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Simple ways to create an organised office space

If your job requires you to work in an office, then the chances are you’re surrounded by your colleagues and all have your own individual work space. Environments like these present many advantages, such as good team communication and atmosphere, but working in an office can come with its downsides.

For any of you who work in an office, you’ll know how easy and quickly the space around you can become rather cluttered and unorganised. Not only can this present an untidy appearance when people visit your place of work, it can also affect your productivity and present potential hazards which could cause harm to both you and your colleagues.

In order to keep an organised office space, it’s important that each individual does their bit to help maintain a tidy place of work for all. If you feel like your work space could do with a declutter and a more organised appearance, then hopefully the below points will come in useful to you.

Think about storage

The key to creating an organised work space is to think about the different forms of storage you could use. Many offices will often have copious amounts of important documents and folders which can take up large amounts of space. If this is the case for you and you find yourself with documents which are important but you don’t need close by, then it may be worth investing in some archive boxes or other forms of storage. By doing this you can keep your documents in a safe and organised place for when you need to access them at a later date.

Go paperless where possible

Storage is a great place to start but it’s unlikely your place of work will have large amounts of space for the amount of documents you and your colleagues will need. With this in mind, it’s important to try and go paperless where possible. Desks and surrounding areas can often consist of paperwork that could easily be stored on your computer, for example, using Google Drive. Switching from physical documents to those online, means you can save space and you’ll find it easier to access and share documents with your colleagues.

By following steps like those mentioned above and more, you can play your part in creating a more organised place of work. Not only will this help boost your productivity, it will also reduce any hazardous risks around you and create a more professional appearance for anyone visiting your office.

Understanding UK Work Visas – First Step For Working In The UK

If you are thinking about making the move to the UK there are plenty of parameters to check out. The first, and probably most important, thing to look for is a working visa. With the UK in an uncertain position right now, due to the travel restrictions and various global lockdowns as well as the pending implications of Brexit, there are still measures you can look into to begin preparations to relocate.

In the past few years, the UK government has tweaked the criteria of migrants looking to find work from outside the EU. ‘Managed migration’ has become quite a contested topic, with salary thresholds and language qualifications being the two greatest challenges facing non-EU workers from gaining access to the UK with a work visa.

If you are an EU citizen, you have the freedom to travel and work legally in the UK until the end of 2020 when the Brexit deal is set to go through. Of course, the current global climate is very much up in the air right now when it comes to foreign travel, and depending on how the rest of the year plays out we might see an extension or changes to the Brexit deal.

What Is A Skilled Worker?

The term ‘skilled worker’ can be a little confusing in and of itself. Essentially, a skilled worker visa for the UK encompasses people working as:

  • Academics and researchers;
  • Scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and technology experts;
  • Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals;
  • Any other market sector with a skill shortage at the time of your application.

If you’re looking to set up in the UK as a self-employed skilled worker, you’ll either need to have at least 50,000 GBP in investments or a fantastic startup pitch that shows plenty of scope for growth and innovation.

How Can You Qualify For A UK Skilled Worker Visa?

The most common way of gaining a UK visa is by going through the Tier 2 (General) visa application process. To qualify for a UK skilled worker visa you must be earning a salary of 30,000 GBP. You have to have an employer in the UK who can approve this salary and help you gain access to the country. Your General visa lasts for up to six years and will cover you as long as you are in employment with the organization that approved your work permit.

The Tier 2 General visa is the only long-term work visa offered in the UK. For anyone who is interested in the possibility of transferring to the UK via their current employer, a Tier 2 intra-company transfer visa is available, saving you the trouble of finding a suitable employer in the UK before moving.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, EU citizens right now are not in need of a skilled worker visa. However, come January 2021 (as things stand), the UK leaves the EU and the requirement of a skilled worker visa will stretch to EU citizens. So what do you need to demonstrate prior to your application being approved?

  • Sufficient understanding of the English language;
  • Ten years of a clean criminal record;
  • A sponsorship and job offer from a licensed UK employer;
  • Able to provide the required savings and salary thresholds.

What If I Can’t Apply For A Skilled Worker Visa?

Currently, workers classed as non-skilled from outside the EU are not eligible for work within the UK. This is because low-skilled jobs are reserved for UK/EU citizens. With the impending Brexit deal these circumstances are potentially subject to change, so I would keep an eye on this situation as it develops into early 2021. You may find the job pool opens up to include or even prioritize non-EU citizens depending on your region.

How Much Does A UK Visa Cost?

Currently, it will cost £610 to apply for a Tier 2 General visa, and a further £610 per person for any family dependants. You can check out the UK government’s website at gov.uk for any potential changes or exceptions, as well as the prices of all other visas. Cost depends largely on the quality and length of the visa, so each one is different.

How Do I Apply For My UK Visa?

You should have a UK visa application center nearby where you can submit your application. A full list of the worldwide application centers can be found by visiting gov.uk. Just like the costs of each visa is different, the documents you need to show change on a tier to tier and even visa to visa basis. If you’re looking for a Tier 2 General visa for skilled workers you will need to provide:

  • Passport or travel ID;
  • Bank statements or a statement of financial security from your employer sponsor;
  • Proof of your English language ability;
  • Confirmation of your payment of the healthcare charge.

With the UK in an interesting position heading towards 2021 in terms of its position in the EU as well as the lasting after-effects of COVID-19, there might never have been a better time to take the plunge and make the move to work and live in the United Kingdom. If you are a skilled worker you have an excellent chance to take advantage of any job offers from UK employers. Once you have the sponsorship of a licensed company, getting a skilled worker visa is simple enough, provided you have the relevant documents and get all your permit applications sent off with plenty of time.

There are other things to consider when you land in the UK, like housing and registering your visa with the police service, and all this information and more can be found by visiting the gov.uk site. It is the home of all things government-related for the UK. Any updates or changes to migrant status can be found there. You can currently apply for full UK citizenship once you have resided there for five years. Finally, I wish you luck in your new challenge!

What does the carbon footprint of 6 UK cities actually look like?

Over recent years there has been a global surge in trying to reduce the carbon footprints of businesses, cities and individuals alike. People across the world are making numerous changes to their everyday lifestyle, to try and improve the environment and the way we live. With the current health pandemic happening across the world, it has seen a significant reduction in the amount of carbon emissions being emitted across the globe; with a huge part of this being down to fewer vehicles on the roads and minimal numbers of planes in the sky.

Prior to the pandemic though, many cities across the UK and further afield were being criticised for the amount of carbon emissions they were producing on a daily basis. To put this into perspective, Utility Bidder conducted a study which looked in depth at the carbon emissions of six UK cities in 2017. Some of the cities featured within the study include London, Belfast and Glasgow, all of which can be looked at in more detail below.


As the capital of England and one of the most popular cities across the world, it comes as no surprise that London was at the higher end of the scale for the amount of carbon emissions the city produces on a daily basis. The study reports that during 2017, London produced a staggering 81,394 tonnes of carbon emissions. To put this into perspective, that weight alone is enough to fill a 354m tall cube, which is taller than the majestic Shard building at 310m tall.


The Irish city of Belfast is popular amongst locals and tourists alike, but surprisingly, the amount of carbon emissions the city produces is at the lower end of the scale. During the year the carbon emissions were recorded, Belfast only produced 4,198 tonnes, which is considerably lower than London. 4,198 tonnes would be enough to fill a 132m tall cube, compared to the famous Titanic Belfast which is 38m tall.


In comparison to London, the Scottish city of Glasgow also has a relatively low number of daily carbon emissions it produces. It was reported that during 2017, the city produced around 7,175 tonnes of emissions each day, enough to fill a 157m tall cube. To understand the scale of this, Glasgow Tower is the tallest building in Scotland and stands at around 127m tall. We’ve only outlined three of the six cities mentioned in Utility Bidder’s study, but when comparing the amount of carbon emissions the cities produce against their famous buildings and landmarks, you can start to understand the true scale of the issue.

How You Can Bring More Money into Your Business in 2020

When it comes to running a business in 2020, there are a lot of things that you will need to take into consideration to help you, especially when it comes to money. Money is something that you will need if you are running a business because, without this, you will end up shutting your doors before you have even opened.

Finding the funds to support your business can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Here, we are going to give you some ideas on how you can bring more money into your business.

Keep Track of Your Spending 

A top tip that you should consider if you are looking to bring more money into your business in 2020 is by making sure that you keep track of your spending. When you monitor your spending carefully, you can cut down on the things that you really don’t need to be buying. To keep track of spending, it might be worth creating a budget, so you only spend a certain amount each month. 

Consider Getting Help from an Investor 

If you are looking to bring some more money into your business then, another way that you can do this is by considering getting help from an investor. This is because an investor will be able to provide you with the funds you need so you can keep your business up and running. Not only can an investor provide you with funds but, they can also give you some advice and introduce you to new ideas to help you keep your business up and running. 

There are many different investors that you can get in touch with when it comes to your business such as Tej Kohli, Peter Jones and others who are in the spotlight. It might also be possible to find an angel investor online so have a look at what is on offer.

Advertise Your Services 

Another tip that you should consider to help you bring more money into your business is to make sure that you advertise your products or services in the most cost-effective way. Digital marketing is the key to advertising without having to overspend and it can also be very effective. Find out more on social media marketing and PPC ads as these can help you to bring in more leads at a low cost which will result in more money coming into your business. 

Use These Tips

There are a lot of ways that you can bring some money into your business, you just need to know where to start. Make sure if you are running a business that you keep this information in mind and use these tips to make a real difference. Consider adapting your marketing strategy and get in touch with an investor who can help you get your business back on track in no time.

Ways to Protect Your Business When Providing Advice Online

If you provide a professional service, your knowledge is likely what you sell. But what happens if your advice isn’t correct? Consequences are a sure thing for every mistake made.

There are a lot of factors that will go into how badly this bad advice will affect your businesses. Sometimes these disputes can be solved with an apology, and other legal action will be required.

So, how can you protect your businesses when these matters arise? Read on to find out.

Have A Disclaimer

Let it be clearly stated on your website through the use of a disclaimer, your communications and on any contracts that consumers and clients are totally responsible for the decision they make based on any advice, financial or otherwise, provided on them by your business. This is sometimes enough to help your case when claims are made because while you can provide advice to

Usually, these stop any legal action from coming against you as you have made it very clear that you are providing advice only, not forcing anyone to take action base o that advice.

Legal battles

Mistakes are inevitable. Some are minor, and others can have damaging repercussions. If your business faces negligence claims, the costs can be financially damning, and a costly lawsuit could result. This is where professional indemnity insurance can play a vital role in your business. It is crucial if you have a business that requires providing advice that you have a professional indemnity policy for your business, and the cost of any legal suit will be covered.

Public Relations

Of course, just because you win a legal battle doesn’t mean you’re going to win in the public opinion court. If your good name is dragged in the courts – and then through the media – there is a chance that your current and potential clients will know about it.

So how are you protecting your business? Are you looking to fight the case and clearing your name? Or are you looking to settle early, reduce exposure, but appear guilty to outsiders?

A good PR team will be able to help you repair your brand’s reputation following a legal crisis and help you maintain your customer’s favour or regain any lost trust in your company.

Regulatory Intervention

Of course, just because your business has survived before the courts and the subsequent reputational fallout does not mean that you are guaranteed to continue in your chosen field of work. You may now be subject to review by the relevant industry authorities or regulators, so it is important that you are also prepared for that.

So how are you protecting yourself from this?

Again, having an experienced legal team to fight for you can help. Usually, the only way you protect yourself from all the consequences in the courts is having a strong legal team and an ironclad professional indemnity insurance policy top back you up.

With so much at stake, it’s essential that you ensure your business is protected against the dangers associated with the sale of your knowledge.

Forex Broker with Paypal: Payment Methods at a Glance

When it comes to forex brokers, they are specialized brokers who specialize in forex trading. For a forex broker with PayPal, the form of payment is in the foreground. PayPal only allows collaboration if forex brokers meet their guidelines. “Forex” stands for “Foreign Exchange” and represents an economic market in which the foreign exchange supply and demand meet and are exchanged at a negotiated exchange rate.

PayPal helps to provide a secure and convenient payment service that allows quick payments on the internet. PayPal is not limited to regions but offers the service worldwide. Both private and business customers use the service more and more often because they have recognized the advantages. Forex brokers with PayPal as a secure means of payment enable trading on world markets. We have dealt with the topic in detail and present the results.

The most important facts about a Forex broker with PayPal

  • Forex brokers with PayPal are considered reputable
  • Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world
  • PayPal is a safe and convenient payment option
  • Specialized in foreign exchange trading
  • Worldwide use possible
  • Deposits and withdrawals possible

How to Find Reputable Forex Brokers

If you want to trade with a forex broker, you should know that it is not intended for undercapitalized trading beginners as it is a risky business that can quickly lead to success and defeat. You can recognize a reputable forex broker, among other things, by the fact that it points out the special connections between returns and risks in the forex trading. Furthermore, you are on the safe side with a forex broker if it points you directly to the “small print” and also offers excellent customer service.

With forex brokers, you will usually trade online. It is very rare for an OR task to be posted over the phone. For this reason, you should pay attention to the online and internet security of the Forex Broker. This should be able to keep up with the brokerage offers of direct banks, large banks, and savings banks.

The forex broker should also train you adequately in dealing with trading and provide you with sufficient information. Personal “on-site seminars,” a “trading academy,” and up-to-date “financial news” are particularly useful. You can benefit from this offer, especially as a beginner. It is especially top forex brokers who provide you with such a service and thereby stand out from the crowd.

The mobile forex broker is becoming increasingly popular

Like everything in the modern world, forex brokers are becoming increasingly popular on mobile devices. As a trader, you can always fall back on a certain basic offer and conduct mobile trading. Many forex brokers work with the STP business model or ECN access. This makes them particularly innovative, and they can offer this mobile service. So now, it is easier to transfer money from a PayPal wallet to a Forex broker using a mobile device.

As with the Forex Broker website and trading software, it is essential to ensure that the app is safe, good, and easy to use. First of all, you have to rely on your gut feeling. If you are getting along well on a website, and this is also the case in the app, you should pay a little more attention to the Forex Broker.

Forex broker with PayPal: that’s what sets them apart!

PayPal is offered by some forex brokers. The number of forex brokers with PayPal is still quite manageable. This is mainly due to the fact that PayPal itself chooses which forex brokers they would like to cooperate with – PayPal decides on the seriousness of the forex broker.

If you have found a forex broker with PayPal, you can assume that it is a Forex broker selected by PayPal. If necessary, you can read our guide to trading with PayPal in this context. If you want to use a forex broker with PayPal, you can log in with your password on the PayPal website and top up credit that can be used for trading.

The charged assets, you can cash out after/before the trading in the same way. However, you have to expect fees, which you can see from your forex broker. No further risks will arise if you choose a forex broker with PayPal. The general risks of trading, of course, remain. Forex trading uses a lever. That means you can always win more than you bet, but at the same time, you can lose your entire bet. You should always keep the risk of trading in mind.

PayPal: This is what makes the service so popular

PayPal is particularly popular in the world and is one of the safest payment options on the internet. If you want to protect your data from attacks by third parties, you have to find a password that is not easy to crack. Furthermore, you should of course not pass this on to family/friends and change it regularly. While you are never 100% safe from attacks on the internet, you can also do something to protect yourself. As a further safety precaution, you can secure your PC with virus protection programs and check it regularly for malware.

Overview of security and buyer protection

Buyer protection in general: the item does not arrive or does not match the description? Contact the seller. You have up to 180 days after payment to report your problem. If there is no agreement, you can contact PayPal for another 20 days, which will take care of the problem.

Buyer protection exceptions: Vouchers, vehicles with motor, industrial machines, and articles are excluded from buyer protection if they do not comply with the PayPal terms of use.

Protection against unauthorized payment: In the event of unauthorized access to your PayPal account without your own fault, PayPal will refund the full amount.

Refund: If an item does not arrive or does not match the description, PayPal will refund the amount.

Customer Service General: If you suspect unauthorized account access, identity theft, or phishing, PayPal will help you protect the account.

DIY ideas for enhancing the look of your bathroom panels

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. If you are planning to renovate your home now, then the only thing that everyone around the world is recommending is bathroom wall panels. The bathroom wall panels are very effective in nature because they are very easy to install and can be replaced very easily. If you are looking to change the look of your bathroom and also renovate it, and even change the bathroom flooring, then you are in the right place. We will be talking about all the do it yourself ideas which will help to enhance the look of your bathroom and your bathroom panels.

A lot of people plan to make their bathroom spacious but because of the lack of space, they end up making it small. Here we have listed out all the points which will help you make your bathroom look big and nice:

  • Keep the colour white– If you confused about the colour of your bathroom panels then you should definitely go for white. The white colour will not only help your bathroom look nice and airy but it will also make it look bigger than it actually is. White reflects a lot of light and this is the reason why it makes the bathroom look big. Generally, all the fixtures in the bathroom are white and if the colour of the panels is also kept white it looks really good. You can simply try out different textured white wall panels to enhance the whole look of the bathroom.
  • If you are absolutely against white, then it is recommended that you go for a lighter shade of colour because this will also be effective in nature.
  • If you are tight with your money and still want your bathroom to look extremely classy then you should definitely check out the best price bathroom wall panels which are very popular in the market now. You will get a good deal out of them online making you save a lot of money at the end of the day.
  • Now a day less is considered more and this is one of the reasons why you should not overdo anything. You need to keep your bathroom neat and empty so that the lack of space in the bathroom does not make it look bad.
  • Make sure to buy a big mirror for your bathroom so that you can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. You can simply make a big mirror of your own if you want to end up saving some money on it.

There are a lot of things you can do with bathroom wall panels. You can use different materials for wall panels so that you can make your bathroom a bit different. Make sure you maintain the wall panels in your bathroom on a regular basis by dusting them with a cloth and rubbing off the water from the surface so that the longevity of the wall panel increases.

Online Sports Betting: Basics You Need to Know

Sports betting have been present since ancient Greece and the Olympic Games but with the availability of the internet and the introduction of smartphones, the industry experienced massive growth. Nowadays, sports betting is an excepted form of behaviour and much of its reputations, it owes to the development of the internet and the major successful leagues and sports. Find out how the best online betting site in UK would work in an article below.

The Convenience of Online Bets

Online sports’ betting owes much of it to its convenience and availability. With smartphones, people are able to place a bet on any event in the world at any time from wherever they are through different sports betting websites. With globalization, these websites are reaching far ends of the world and they have built trust among the people as being secure and safe. Some websites allow their users to watch the games that they bet on and even provide live betting. These online operators provide a plethora of sports and markets to bet on from all over the world. 

Getting Started

In order to place a bet, you need to register an account on the website of your choosing. Firstly, make sure that the website is licensed and legal, do some research on the web. If they have a licence number from a governmental regulatory body, you are set to go. 

Once you register, log in to your account and make your first deposit. Make sure to understand the welcome bonus that the website provides. Most sports betting operators will provide a welcome bonus based on your first deposit. Make sure you understand how that works prior to signing up and depositing. 

On the website, you can follow-up on live scores and see the schedule for the entire week. You will be able to choose sports that interest you so you won’t have to search through all of the available events. 

Starting Pieces of Advice

The most important thing about sports betting is discipline. No matter if you are betting for fun or as a professional, you have to think about properly managing your bankroll and never going over the limit. Never place large bets too, always bet 1-2% of your bankroll because losing streaks are a common thing in sports betting and they occur even to the best professionals. 

Win £1,000 With the Ahmed Dahab Trials and Tribulations Competition

Ahmed Dahab is the author of The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab, an autobiographical account of his experience at the hands of the Kuwait Public Prosecutor, a story of miscarriage of justice, wrongful imprisonment, and mental and physical torture.

Sudan-born Ahmed Dahab is an investor, entrepreneur and businessman. He relocated to Kuwait with his family at a young age. Growing up, Mr Dahab demonstrated strong business acumen, establishing a highly successful career as an entrepreneur and businessman.

Once he had accumulated enough wealth to start investing in real estate, Ahmed Dahab collaborated in a Turkish development project which turned out to be highly successful. However,  not everyone shared his happiness about the project’s success, and it soon became clear that the Public Prosecutor was “out to get” him.

In 2016, a State Security Service officer accused Ahmed Dahab’s company of being involved in money laundering activities following an investigation lasting just 30 minutes. The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab documents Mr Dahab’s first-hand experience of the torture, wrongful imprisonment and injustice that followed.

Ahmed Dahab has decided to stage a competition to raise awareness of this terrible injustice. He is inviting readers of his autobiography to either submit a picture of the Public Prosecutor or leave their comment on the story via the competition form on his website. The winning entrant in the picture competition will receive £1,000, and the winning commenter will receive £250.

The competition, which is open to entrants worldwide, closes on the 9th May 2020.

Submit your entries here: https://www.ahmeddahab.org/competition/

Why Modular Buildings Are the Future of Construction

Gone are the days when pre-fabricated buildings were perceived as a last resort quick and homogenous solution to housing. They have been embraced widely and are improving today’s building practices. Furthermore, there is every reason to believe that the future of the construction industry is going in that direction. Among the reasons for this argument is that the eco-friendliness and efficiency of these buildings have reached unbelievable levels. Besides this, the makers of modular structures have already put up masterpieces of buildings across the globe.

Modular buildings explained

Modular buildings are products of modular construction, which is a process where a building is constructed a way for from its site in a controlled factory setting. This method is preferred by businesses and other organizations due to its cost-effectiveness, speed in which the structure can be ready for use, and possibility of different usages.

Among some of the buildings that developers have constructed so far by employing this concept include:

·         Hotels

·         Student housing facilities such as hostels

·         Healthcare facilities like offices and others

·         Residential houses

·         Multifamily structures

Reasons why modular buildings are gaining traction

So, what are some of the factors that are making this technique of putting up structures gain so much traction nowadays?

·         Advancement in technology

There has been an upsurge in the use of digital modelling alongside new manufacturing methods like 3D printing, and these have transformed how people see things. Use of robots and CNC-controlled innovations is happening in nearly all areas of manufacturing including vehicles and furniture. The new ways are getting embraced across industries including construction where modular construction is the best application of these technologies.

·         Shortage of skilled workforce

During and after the recession period which greatly affected the construction industry, most of the skilled workforce lost jobs or switched to other areas. When the recovery period came, there was an immediate acute shortage of skilled labour as the new generations prefer other professions, hence construction lacked the needed workforce. Modular buildings, which need far less labour, became the solution.

·         The best combination for growing economies

Some of the factors which have made modular construction the way to go include improvement in technology, reduced skilled labour, high cost of skilled workforce, and shifts in the economy. The need for quick returns on investment, increased clients demands, and higher quality standards have also made this method the most viable option.

Advantages of modular buildings

Other than being economical, modular buildings are the future of construction because they are environmental-friendly. You can also consider them to enjoy their advantages, but first browse commercial buildings page to learn more about this construction method.

Some of the advantages of modular buildings include:

·         Speedy construction – Putting up structures is done quickly, saving time thanks to the removal of delays due to bad weather or unskilled workforce. Projects can be completed 30-50% quicker since site preparation and construction of modules happen simultaneously.

·         Cost-saving – The level of efficiency is high. Labour costs are greatly slashed because fewer workers are needed, material wastage due to weather elements is eliminated, and the faster completion means quicker returns on investment.

·         Less impact on the site – Due to fewer activities when delivering materials and constructing, restorative work and costs after the project completion are far less.

·         Eco-friendliness and sustainability – The highly reduced wastage of material and usage of wood (a renewable resource) are indicators of modular buildings as an eco-friendly method of construction.


Modular buildings are certainly the future of the construction industry because it of their high efficiency. They are eco-friendly and solve a myriad of complex problems. The end products of this construction technique are magnificent, customizable for the client, and durable. Technological improvements also support it as well as many other forces. We can only wait to see the future skyscrapers being modular buildings.

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