one another in a new powerful way.

“There has been a lot of hype surrounding AI recently, but the reality is that delivering effective AI that makes a meaningful difference is a challenge. I’m thrilled that Team Webio has met this challenge and I am excited to see the impact that Propensity Studio will have as we continue on our mission of rebalancing the credit and collections eco-system.”

About Webio

Webio makes having difficult customer conversations easier for Credit, Collections and Payment businesses with trusted Conversational AI. Leading UK and Irish brands like The Very Group, Energia, Littlewoods, Hoist Finance using our conversational platform to orchestrate millions of customer conversations at scale and have convenient and highly personalized conversations. The no-code platform allows Webio customers and partners to get up and running with conversational AI over SMS, WhatsApp, Webchat, and other channels in hours, not months.

Founded in 2016, Webio’s platform enables the credit industry to engage with their in-debt and vulnerable customers positively and empathetically. Webio is on a mission to rebalance the Credit, Collections and Payment ecosystem by reimagining the way lenders engage and converse with customers.

Webio was ranked #2 in the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards and is the founder of one of Europe’s leading conversational interface conferences – ConverCon.

For more information, please visit webio.com.


Lockdown Turns an Inspiring Labour of Love into a Thriving Etsy Business

The Covid-19 pandemic changed, and still affects, the way most do business. But that break from office life resulted in husband and wife John and Kerry Celeste (accompanied by Assistant/Office Chief/Head Honcho Simon the cat) turning a long running passion for photography into a highly successful side business.

Cactus & Lime is the place to go if you’re searching for trendy printable wall art that’ll refresh your home décor in an instant.

The Etsy store was originally launched in 2018 but as busy owners of thriving, Newcastle-upon-Tyne based web design and SEO agency Onit Web Solutions Ltd, the Celestes had very little time to dedicate to the establishment of Cactus & Lime during the early years. That was until lockdown hit…

“Both myself and Kerry have always loved travel. We regularly visit the USA –  our exploration of the Wild West even inspired the name of our Etsy store. Over the years, we’ve amassed quite the photography collection, and with people continually complementing our photographs, we thought, why not share them! Lockdown gave us the time to tinker with Cactus & Lime, and finally put our prints out there. In fact, our little side business kept me sane, and it has really started to take off!” said John Celeste, Owner, Photographer and Creator at Cactus & Lime.

Cactus & Lime now boasts a 442-print strong collection, all of which are available to purchase as digital downloads. The store has made 795 sales to customers all over the globe to date. Cactus & Lime has also received rave reviews, giving it the coveted status of a 5-star store.

Their growing collection of printable wall art and digital prints sports a myriad of images, ranging from the wild west shots their fans know and love them for to botanical prints and more abstract pieces.

“The USA fascinates us. The country has so many incredible scenes to document so needless to say, we’ll never be stuck for inspiration when creating wall art for our customers. The photography we produce however is first and foremost a labour of love – and we hope that shows in our prints! It’s exciting to see our art in other people’s homes, with our prints quick, easy and affordable ways to spruce up any space,” concluded Owner, Photographer and Designer Kerry.


First time buyers can have the best of both worlds with Hello Mortgage

Those looking to get their foot on the property ladder no longer need to choose between high-quality personal customer service, or the flexibility of a slick digital experience. With Hello Mortgage, first time buyers really can have the best of both worlds.

Exceptional customer service

What sets Hello Mortgage apart is its commitment to outstanding customer service in offering free first time buyer mortgage advice . Their 100% positive client reviews on Trustpilot speak for themselves, with an impressive TrustScore of 4.7.

All too often, first time buyers are faced with a sea of confusing options that don’t meet their needs. A stark choice between an old-fashioned shop front or a faceless online operation, where it’s almost impossible to speak to a person. This is where Hello Mortgage steps in with its game-changing, innovative new offering.

Mortgage broker of choice for first time buyers

Hello Mortgage offers an accessible and user-friendly digital experience, including customer-friendly out-of-hours and weekend appointments, that are sourced, sealed, and delivered by professionals with a personal touch. It is this flexible commitment to customer service that makes Hello Mortgage the broker of choice for first time buyers.

Keith Ahmed, Mortgage & Protection Director for Hello Mortgage said:

“Exceptional customer service, built on trust is what sets Hello Mortgage apart from other brokers. We think of ourselves as a hybrid broker and a challenger to online faceless advice firms by offering a personal human service supported by cutting edge technology.

I am thrilled to see such a positive response from our clients and the trust they place in our mortgage brokers which has helped deliver strong growth in a very challenging market.”

Free end-to-end mortgage advice

Hello Mortgage’s quality end-to-end service takes the client from their first online search for a “mortgage broker near me”, seamlessly all the way through to taking their very first sought-after step on the property ladder. With this level of free mortgage advice available, it begs the question, why risk using an online-only broker with the biggest financial commitment you are ever likely to make?

Hello Mortgage offers innovative products for a wide range of clients, not only first time buyers. There is a 95% LTV mortgage for those who do not have a substantial deposit, and they cater for self-employed mortgages too, plus many more.

To take the first step onto the property ladder, book an appointment with our mortgage experts today or start your journey online.

Hello Mortgage Limited is an appointed representative of MyInfinity Finance Limited who is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FRN 672182



Gen2 Broking to join KYND’s Broker Programme to help businesses take control of cyber risk

KYND Limited, a leading provider of pioneering cyber risk management solutions, welcomed independent insurance specialist Gen2 Broking as the latest member of its fast-growing KYND Broker Programme. The newly formed partnership aims at helping Gen2’s broker members and their clients tackle the challenge in understanding and managing complex cyber risks, thus enabling and supporting the sustainable growth of the hardening cyber insurance market.

According to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2020[1], the median cost of a cyber attack rose almost sixfold worldwide between 2019 and 2020, and the frequency of attacks, partially triggered by the global COVID-19 pandemic, is escalating rapidly. But despite the significant threat level, only 26% of the firms surveyed in Hiscox’s report have a stand-alone cyber insurance policy. Most businesses continue to rely on their generic insurance policies or have no cyber insurance at all.

Launched in May 2020 and having successfully grown globally, the exclusive KYND Broker Programme is the industry’s first specialist initiative for broker members and their clients, to help them identify and effectively minimise their risk of the ever-increasing exposure to cyber-attacks. Through this partnership, Gen2 Broking will benefit from a comprehensive suite of KYND’s advanced cyber risks management tools and services to empower their clients with powerful, actionable insight into the cyber risks facing their organisation and start the remediation process whilst staying on top of key vulnerabilities across the insurance policy life cycle.

Andy Thomas, KYND’s CEO, said: “The increased global digitalisation – together with dramatic operational changes caused by the global pandemic – has been a large catalyst for a sharp increase in cyber-attacks worldwide during the last few years; and this threat only continues to rise in its scale and complexity. Fortunately, by leveraging KYND’s powerful, cutting-edge cyber risk technology coupled with the team’s first-hand industry expertise, we can effectively support Gen2 Broking and their clients in getting meaningful, actionable insights to how they can safely navigate this rapidly evolving threat landscape.”

Jon Nottingham, Gen2 Broking’s Founder, added: “In today’s digital world, if there is ever a class of insurance where the focus should be on risk mitigation, rather than just relying on insuring the risk – cyber would be the one. At Gen2 Broking, we take pride in understanding and sharing our clients’ challenges. That’s why when it comes to managing their cyber exposure, we always strive to provide them with innovative solutions and practical advice tailored to their specific business needs – and KYND enables us to do that brilliantly! KYND’s pioneering cyber risk management technology and outstanding specialist support perfectly assists us in our efforts and underpins our risk management forward approach.”

About Gen2 Broking 

Gen2 is a group of companies dedicated to helping exceptional businesses and individuals to be successful, through navigating them through an ever-increasing world of risk.

We are experts in providing advice and solutions that protect what’s important to you and enable you to focus on the things that make you exceptional. We focus on every detail of what’s important now, but more importantly what the most successful future looks like for you.

We believe in building trusted human relationships and in principles of doing business the right way. But we also embrace technology and are innovators in technology that enhances human relationships, not detracts from it. Personal service and dedication is not something we will ever compromise.

For more information, please visit: https://gen2group.co.uk/

●      Follow Gen2 on LinkedIn @Gen2Group

●      Follow Gen2 on Twitter @Gen2HQ

About KYND

Founded in March 2018 and headquartered in London, KYND is a new breed of cyber company. KYND makes complex cyber risks simple to understand and manage for every organisation, regardless of size, means

or industry sector.

For more information about KYND, visit: https://www.kynd.io/

For press enquiries, contact: press@kynd.io

●      Follow KYND on LinkedIn @KYNDCyber

●      Follow KYND on Twitter @KYNDcyber

[1] https://www.hiscox.co.uk/sites/uk/files/documents/2020-06/Hiscox_Cyber_Readiness_Report_2020_UK.PDF, 2020, Hiscox


Innovative web service fixes the clunky method of finding placements for students with all-in-one portal

An industrial placement portal will solve the current difficult and clunky methods of finding placements and employment opportunities for students.

Workscan allows employers to post placements, students to apply to these placements and educational bodies to virtually administer the whole process.

Headed up by Ioannis Antypas, serial entrepreneur and author of ‘The Persuasive Marketer’, the portal will first launch in the UK but will have the potential to help international education bodies as well.

“The world of work is fundamental to survival,” Ioannis said. “Bridging the gap between educational bodies and employment opportunities is essential to creating a workforce for the future.

“At the moment, when a student applies for a placement or employment opportunity, they must go through a long and involved process. They would have to go directly to their careers department, who would give them a paper sheet to sign up and apply for work – placing all the focus on the university to find and communicate the opportunity back to the student.

“This includes a lot of manual procedures, as the educational body has to get involved to legitimise the whole thing. There’s no waiting for communication to relay back – it’s all streamlined.”

Ioannis adds that, with Workscan, all of the students who have signed up for a placement year can join the portal through an invitational code from their educational body – bringing them to a centralised hub for finding, managing and completing placements.

“Instead of every single thing going through the university, everything is streamlined via one digital platform,” he said. “Students and employers convene directly to organise the placement; the responsibility of the university is to legitimise the whole thing and check weekly to hear about the student.

“Everything is done digitally through our portal, meaning any communication happens all via the same platform. Whether it’s the employer messaging the educational body or students messaging the employer, it’s all replied to and recorded in one place.”

Workscan’s waiting list is live and whether you’re a student, employer or a member of academic staff you can sign up on their website.

The portal’s launch expected in September – in conjunction with the start of the academic year.


London School of Economics has the world’s largest Google Developer Student Club

A Google Developer Student Club at the London School of Economics (LSE) has attracted 1,600 members, making it the largest of over 1,100 such clubs in the world.

The clubs are open to all university students with an interest in Google developer technologies, providing an opportunity to increase knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.

Currently there are 140 Google Developer Student Clubs in Europe, with a total of 820 projects being worked on by club members globally.

The LSE club has been led by Jack Lee, a Politics and Economics student, who has built it to 1,600 members in just six months.

Through the programme, students are able to provide resources to low-income households to help them break into technology even without a technology degree.

He said: “The Google Developer Student Club at LSE has been a great opportunity to have an impact on the local tech scene.

“In leading the club, I’ve wanted to appeal to both computer science students and those with a non-technical background, and I’ve pulled together an additional team of student leaders to inspire more students with different backgrounds to join.”

The clubs provide a good opportunity for students to meet other students on campus who are interested in developer technologies.

Through hands-on workshops, in-person training and project-building activities, a wide range of new skills are gained.

At LSE, Jack has focused heavily on partnerships, connecting members with leaders at top companies and other student groups from countries including Scotland, France, Norway, Canada and Nigeria.

With support from Google for Startups, the LSE club established relationships with startups, NGOs and financial firms, who each contributed to almost 30 events throughout the academic year, including introductory Python courses, mentorship sessions, networking events, talks with CEOs and industry panel talks.

Jack added: “I’m particularly proud to have helped connect 150 students to mentors from different startups, and I’m determined to keep building the community in order to continue the profound impact it is having on my fellow students.”

Some club members formed teams to solve problems for one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of the Google Developer Student Clubs’ 2021 Solution Challenge, LSE students developed prototype solutions for NGOs on wildfire analysis using TensorFlow, raising donations and grant access, and increasing voter registrations.

Through the programme, students were able to develop solutions using machine learning, weather data and satellite imaging to predict wildfires in real time.

Other technology solutions included apps that track donation transactions to measure impact on communities and a camera that scans your fridge and notifies you when food is about to expire to prevent food waste.

Alongside Google, McKinsey and Fidelity International, club members were able to bring these projects to life and contribute to academic research.

For more information about joining a club, visit Google Developer Student Clubs.

Watch an explainer video about Google Developer Student Clubs here.

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GDSC Programme



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