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How To Take Care Of A Wooden House: Maintenance Guide

Do you have a wooden house? If so, then many times you must have wondered the ideal way to maintain it, right? 

Wood is one of the finest materials to use for construction and building houses. However, when it comes to nurturing, you need to keep certain things in mind. That’s because the material is delicate and exquisite in nature. 

Maintenance of a wooden house requires traditional steps of painting, cleaning, and staining. Let’s know more about the process in the guide given below. 

#1 Painting

A wooden house requires painting once every three to seven years. However, throughout the span, you need to check on the exterior paints. Usually, colors with lighter shades are long-lasting if not exposed to excessive sunlight.

Besides, make sure to choose paints secured with acrylic binders. By such means, longevity increases. 

Similarly, paints with oil-based properties are penetrated deeply. However, unlike acrylic paints, they do not contract or expand with conventional house movements.  

One of the best ways to identify that your house needs repainting is by looking for cracks. Once you spot cracks on the house surface, it clearly indicates that your insulated log cabins need repainting. 

#2 Sealers and Stains

If you do not want to ruin the natural and aesthetic beauty of natural woods, then it’s best to remove the paint layers. You must have seen that older households have a touch of attractive-looking grain and patina to their outer surface. They look pleasing and quite natural too. 

When you adorn your house with stains, your wooden places look more realistic. They make an efficient option other than paint. However, stains and stealers require a re-staining every four years! 

#3 Inspections and Cleaning 

Apart from painting and staining, cleaning is important for wooden households. Just like any other material, wood requires proper monitoring and care. 

Thus, it’s important to look for you to inspect it on a regular basis. Not only does it save you from discoloration, but it also prevents cracks and moisture damage beforehand. Here we have provided some of the tips to clean and maintain your wooden house

  • Get rid of any debris like leaves, grass clippings, and dirt through the hose sprayer.
  • If you find any cracks or holes, get them fixed through weather-resistant epoxy.
  • Make sure that the leaves and branches of the trees do not brush up against the surface.  
  • Check for any peels or cracks within the windows or joints. 
  • Wooden houses are likely to get affected by mildews in hot and humid climates. Make sure to get rid of the stains and mildew. 

If you follow these tips, then you can stay assured of an intact and well-maintained wooden house. 

Summing Up

To sum up, that’s how you take care of a wooden house. It’s pretty simple yet important to keep the attributes of your place intact. We would suggest you to repeat these steps more often or as guided by the constructors. 

The Newcastle Careers Fair returns in person on 3 November

The recruitment event will take place in Newcastle at St. James Park, from 10 am until 2 pm.

Candidates should expect to meet over 65 local and national employers face-to-face and apply directly for hundreds of vacancies.

Household names like The AA, The British Army, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Trust, Lidl, Nissan Motor Manufacturing, Rightmove and many more are amongst the exhibitors. 

The UK Careers Fair, the networking platform for both candidates and employers, is announcing the return of its Newcastle Careers Fair on 3 November, 10 am, at St James Park, Strawberry Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4ST. 

A record number of over 65 companies will be exhibiting at the event and are looking to connect with candidates from all backgrounds, experiences, and education levels:

●       Absolute Quality Care

●       Analox Ltd

●       Apprentice Support & Knowledge

●       Artemis Support

●       Baltic Apprenticeships

●       Board RM

●       British Army

●       Capax Resource Management UK LLP

●       Castleview Group

●       Central Employment

●       Changing Lives

●       Compass Group UK

●       Concentrix

●       Consultiv Utilities Ltd

●       Corrodere Academy

●       Creative Support Ltd

●       CYBG

●       EGGER UK

●       Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Trust

●       Exact Education

●       Fire & Rescue Service

●       First Face to Face Ltd

●       Foster Cares Ltd

●       Go North East

●       Graduate Scheme Success Limited

●       Health & Safety Training Ltd

●       Healthcare Management Solutions

●       Home Group

●       Humankind Charity

●       II-VI

●       IT@Spectrum

●       Ixion Holdings

●       Lidl GB

●       Lowes Financial Group

●       Luxury Leisure

●       Nissan Motor Manufacturing

●       North East Ambulance Service

●       Norton Rose Fullbright

●       Pebbles Care

●       Pin Point Training

●       Piramal Pharma Solutions

●       PMP Recruitment

●       Radical Services

●       RAL Ltd

●       Randstad Inhouse Services

●       Rightmove

●       Shaw Trust

●       Skye Mackenzie

●       Spectrum Community Health CIC

●       Springfield Healthcare

●       Talarius Ltd

●       Target Healthcare

●       Tarmac

●       Teaching Personnel

●       Tees

●       The AA

●       The Dewey Group

●       The Launch Group

●       The Software Institute

●       TSB (Resouce Solutions)

●       TSG

●       TSI Corporate Services Limited

●       Tyne & Wear

●       United Response

●       University of Sunderland

●       Vision for Education

●       Westray Recruitment

●       Zenith People 

Jordan Lawson, Managing Director, The UK Careers Fair, comments:

“We are delighted to be back in Newcastle and regroup with exhibitors and candidates in person. We all know that online applications can be very time-consuming and transactional. By attending this event, candidates from in and around Newcastle will be able to network directly with local and national companies to discover new opportunities, and employers can find extraordinary talent.” 

Eilidh Newlands, HR – Direct Recruitment & Apprenticeships, Nissan UK comments:

“We’re delighted to be back connecting with new talent in person. We are looking forward to discussing kick-starting candidates’ careers in Manufacturing or Maintenance at our world-class manufacturing plant”. 


Adopting Rescue Dogs Could Save Hundreds of Lives

There have been plenty of difficult and emotional times over the last twelve months. The effects of COVID-19 are affecting everyone in some way and to some extent. One of the saddest revelations from lockdown was Dog’s Trust reporting a significant increase in people giving up their rescue dogs when lockdown restrictions were originally eased in August and owners realised they couldn’t fully commit to their dog, whether it was dealing with their allergies and needing hypoallergenic dog food, their unique behaviours, or needing socialisation.

Naturally, demand for puppies surged during lockdown, with ‘buy a puppy’ searches increasing 311 per cent according to Google search data from February, before lockdown to May, which saw the highest searches of 18,100 average searches.

The dog rehoming and rescue charity, who each year care for approximately 16,000 dogs nationwide, predicted last month that there could be 40,000 more stray or abandoned dogs who are in need of love and care. This is especially likely in the event that the UK’s economy worsens. For example, the financial crash of 2008 saw a 25.6 per cent increase in abandoned dogs the following year.

With restrictions tightening up again, it’s important we assess our needs properly. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of adopting a rescue dog—mutual benefits for both you and your furry four-legged friend.

Saving precious lives

Firstly, and most importantly, a key benefit is that when you rescue a dog from the shelter, you’re essentially saving its life. Depending on the animal shelter, some dogs may sadly be put to sleep if they aren’t rehomed after a period of time. If you are interested in getting a dog, rescuing one gives it another chance at a happy and fulfilling life. Although you could argue that the same could be said for puppies, there was actually a puppy shortage in lockdown. It is far more likely that puppies will be bought by interested potential owners.

You won’t be supporting puppy mills

We’re not saying that it’s unethical to buy puppies—after all, pups need homes too. But when buying puppies, you should do your own research to find out if you’d be indirectly supporting puppy farms. Dogs are kept in abhorrent conditions on puppy farms and puppy mills.

According to PETA, puppy mills are large-scale dog breeding factories that are overcrowded, dirty, and uncomfortable. These poor dogs don’t have access to adequate veterinary care, food, water, exercise, mental stimulation, and socialisation. Female dogs are constantly giving birth until they are unable to reproduce, when they are then put down. Profit is the sole aim, not the welfare of the dogs.

When you rescue a dog, this will be from an animal charity who put profit back into helping other dogs who don’t have a home. You won’t be lining the pockets of puppy mill owners and contributing to the increasing demand.

Get the breed you want

Got your heart set on a German Shepherd or a Hungarian Vizsla? Don’t worry about desperately searching rescue centres across the nation for your dream breed. There are breed specific rescue centres that can suit your circumstances. For additional information, check out these guides to the best breeds for city living and family life.

You can also look online to see what breeds are available at different Dog’s Trust rehoming centres. You can find out about their personality, what their needs are, what sort of home they’d need, and how much experience you’d need to accommodate their quirks.

You can skip the puppy days

Puppies are awesome—there is no two ways about it. But, depending on your situation, their energy and the amount of training and attention that needs to rear them into responsible young dog adults can be demanding. With older dogs, you’ll have a better idea of their temperament and can pick one to suit you and how your days are scheduled. For example, you’ll know if they should be in homes with other dogs or should be kept alone. These are characteristics you’ll be aware of and can jump straight into growing your relationship with each other.

You’ll have a friend for life

Now, we’re sure you’re no stranger to dog rescue videos on social media, and if you are, get searching on YouTube for the most wholesome content. Rescue dogs show visible differences and improvements in both their appearance and personalities after being adopted.

Rescuing a four-legged companion will gain you a friend for life—any strong bond between humans and dogs starts with quality time together. Change their lives and they’ll be your sidekick.

Improved mental health

A particularly important consideration given the current situation and restrictions tightening up again is the benefits on our mental health. But this goes for our new companions too, of course.

According to research, engaging with and stroking animals has significant effects on our moods, with animal-assisted therapy interventions used to help humans. Oxytocin, dubbed ‘the love hormone’ is released after stroking an animal, often released when people bond socially. The stronger the bond between human and dog, the more oxycontin is released.

You should only consider adopting a rescue dog if you’re serious about welcoming a dog into your life and family. Dogs are for life, not just for lockdown.

All the Gap Year Inspiration You’ll Need

Gap years are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They are a fantastic way to travel the world, learn new skills, and even save money. If you want to take a break before going to university or starting a new career, consider the endless opportunities of a gap year.  

Although gap years are full of excitement and exploration, you can also take part in professional placements. These come in a range of sectors, from marine conservation to healthcare, and can look great on your CV. Who said work can’t be fun?

If you’re considering taking a gap year, here’s all the inspiration you’ll need to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Travel across Europe

Despite being the second-smallest continent on the planet, Europe consists of 44 countries and is around the same size as the United States of America. In a continent this big, the opportunities are endless. Make the most out of life and surround yourself with the rich history, art, and culture of Europe.

Whether you want to enjoy the green hills of Ireland, marvel at the colosseums in Rome, or island-hop around Greece, Europe is the place for you. Explore by yourself or with a group of your closest friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.  

One of the best things about a gap year in Europe is how easy it is to travel between countries. Pack a bag, buy a ticket, and go to your next destination – it’s as easy as that.

Teach English in Thailand

If Europe is a bit too close to home, consider travelling to Thailand for your gap year. The country sits at the heart of Southeast Asia and is home to breathtaking coastlines and spectacular architecture. If you can’t choose between the calming ocean, marvellous mountains, and the hustle-and-bustle of cities, Thailand is the place for you.

Saying that, it’s quite a bit further than Europe, and airline tickets can be expensive. If you want to travel and earn money, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) could be a great way for you to fund your escapades. This is great experience for people who want to pursue a career in education.

Also, you don’t need a degree to teach around the world!

Although you could take part in TEFL anywhere on the planet, we think Thailand is an excellent place to explore. Spend your free time riding elephants and scuba diving with tropical fish. What could be better?

Snowboard in Canada

If you want to work during your gap year but don’t want to spend time in the classroom, travelling to Canada could be the next great adventure for you. Without a doubt, Canada is the ideal place for thrill-seekers. As the second-largest country in the whole world, you’ll be surrounded by vast forests, serene lakes, and ginormous mountains.

Snowboarding is one of the best things to do in Canada. The snowy mountains are breathtakingly beautiful and full of people looking for the next big thrill. And the country has over 265 skiing areas, so you’ll never be stuck for choice.

If you don’t know how to snowboard – don’t worry! There are plenty of opportunities to learn on the job. You could take a snowboard instructor course and become a pro within 11 weeks.

Similarly, you could be a surfing instructor on the golden coasts of Australia. The world is your oyster!

Professional placements

Gap years always look good on your CV. They show your prospective employer you are outgoing and willing to take risks. But to really stand out, consider taking a placement-based gap year. These are a great way to gain professional experience in an industry you enjoy.

Whether you’re interested in STEM (computer science, IT, architecture and engineering), business (accounting, finance, hospitality, and marketing), or health sciences (dentistry, medicine, food sciences, and nursing), there’s a placement out there for you.

Even better, you can choose from remote or hands-on working.

There you go – four ways to spend your gap year. You can do one of these things, or you can do all of them, depending on how you want to spend your year. It isn’t necessary to have your whole life planned out, but it’s a good idea to plan the whole gap year as much as you can. This ensures you’ll have the best time and gain the most from your time away from home.

Finally, before you set out on your adventure, double-check the ways that COVID-19 could impact your trip. The world is opening up again, but it’s best to be safe. You can check this on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website.  Some countries may require a quarantine period, so keep this in mind when planning your gap year.





Viso Logistics makes first acquisition

Expanding courier network acquires Jag Express in Cambridge

London, 19 October 2021:Viso Logistics, a business focused on building a national network of independent courier and delivery service companies, has today announced its first acquisition. 

Jag Express, which is based in Cambridge and has been operating for over 20 years, has extensive experience in delivering domestic and cross-border same-day and next-day delivery services.

The company has particular logistics expertise within Biotech and Pharmaceuticals – amongst the few sectors to have grown since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Jag Express pride themselves on delivering a high-quality, personal service to businesses and the academic community. The same team will be in place to ensure complete continuity of this service for customers.

Viso Logistics offers owners of courier businesses, who are considering retirement or exploring new ventures outside of the sector, a simple, fair and pain-free exit. Each business in the group remains independent, with the existing teams in place. Viso Logistics then brings value by offering customers access to a larger network, sharing best practices across the group and leveraging best-in-class technology.

The team behind Viso Logistics has significant experience that spans Logistics, Technology and Mergers and Acquisitions. They bring a track record built at Royal Mail, CitySprint and Credit Suisse, amongst others. Viso’s vision of building a national network of successful courier businesses is underpinned by their ethos that selling a business should be as straight-forward as possible for the owner and that ensuring continuity for customers and employees is paramount. 

Alexi Jones, Managing Partner at Viso Logistics said: “We are delighted to announce Jag Express as our first acquisition. We were impressed from the word go at how professionally the business had been run and how the team focused on providing customers a non-commoditised service of the highest level. We pride ourselves in offering our acquired businesses with operational freedom, rather than stripping assets or enforcing a faceless corporate culture. Our main focus now is to work with Jag Express’ existing management team to provide the same high quality service to customers and to put Viso’s operational and technological expertise to work. We are also in the market to acquire new businesses nationwide and to continue to strengthen the group.”

Graham Lloyd, Managing Director, Jag Express, says: “We are delighted to join our services with Viso Logistics. We were looking for a partner who not only understood why we achieved success over the last 20 years but also who cared about the team and the business that we have built. We’ve worked hard to develop a strong customer base in the local area, who will still be dealing with the same team delivering an exceptional service and will also benefit from Viso’s extended network as they continue to grow. I have been impressed with how Viso have conducted themselves from the first contact until the final completion day. They have been fair, open and professional throughout. Viso went out of their way to make the process as pain-free as possible for us as the selling shareholders.”


5 Brilliant Ways to Expand Your Business

For the first several years of starting a new business, many companies concentrate on their survival. Prioritizing the expansion for business is among the best ways to improve the chances of your business to last and contribute to your stable financial future and economic wellbeing.

So what can you do so as to expand your business beyond the bare sustenance level? What should you also do in order to turn the business into an income-generating powerhouse you foresee?

Similar to most elements of running any business, there are a lot of growth ways and strategies, which you may try. Some of these ways and strategies include:

1.    Consider Social Media

Social media is among the powerful tools you may use to promote business to customers and gain valuable insight via social listening.

With social listening, you may determine what customers say about you, identify keywords appealing to the target market, improve customer service, and gain insight into customers’ behaviors.

2.    Install New Commercial Flooring

Your business’s flooring is an important part of strategies you can use to capture attention and lure potential customers. That is why experts at QC Commercial Flooring suggest that it is vital to install new flooring in the business premises.

The business image is as essential as the services, products, or goods you sell. Apart from growing your business, commercial flooring is also a way of:

  • Increasing safety
  • Improving productivity
  • Showing professionalism
  • Making business attractive

3.    Establish a Passive Income Stream

Expanding a business needs effort. If you deal with a razor-thin margin, consider establishing a passive income stream.

With this, you will not have to worry about keeping lights on. Passive income can afford an opportunity to make some mistakes and offer a basis to scale and market faster by providing you with enough resources.

4.    Concentrate on Scalability

When expertise, money, and time are in short supply, it might be tempting to go with a cheap or quick fix, and investing in a basic solution, which doesn’t need a lot of financial investment, may seem wise.

Yes, the dream solution can have a discouraging learning curve, though ending up with ineffective systems, which appear economical, can cost a lot at the end of the day.

5.    Prioritize Customer Service

As you expand your business, the best customer service for the current customers might fall by the wayside. Basically, customer churn is one way of doing business, and you may not want it to have direct results of your efforts to expand.

Consequently, concentrating on good customer service might be a direct avenue to expand. If you treat customers exceptionally, they are likely to write a positive review, refer your business to friends/family, and even do more business with you in the future.

The Bottom Line!

When you start a business for the first time, your key goal might be to develop a brand and start expanding. Unfortunately, this cannot just happen overnight. Growing is normally an ongoing process requiring dedication, patience, and hard work.

By investing in development, crafting strong marketing strategies, and determining which strategies to start with, you will also be able to achieve your goals of growing.

BlackFog Partners with Telkom Business to Curb Cyber Crime Against SMMEs

Cheyenne, Wyoming – October 18, 2021– 

BlackFog, the leader in on-device data privacy, data security and ransomware prevention today announced a partnership with Telkom Business, a South African telecommunications provider operating in more than 38 countries across the African continent, to deliver security solutions to help protect the digital journey for small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) as they work to embrace digital transformation. 

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s been a significant surge in cyberattacks as businesses across the globe digitised their operations to adapt to remote working.  Cyber crime has risen exponentially, with BlackFog recording more than 175 publicized ransomware attacks to date this year. With the increase in cyberattacks, Telkom Business launched Smart Secure Solutions in partnership with BlackFog to offer affordable cybersecurity solutions to SMMEs.

“The partnership with BlackFog is part of Telkom Business’ software-as-a-service solutions to help businesses to fast-track and secure their digital journey. Smart Secure prevents the loss of data and the unauthorised collection and transmission of data,” said Telkom Business Executive Marketing, Innocent Pereira. “Businesses can use this solution to prevent malicious activity across all company devices and protect their intellectual property. It equips businesses with the tools they need to successfully run a business in the digital economy.”

Telkom Business’ smart cybersecurity solutions provide protection from malware, ransomware and spyware, and are aimed at preventing endpoint devices from cyberattacks to ensure that small businesses can protect their data from unauthorized access and potential threats. Through the partnership with BlackFog, Telkom Business provides SMMEs with software that monitors enterprise compliance with global privacy regulations such as the POPI Act and GDPR.  

“When we look at successful cyberattacks, all roads lead to data exfiltration. Without it, cybercriminals are unable to steal information for competitive, disruptive, or monetary gain,” said Dr. Darren Williams, BlackFog founder and CEO. “BlackFog’s disruptive technology prevents unauthorized data exfiltration, effectively allowing organisations to stop hackers in their tracks. BlackFog is excited to partner with Telkom to deliver this level of cybersecurity to their customer base.” 

Smart Secure leverages behavioural analysis to pre-empt potential attacks by preventing unauthorised data exfiltration, ensuring that data that is on a device stays on the device and protecting employees from cyberattacks no matter where they are working. This protection will enable businesses to successfully get connected, win customers and maintain productivity, without worrying about the safety of their data.

Pereira adds, “Businesses have had to amplify their digital communication and digitise their operations due to the pandemic. While digital means simplify many processes for businesses, cybercrime remains a significant threat, and businesses need sufficient and affordable software that will allow them to protect their organisation, and that is what our partnership with BlackFog provides.”

For more information about BlackFog’s partnership with Telkom Business and the Smart Secure Solutions offering visit the Telkom online store.

For more information about BlackFog’s partnership with Telkom Business and the Smart Secure Solutions offering, visit the Telkom online store.


Founded in 2015, BlackFog is a global cybersecurity company that has pioneered on-device anti data exfiltration (ADX) technology to protect companies from global security threats such as ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection and profiling. Its software monitors enterprise compliance with global privacy regulations and prevents cyberattacks across all endpoints. BlackFog uses behavioral analysis to preemptively prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in enterprise security systems and data structures.

BlackFog’s preventative approach to security recognizes the limitations of existing perimeter defense techniques and neutralizes attacks before they happen at multiple points in their lifecycle. Trusted by corporations all over the world, BlackFog is redefining modern cyber security practices. For more information visit www.blackfog.com


Telkom SMB blends the broad range of Telkom’s data and voice connectivity products, with the power of BCX’s productivity portfolio, and the savviness of the Yellow Pages online marketing solutions into digital propositions tailored to fit the entire lifecycle of our business customer’s needs.  We continue to improve and expand our value propositions to meet the needs of our customers through strategic partnerships. For more information visit: https://www.telkombusiness.co.za/about-us

Can blockchain deliver radical transparency, finally?

Sustainability related investments are becoming an increasing part of business for many companies. This is partly due to more legal requirements but also because the social and environmental impacts of production make up a large portion of society’s most pressing issues.  Many clothing brands find it difficult to be transparent with their production due to supply chain complexities and a fear of how consumers will react. However, taking responsibility for a supply chain in full is the first step towards sustainability.  PaperTale’s solution help the brands to prove their sustainability actions through full transparency and traceability of their supply chains. 

Gina Tricot makes traceability a design feature through PaperTale

PaperTale was invited by Science Park Borås to showcase their technology in a limited edition collection created by Gina Tricot.  The range features PaperTale’s blockchain-based technology, making it possible to track each garment individually back to the cotton farms in Australia. The CO2 emissions and amount of water used to produce that particular product are automatically calculated and shown to the consumers through a mobile app and NFC tag. The technology also connects each product with the craftsmen & farmers involved in its manufacture, bringing a new level of human connection.    

It takes zooming in to stand out 

PaperTale’s solution is based on Blockchain, so each process is automatically given a unique ID in their network as it occurs. Scanning the garment with PaperTale’s app, consumers can access the verified supply chain, unique to that item. Other features include calculating exact CO2 and water impacts on an individual garment level, meaning this solution has become even more relevant regarding the onset of carbon tax laws. Today, clothing brands invest incredible sums in sustainability and the importance of this market is still growing. Brands tend to communicate this to their consumers by certificates, but the problem is that the trust in these labels is diminishing over time. 
 Consumers do not want to pay for an investment which they neither easily comprehend, nor fully trust. This is where PaperTale makes the difference. “By zooming in on the production stages connected to each individual product and verifying each transaction, the consumers have all the evidence they need to be assured that the item has been made corruption and slavery free” – Bilal Bhatti, Founder and CEO

How Regularly Updated Equipment, Perks, and Vehicles Shows Employees Their True Worth

Working eight to ten hours a day, sitting at a desk or behind a steering wheel, is undoubtedly no easy task. After a while, as tiredness and fatigue kick in, employees may very well switch off and become disengaged. A workplace that has cheap and outdated equipment will only accelerate staff disenchantment. It also hinders people’s ability to be productive and create results in the long run.

With tools and an environment that feel both old and stagnant, even the best-performing and most dedicated employee will start to look around in search of new, more stimulating opportunities. A role that a business rival right down the street may be offering.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to refresh your equipment and to revaluate your company perks from time to time. By doing so, you will continually convince your staff that your business is the right one for them to thrive both on a personal and professional level.

Here is a list of aspects you could implement to render your company the place to be and to really let your employees feel valued. And, the good news is, there are no pay rises involved. 

Praise and give credit

We all like to receive a compliment every now and then. A pat on the back or a quick word of appreciation for your employee’s hard effort will do them the world of good. In fact, it is surprising how a small sign of recognition can brighten one’s mood in a flash, and motivation will be sure to remain high and positive throughout the day.

Flexible schedule

The current challenging climate brought about by the ongoing pandemic has altered many of our habits and routines, including the way we work. As lockdown constrained us at home, we soon had to switch to remote working. Now that the crisis seems to be slightly more under control, staff have gradually been repopulating the office. However, a flexible schedule has inevitably become a desired perk for employees, who find the chance to balance office and home working extremely appealing. Giving the opportunity to people to alternate and programme their own work timetable will be a huge incentive in the eyes of your staff: affording flexibility in their schedule will show them that they are both trusted and valued members of the team, rather than merely paid subordinates.

Modern, compact equipment

As already briefly mentioned, old and outdated tools do not do your business nor employees any favours. It is worth investing in renovating and refreshing your equipment to make sure that your staff are as efficient and comfortable as possible. For instance, fast compact laptops are an excellent way to allow employees to easily carry out their duties wherever they happen to be working from (home, trains or even hotels). Moreover, they save precious space on the office desk, avoiding unnecessary clutter which ultimately distracts and slows down your staff. By providing functional and up-to-date equipment, workers will feel that their position and efforts really matter to you.


A long, full day at work is usually mentally draining and can, on occasion, be stressful. A good way to reward your employees for their efforts and to help them refuel for the following shift is to provide them with discounted memberships. A gym pass could, for example, be the perfect cure for a hard-working team member to lift, squat and Zumba their stress away. By thinking about their physical and mental wellbeing, you are demonstrating that you appreciate them as individuals even before than as workers.    


If your employer’s job requires them to buzz about in a car or a Vauxhall van for a large portion of their working day, you should make sure to provide them with a vehicle that is safe and ideally – enjoyable to drive. Darting through busy roads for hours while sitting on an uncomfortable seat or with vehicle parts dangling off is certainly not going to make those peak-time traffic jams any less stressful. With a vehicle in good condition, your team member will feel safer and more relaxed, and those horning cars and shooting mopeds will be far easier to tolerate.

With these small tricks and precautions, we hope that you will be able to create a work environment that no one will ever dream about leaving. By showing your appreciation, not only will your staff feel truly valued and at ease, but their level of productivity and work rate will become a real asset to the success of your business.






Swansea’s Oldest Record Store Derricks Music Launches New Website Developed by Ballyhoo

Earlier this week Ballyhoo launched an updated website for their loyal client Derricks Music, a Swansea-based music and events ticketer and record seller with a shopfront on Oxford Street in Swansea city centre.

Who Are Derricks MusicDerricks Music have worked with Ballyhoo, a Birmingham web design agency, for over a decade to help sell their products online and keep their website up-to-date. This year, Ballyhoo has been working with Derricks Music to bring their website in line with modern web design techniques and introduce new functionality for admins and users.

The Website Project Derricks Music’s website was originally created by Ballyhoo in 2011, and after being live for over 10 years, the website had a well deserved refresh earlier this year. The website needed to be made mobile responsive, and the branding has also received a refresh – removing the old three-dimensional elements and textures , and replacing them with brighter and cleaner elements.

Ballyhoo managing director, Anthony Chaffey, has said, “Derricks Music was one of the first websites I developed and we’ve worked closely with them for so long they’re part of the Ballyhoo family. The site has performed well over many years but was well overdue for an overhaul, so we were delighted to get the opportunity to show what we can do with current techniques and toolsets; and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Read more about this web design project here: https://www.ballyhoo.co.uk/Derricks-Music.html or read about Ballyhoo’s other recent projects in our online portfolio here: https://www.ballyhoo.co.uk/Projects.html


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