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A Comprehensive Guide on How Virtual Data Rooms are Transforming Businesses

Currently, virtual data rooms are becoming more and more important for most businesses across the world. If you are in an industry that deals with financial transactions, then you have probably heard about VDR. You may also encounter data room due diligence if you are in the process of selling your company.

Virtual data rooms are essential to every business that wants to enhance its security, streamline its operations, or facilitate due diligence processes. The market for virtual data rooms continues to increase as businesses in most industries look for innovative ways to survive and stand out from the competition.

But what exactly is VDR and how is it transforming the business landscape? Read on to learn how virtual data rooms can help transform your business. 

What is a Virtual Data Room?

A virtual data room, or due diligence data room, is an online data room that is used by companies and businesses to store sensitive and important documentation. Other than acting as a repository, VDRs also allow users to share with investors, potential clients, and employees in a controlled environment. 

A virtual data room is also useful for enhancing the due diligence processes of companies. These data rooms are useful for streamlining M&A transactions that involve disclosing and sharing sensitive information with third parties.

Some of the industries that use virtual data rooms include: 

  • Legal firms
  • Investment banking
  • Technology
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • Life science

The Evolution of Data Rooms from Physical Data Room

Before the innovation of virtual data rooms, most businesses used physical data rooms to store and share business information that is necessary for due diligence. These were physical rooms where businesses and companies would store sensitive information and there were restrictions on who had access to the data room.

Although these data rooms were great advancement from the traditional storing methods like filing cabinets, they were still susceptible to data thieves. 

Because of the security concerns that come with physical data rooms, business owners worldwide are now investing in virtual data rooms. In virtual data rooms, folders and files are stored in a room that can be customized based on your needs. Plus, the data can be stored in various places and countries where the data room provider’s data centers are located. 

Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

Here is why most entrepreneurs prefer VDRs.

  1. Quick and Easy Navigation

Unlike physical data rooms, virtual data rooms have features such as filtering options and advanced search options that make navigation easy. The business admin can arrange information in folders to allow the user to navigate through without much difficulty. This is particularly useful where business transactions and processes require reviewing and sharing countless documents. 

Another great feature that ensures seamless navigation is the site map. This feature uses live links to list out the breakdown of the virtual data rooms.

  1. Increased Control

A unique spec of virtual data rooms is the customizable permission setting that allows the administrator to control who can access certain documents in the data room. They can easily track the activity of the users in the data rooms and revoke access at any point during the transaction.

With the activity report, you will be in a better position to determine the level of interest of potential buyers during M&A transactions. Plus, you can configure different security measures like setting the expiration date.

Another important control feature is the drop-and-drag file. This tool allows you to make changes to an already uploaded file so you can have control over the information you have shared.

  1. Utmost Security

With most people shifting from traditional platforms to digital platforms, improving the security of your business is important. When you invest in VDRs, you can be assured that your confidential information is well secured. 

VDRs are equipped with various security procedures that can protect your business data. This can, especially, be very beneficial for businesses that deal with sensitive information like financial institutions, law firms, and many more. 

  1. Worldwide Access

A challenge with physical data rooms is that a lot of time is needed to access the files. On the contrary, VDRs are easy to access regardless of where you are. Besides, you can do transactions and share documents using your device anywhere you are. 

This also allows reviewers to access the files and folders in a quickly and efficiently. Consequently, transactions will be fast and seamless. 

  1. Improved Data Management

For businesses that deal with large volumes of data, locating specific files can be quite overwhelming. A benefit of virtual data rooms for businesses is that they can filter files depending on the date or time.  This ensures better data management of your file history. 

  1. Effective Communication

VDRs improve communication within an organization, which in turn improves efficiency and productivity. As more companies adopt remote working for their employees, a virtual data room can come in handy to help team members communicate effectively. Your team can also access and browse information from different locations, leading to workflow efficiency.

The Future of Virtual Data Rooms for Businesses

Despite all the benefits that virtual data rooms offer businesses, there is still more innovation and the transformation continues. It is believed that VDR companies generate massive revenue since virtual data rooms became popular in 2017. In 2016, nearly 240 VDR providers generated over $800 million in revenue. 

Businesses in nearly all sectors are increasingly investing in VDRs because of the technological data solution they offer. VDR has undoubtedly revolutionized how business data and deals are done and shared in the world of business.

Moreover, businesses are bound to continue shifting from physical data rooms to VDRs because of the security level they offer. VDR promises the safety and security of information, deals, transactions, and internal communication. 

It also provides a platform where bosses, potential clients, and workers can work together seamlessly, which is vital for the success of any business. An emerging trend is using virtual data rooms and blockchain technology to enhance security for business transactions. 

Ultimately, VDR is taking over the business world and is expected to continue for years to come. Although not all businesses have fully accepted this platform, it is clear that VDRs will not go away anytime soon. 

Why small and medium businesses should begin outsourcing in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves across economies and every sector of business around the world.  Small to medium companies everywhere have been on life support and many smaller companies have closed down over the past 12 months. The business world has taken a definite knock. Visual Capitalist agrees. The companies that have made it this far have had to actuate heavy budget cuts to stay afloat. Unfortunately, retrenchments were also inevitable despite being a last resort. Outsourcing, on the other hand, has seen an increase. This is due to the fact that technology now facilitates better collaboration regardless of distance. This is expected to increase in 2021 and the years to come.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the practice of sub-contracting or delegating projects, tasks, or business processes to external contractors. That essentially means that some of your business functions, tasks, or projects will now be handed over to a seasoned specialist contractor like a digital marketing agency. 

What is the difference between Outsourcing and Insourcing?

Let us say you are an ecommerce store, and you have a task that requires graphic design. You remember that Jane from accounts mentioned in her cv that she has experience with graphic design, so you call her in to help. That is insourcing. Outsourcing would have been looking externally for a specialist graphic designer.

3 main reasons why you should begin outsourcing specialists in 2021. 

  1. Maximised efficiency

John owns and runs a furniture manufacturing company. He decides to expand his business by doubling production and exporting his handmade furniture to other countries. While some companies have the resources to keep the entire export process in-house, John does not. It would cost him far less to just outsource to an export specialist.

Benefit: As with every angle of business, there are laws and regulations you should abide by. Outsourcing to a specialist guarantees legal compliance for your business. You will not make losses based on lack of knowledge. Your chances of succeeding are much higher because you now have an expert at your disposal.  This allows you time to focus on the core aspects of your business, like production and business development.

  1. Reduce hiring costs
    Hiring can be expensive and time-consuming. From the creation of the recruitment strategy, figuring out what special skills are required of the recruited, to spending money on job websites and conducting interviews, screening, and background checks. This entire process can take anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks, after which comes training. It could take them another 3 to 4 weeks of adjusting to become fully productive or ready to work according to your standards. You have invested so much time and money.

Benefit: Outsourcing takes all that effort away by being fast and efficient. All it normally takes is one or two conference calls or meetings to discuss the scope of work and your business objectives. They send you a quote. You pay. They begin. All this inside of a week. This is precisely why you should outsource to a recruitment agency. You tell them exactly what you want and in no time, they have the exact match for you. Save your money and time.

  1. Get expert specialists the first time.
    While searching for the best-qualified digital marketing manager to join your team, you may find that you’re having trouble finding a candidate that actually has a full-stack digital marketing skillset. This is time-consuming because you must sieve through numerous candidates.  The same applies to when hiring a personal assistant. With government-ordered lockdowns in effect across the world, many office workers have had to work remotely. This has transcended the role of a personal or executive assistant. It has become important to outsource the very best personal or executive assistants who know how to work remotely and are tech-savvy. 

The advantage of technology also makes it possible for you to outsource assistants that closely match your selection criteria from all over the world. In fact, long before the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual outsourcing was already available but under-utilised. AVirtual for example, is a Cape Town based outsourcing company that connects specialist international virtual assistants with business leaders around the world and has been providing this cutting edge service for years.

Benefit:  Outsourcing makes it possible for you to hire the very best specialists without the time burden of recruitment and breaking the bank. The company you are outsourcing has already done all that HR work for you. When you call them, they simply assign an expert based on your requirements, you meet the assigned expert and if you like them the work can begin immediately.

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched the range of limits in the way business is conducted. Remote working has redefined collaboration. Predicted business practises are leaning towards the increase in outsourcing for sustainable business.

Investment Opportunity: Crypterium Private Equity Sale On Seedrs

They say that early bird gets the best offers and hefty profits. If you look back at some of the most successful cryptocurrency projects, that does make sense. Ethereum, Binance, Polkadot, and many other platforms that started small are now topping the crypto market cap list. And it’s an investor’s job to bet on the right one.

When choosing the next likely to succeed fintech project, analyzing the potential of the technology should become a priority. Crypterium, an award-winning digital wallet and a licensed financial institution, proves that building a solid product is what contributes to building trust among investors. After listing on Seedrs, a popular online fundraiser from the UK, Crypterium is about to hit the 200% overfunding target. And there’s still time to join the party. 

Crypterium: Why So Special?

Chaired by former VISA General Manager, Steven Parker, Crypterium is on the mission to redesign the traditional financial system by rolling out crypto rails and bridging fiat and digital currency spaces. 

Crypterium currently features two major products in operation: Crypterium Wallet and crypto-to-fiat card for everyday purchases. The wallet serves as a universal tool for easy digital asset management and allows sending, holding, buying, exchanging, and withdrawing crypto, as well as earning interest. Contactless Crypterium Card, in turn, enables its owners to pay for goods and services in over 42 million retailers from 180 countries, as well as withdraw cash in the majority of ATMs worldwide.

In 2020, the company’s key product – multicurrency wallet —  demonstrated sustainable growth. The number of the wallet’s users has doubled, totaling 400,000 people across 170 countries. As opposed to other industries, the global pandemic had a positive impact on the crypto space, and Crypterium appeared to be on top of the situation demonstrating 10x monthly profit growth and  €150.000.000 turnover. 

Apart from developing its signature products, Crypterium, similar to other companies designing in-demand cryptocurrency wallets, offers its white label solutions for businesses lacking proper wallet and infrastructure layout. As of now, more than 25 enterprises employ Crypterium’s services. 

New Investment Opportunities

The new investment round is meant to help the company speed up the process of building innovative financial solutions including the loan system and AI-based predictions. The platform plans to further extend its B2B product portfolio by adding crypto acquiring and other solutions. As for the B2C services, portfolio management, interest and fiat accounts, as well as other DeFi products are to be introduced. 

Dedicated to providing global access to cash, Crypterium is on the way to entering the new frontiers of Asia and South America. To be fully compliant across all the major markets, the company schedules to complete the UK registration, EMI Europe, and MSB USA.

Other medium-term expansion plans include moving away from third-party services including card issuance, custody, and exchange which will significantly reduce fees on all of its features. Crypterium is looking to issue its own cards with global coverage and international wire transfers.

Having successfully completed a series of legal checkups and verified by Seedrs as a legitimate and high-standard investment opportunity, Crypterium was approved for hosting a closed private equity sale. 

By registering on Seedrs anyone can buy Crypterium’s private equity. Future investors are offered six benefit packages that fit any budget starting from 100 EUR to over 50,000 EUR.

Depending on the category, various benefits can be unlocked from getting free access to Crypterium’s proprietary price prediction tool to taking part in shareholder meetings or obtaining priority access to Beta testing. Other benefits include cashback on Crypterium Card purchases, higher interest rates, branded merch, and custom card design. 

To participate in this fundraising activity, investors should sign up on Seedrs.com and verify their profiles. Then they have to choose an investment package via Crypterium’s portal, and submit their Seedrs registration data to receive a CRPT token bonus. 

Things That Make You a Boring Boyfriend

It’s easy to become boring in girl’s eyes, yet hard to redeem yourself. You may become boring after one date or three years of family life. When you notice that your girlfriend isn’t satisfied with your company, sighing every second, you start thinking about the worst-case scenario. The same goes for talking online. When you chat with young girls, it’s so easy to get blocked or ghosted. And you never know what went wrong in the first place.

Even if you are an attentive boyfriend, it’s easy to get dumped if you do the following things:

Don’t love yourself

If you belittle yourself, think you’re a loser, why would anyone perceive you differently? You need to radiate self-confidence to be appreciated. But don’t be too self-assured, it doesn’t work like that. Women still don’t like narcissists. Stay in the middle. You need to be assertive and look reliable, that’s what attracts most women. They feel comfortable and at peace with a man who trusts himself and believes in his actions.

You are distant and passive

It’s essential to be attentive to your girl. But it doesn’t mean that while you are at the restaurant, you should be silently smiling and nodding to everything she says. It’s not a monolog. An ability to maintain a conversation is key in finding mutual interests and hobbies.

Passiveness is also a major turnoff for a girl. Let’s imagine you’ve met on a street, or just decided to take a walk during the date. It’s raining, the weather is foul. Don’t wait for a girl to ask you to go somewhere cozy and warm. Use your brain and have it all though out. Have it all memorized, at least read a weather forecast. Know some areas to go to and some cafes to visit. If you have trouble with assertiveness and independence, have it all sorted out up to every detail. Help her with her coat, chair, offer something delicious from a menu. If you’ll sit there and wait for a signal, she’ll have to sort everything out by herself, and she won’t like it since you were the one who asked her on a date. Don’t expect a second date if, during your first shot, you were a passive doormat.

You are carried away too much

It can be your friend, your work, your family life. It concerns things in the long run. If you spend too much time thinking about all relationships in your life, you’ll end up getting drained and exhausted, too exhausted to carry on with your romantic interest. Even if she’s an understanding girl, nobody likes to be put on the second position. It’s cool that you want to help your friend to overcome an alcohol problem, but no woman will be pleased by your helpfulness unless it is about her or your couple. Soon, it will become an annoying issue where you chase after grown-up men (your friends or boss), leaving no time to care about her.

You presented a wrong image

Let’s imagine you got to know each other on a dating site. And, having a lot of time and a secure space, you introduced yourself as an amazing king, full of potential, using lots of smart words from Google. You were so intimidating trying to impress her, she was scared to meet you in real life. You set a high bar without even realizing it. But once she meets you in real life, she sees your inability to articulate and realizes that her online guy and you are two different people.

So don’t build an image of a cool powerful man if you are mediocre and lazy in real life. Let’s be honest, you don’t like to be catfished too.

You complain a lot

You whine about life, people, destiny, and everything that bothers you. Realize that this world is not perfect, and humans also have flaws. If you are bad with accepting and realizing things, write them down in a small notebook, cry about it, or find a therapist. But don’t be a wet blanket every time you see your girlfriend. Yes, all close relatives and couples have to listen and lend a helping hand to each other. But if it seems to be your character trait and your religion, work on

yourself. She is not a 15-year-old to be in love with emo, trying to fix you every day.

What Furniture Should Landlords Provide For HMO?

Though it is not a legal requirement, it is generally expected to provide furnished HMO for tenants. Such types of start-up and running costs are the drawbacks for landlords dealing with HMO property. Primarily for HMO unit bedrooms, dining, lounge, and kitchen area are provided furnished, eventually increasing the cost of its maintenance.

Minimum Furniture Requirement

Ideally, there is no hard and fast rule when talking about minimum furniture requirements. The aim is to provide sufficient quantities and sizes of facilities according to the number of tenants living in the property.

Generally, the furniture provided by HMO landlords to facilitate tenants of their unit includes

  • Bedrooms: Beds, mattresses, cupboard, drawers, and curtains
  • Kitchen: Storing areas (fridge/freezer), oven, microwave, stovetop, or hobs
  • Lounge: Table, chairs, sofa, TV, DVD player

How Much You Should Spend

It is very important to understand the market in which your business operates; what is provided by all and not offered by one can give the business a big jerk. Spending on furniture is just like the operating cost of an HMO business. The profits and gains acquired from the units are worthy of making investments in its furnishings.

It is an operating cost, and landlords usually need to make it in terms of damage repair, wear and tear, maintenance, and buying new ones. HMO property with too little furnishings can negatively impact, especially in terms of attracting good tenants. Providing too much is putting yourself in trouble as solely you as a landlord are responsible for its repair and replacement.

Being Cheap Generally Costs More

For HMO landlords, the key to successful furnishing cost is to look for a balance between budget and durability. Sometimes landlords make a wrong choice and go with relatively cheap furniture at the stake of durability. For the time being, it saves some money, but it costs more in terms of repair and replacement.

It is important to understand that, especially in HMO models, more tenants are living and sharing place and furnishings at a time. This brings the facilities at your property such as furnishings in good and frequent use. You cannot compromise over the durability of furniture at your unit.

Who Is Responsible For Damage Of Furnishings?

The main concern for HMO landlords is to get to know that who is responsible for the damage of furnishings. There are few things that will help as guidelines

1.     Damage In Communal Areas

For furnishing damage, specifically in communal areas, solely landlord is responsible for bearing the cost of repair as it is not used by one and is generally used by all tenants living at a time. However, there are few exceptions, and the landlord will not be responsible for the cost if

  • Damage is to tenants own possessions
  • Furnishings provided individually in tenants rooms

2.     Wear And Tear

Wear and tear are natural and comes side by side with the usage of furnishings. Indeed, tenants are not responsible for bearing the cost of wear and tear. The landlord is solely responsible for bearing the cost of wear and tear of furnishing provided at the property. It is the responsibility of the HMO landlord to replace worn-out furnishings with new ones.

3.     Ultimate Landlord’s Responsibility

Expenses are an ongoing part of the HMO business. Although the damage gets inflicted on tenants, it is still the landlord who covers the cost. Even in many cases, if no one stands up and confesses, the landlord has no option but to cover the expense and get things fixed. That is the dilemma, but there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Where Should You Get Furniture For Your HMO Unit?

There is no one place to approach and get the right furnishings for your property. Experience may help in finding some suitable local suppliers. If you are new in the business, you may seek help in reaching out for professional services for your HMO in terms of furnishings and other facilities.

It is totally dependent on what suits you more in terms of cost, durability, and accessibility. Building long terms relations can benefit in the long run, and it is an ongoing process, and you need to replace your furnishings at times.

Putting It All Together

It is likely to provide furnishings to tenants living on HMO property. The landlord must sensibly look to provide minimum furnishings suitable as per the space of his unit. Furnishings should be sufficient to facilitate tenants living at your property. Maintenance and repair are an ongoing business cost for HMO landlords. But help them to facilitate tenants with the best apartments.

The digital evolution of gaming has changed the world

Gaming has been one of the most favorite pastimes for adults and year after year in last one decade the evolution has changed the entire scenario. The digital gaming the world is seeing huge success and creating milestone so all-new opportunity is there for everyone.

The satiable factor

All the indoor games are now transforming to the digital world and developers are looking to transform all indoor games to the digital world. Thebingoonline.com has earned a good reputation because of the free bonus that it provides. Many trusted online bingo sites give plenty of free bonuses and slots that attract players who are after UK bingo sites.

If we see the reports from the world economic forum, revenue in the digital gaming industry is touching the sky and the revolutionary development of the android and iPhone made it possible to reach £40 billion industry.

Bonuses with the digital gaming

Most of the players are always hassle finding free bonuses that can be added to their game. Many spin bonuses come from an online casinos that can be as good as almost free to play slot games. You can have a glance over bonuses online for all sorts of online bingo and casino to feel proud to play.

Internet trends report

The mainstream culture of games and sports has changed drastically over the last decade and it completely arrived into various digital platforms. No other digital media could ever have a big impact like digital gaming has and it is going to be more and more in the upcoming days.

Online gaming and esports is growing very rapidly and few gamers started targeting players from the age and gender by offering them after a survey what kind of games they may like.

One of the famous internet gurus Mary Meeker says that the gaming and esports industry has found success like no other industry. He seeks better opportunities with artificial intelligence in the upcoming years.

Few games like Bejeweled have 71% of players that are females and similarly Coin Master is also one of the famously passionate and addictive games available in the market.

Digital gaming and community

Digital gaming gives wing to socialization as like-minded people are connecting through the games and groups. It is perfect to know strange people and get along become friends.

During the pandemic people sitting home played a lot of gaming and various social media channels like Facebook and YouTube were good in use. Playing your own games, watching other games, live streaming of games, and enjoying has really such a nice idea that worthwhile.

Some of the online gaming gives innovative ideas and free playable games available on the entire platform. The unique sense of intimacy and easily accessible on all devices make it more persuading and the mobile market is full of gaming phones and other devices.

Gamification of life

The new trends of online gaming impact more and more people and increase the numbers of players overnight. Gaming has very much close to real life and helps in many ways.

Some of the games like critical thinking, puzzle making, pattern recognition, etc relate to people with their life. People find these games as an opportunity to increase their mental ability as a good pastime. Few games offer tournament and multiple events for gamers and it enhances their way of thinking.

Marketing idea with gaming and esports

The digital world is becoming more interesting for marketing because nowadays everyone is there on social media channel. The advertiser put an interesting banner, videos, and text with ads that can help games to find realistic fame.

The engaging marketing ads are becoming exceedingly important because gamers have become very tech-savvy these days and it is easy to influence them with a good marketing campaign. Words of mouth really help travel fast, and any new game can see success with such spreading on social channels.

Digital marketing campaigns can really strike to the audience and help to achieve players enjoy their gaming risk-free.


Gaming companies knows it very well that social media channels could be used as a perfect weapon to reach out to the real audience and all the brands and companies producing games with fabulous modules and a great flash environment.

The mobile phones are becoming more and more advanced, developers and scientist are working hard to make mobile phones more compatible for the advanced level that supports high quality of gaming environment. The next few years are going to be very complicated among the players and developers.

How business leaders can encourage their employees to be more productive when working from home

If your job has meant you’ve had to work from home for the past year due to the pandemic, then you’ll be all too familiar with zoom calls, balancing home schooling and trying to find the best area to work from. There’s no denying that at times, it’s hard to maintain a good level of productivity when working from home, as you lack the social aspect of office life and there are more distractions around you.

For obvious reasons, the past year has been extremely difficult and we’ll have all faced periods where it’s hard to keep motivated. During these times it’s important that business leaders put the correct plans in place to ensure they have a productive workforce, and there are many ways in which this can be done.

FLG have launched a campaign which looks to provide business leaders with a range of ways in which they can boost productivity amongst their employees. After reading through their tips, we found them very helpful and because of this, we wanted to share some of them with you.

Provide the correct tools and equipment

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you have a lot of work to complete, but your laptop keeps freezing or you’re using software which is outdated. As a business leader, it should be a top priority to provide all of your workforce with high quality equipment and advise them on the best programs and software to use.

With many people still working from home and the possibility that this will be a new way of life going forward, it’s important that you still encourage your workforce to communicate, even if they’re not sitting next to each other. Software such as Zoom, Google Meet and Slack have all been hugely successful over the past year in terms of allowing colleagues to communicate effectively.

Be open to flexible working

If one thing has become clear over the past year, it’s that the typical 9-5 day doesn’t always mean maximum productivity. As many parents have had to balance their own work whilst helping to home school their children, it has meant that business leaders have had to be more flexible.

Knowing that you can be flexible with your hours can often increase productivity and lower stress levels, so it’s important business leaders take a more open-minded approach going forward. It’s unlikely that the standard 9-5 office hours will be brought into practice again, so make sure your employees are aware of this and help take some of the strain off of them.

In this post we wanted to highlight how simple it is for business leaders to promote high levels of productivity amongst their employees. Simple changes can go a long way and it’s important all businesses take note of this.

It would be great to hear if you have made any changes to the way your company works and if it has made your employees feel more productive. Share your ideas on social, using #AProductiveWorkforce.

How to select a great place to work

Everyone knows the feeling of dreading their day job. Whether you’re bored of doing the same old tasks and want a new challenge, you are not getting along with your coworkers, or you need to change jobs because of relocating to a new town, you want to make sure you select a company that has a lot going for it.

But how do you find a great place to work? When we are all looking for something different, are there some standard practices we should be looking out for? What even makes a company an excellent choice? Read on to discover some of the things that you should think about when finding a great place to work.


We are not only suggesting you match your experience to the company – we think you should look into other employees’ experiences. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to find out what other employees have experienced at the company you are applying for. While online reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, if the same issues keep being flagged up, they are worth considering. Similarly, if employees have an overwhelmingly positive experience of an aspect of the company, that is a big plus!


In the past 12 months, companies have had to be more flexible than ever in how their employees work, what hours they work, and from where. However, it is important to ensure that this flexibility extends outside of times of crisis. Working for a company that trusts you to get your job done without micromanaging your every move is invaluable. Asking questions about this at an interview is a fantastic way to get some insight into the company practices and culture.


The level of communication within a company should be apparent from your application onwards. If the company is not getting back to you within a specific time frame they have laid out, then this doesn’t bode well for their communication in other areas. If, however, they are transparent about their processes throughout your application and interview, it is a great indicator of things to come. Make sure that you are equally open in your communication to create a positive professional relationship right away.


It might sound unbelievable, but not all companies have the same benefits. It is worth checking out what kind of package your potential company offers before you make any concrete decisions about taking a job. A great range of employee benefits (such as the employee benefits solutions offered by Zest) and schemes, promoting a strong company culture and showing gratitude to loyal staff, reveals a company that values its employees. This is much more likely to lead to staff who stay longer, become experienced, and provide you with much-needed support as you learn the ropes.

Important questions to ask yourself before spending money

There’s a good chance that we can all admit to being an impulsive buyer at some point throughout our lives. It could be anything from purchasing a new item of clothing which you didn’t really need to taking a stroll around a car showroom, only to sign on the dotted line a few hours later and before you know it, you own a new vehicle. If done on a rare occasion and you have the money to be able to complete purchases like these, then there isn’t much of a problem.

The past year has been difficult for everyone, with many people struggling financially due to the pandemic. Most people can agree that if anything, recent months have shown just how important it is to be wise with your money and not spend it on unnecessary items.

If you’re an impulsive buyer but understand that you need to reign in your spendings, then Galahad & Co have shared some tips to promote mindful spending. Their blog post includes the questions you should ask yourself before spending money and we wanted to share some of them with you.

Is the purchase needed?

Before spending money, you should ask yourself whether the item you are looking at is a ‘need’ or a ‘want’. For example, an electrical appliance within your house may have broken – this could be a washing machine or fridge. These are appliances which every household needs, so replacing them is a ‘need’. When it comes to items such as clothing, more often than not this is a ‘want’, as many people will have a good selection of clothes which they have only worn a number of times. It’s at this point you need to ask yourself if it’s worth spending the money or not.

Can I afford to make the purchase?

There are a number of different payment methods at our disposal these days, including credit cards, loans and the option to pay in installments. Although these options have many positives and can help people financially, they also have their downsides.

Being able to pay on the likes of credit cards can often appeal to many people as you don’t have to make a payment there and then. It’s very easy to get carried away with this, as it can often come as a shock when it’s time to pay off your credit cards. Unless you have the money in your account to make the purchase straight away, then it’s important to ask yourself whether you can actually afford to make the purchase.

Can I find the item cheaper elsewhere?

If you need to purchase an item then it’s worth shopping around to begin with and not just paying the first price you see. Searching online and browsing different websites can often help you save money on the item you need and it’s also worth looking to see if you can find any discount codes. A number of companies are also willing to match quotes, so if you do find a cheaper price, then take proof to the place you originally found your item and ask them to meet the cheapest price you have found. Even if you don’t end up saving much, every bit of money you save can go towards another essential purchase or your savings fund.

It’s important to be more mindful before spending money, as it’s very easy to let your impulsive habits get out of control. Hopefully the points we have shared will help you and we would love to hear if you have any of your own. Share your suggestions on social, using #MindfulSpending.

Secrets for Mastering the Art of Fashion Designing

Have you ever dreamed of designing trending clothes, if yes then you have come to the right place. Having a good fashion sense is good, but to turn your passion into a career option you have to do something more. Same as other things, to master the art of fashion designing you have to practice it again and again. But with the best guidance and some secret tips, you can do it better and faster than the others. 

The fashion industry is expanding day by day and with it, the opportunities to being a fashion designer are also increasing. However, to be a fashion designer you have to do a bit of hard work and smart work together.

5 Tips to Master the Art of Fashion Deigning

A fashion designing career requires not only good expertise but also determination, focus, and curiosity. So here are some tips that you can follow to being a professional in fashion designing.

  • Degree or certification: Day by day fashion designing is getting a high competition field, and certification is the best tool to prove you anywhere. Now companies are hiring their fashion designer either according to their education in fashion designing or experience. So to be the best among all the first thing you can do is to get all information about fashion designing.
  • Never stop learning: Learning should be never stopped even when you get done with your studies. Stay at top of the knowledge game by continuing new things. Keep sharpening your skills with some new ones and stay cursive about other things.
  • Learn Different Sewing Skills: If you know different types of sewing then you can easily turn your imaginations into reality to present them to others. By doing this you can easily get the true analysis of your designing clothes. You can use cheap sewing machines in starting like you can buy any cheap sewing machine for quilting, and for embroidering for practice.
  • Stay Up To Date with Trends: In this new generation, trends keep changing but you have to be ahead of them as they shift constantly. Getting updated with new trends can give you the best ideas about what people really like and want currently. If you will able to keep an eye on the trends then it can be a table-turning point for your designs.
  • Make a Portfolio: To get a job in the fashion industry you need to be able to prove yourself first. For a fashion designer, the best thing that can represent you is your fashion designing portfolio.

How can I be successful in fashion?

In order to get successful in fashion designing, you should know some main things first. As we already mentioned that now it is getting a highly competitive field. If you want to be a part of it you should be the best according to the needs of the company and new trends.

  • Try to being on the front always: If you have something new and unique better than the others then never stop yourself to let people know. Don’t be afraid to stand out for your items and designs that can be a masterpiece for anyone.
  • Good relationships: Some internships and apprenticeships can be all those coffee runs and photocopying services. It compels many newbies to leave this field as their future career. But if you survive, then it can be so good for new opportunities. With a good internship, you can get a good start in the fashion industry.
  • Be open to advice and discussions: You can never grow if you always try to keep your designs to yourself. Share your work, portfolios, and designs with professors, instructors, and friends to get some improvement tips. It is hard to take criticism on something you have put in your hard work, but with that feedback try to overcome your weaknesses and mistakes.

Can I become a fashion designer if I can’t draw or sew?

Yes, you can become a good fashion designer without knowing fashion designing drawing,or sewing. The solution to this problem is different fashion design software. You can make professional-looking designs and sketches even if you can’t draw or sew properly. In fact, most clothing companies and famous fashion designers are used to make their designs with fashion design software. Due to this upgrading digitalization, most of the manufacturers demand to get their designs in clean digital format over hand-made drawings.

How to design clothes that sell easily?

In order to sell your designed clothes easily, you can do different things. First of all target your market in which you want to sell your designed clothes. Don’t design first and look for the customers, instead of it first look at the customers need and taste and then start designing. Choose your clothing line type and then start designing. Pick one category from dresses, pants, or skirts to do it in a good way.

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