The events that your organisation holds can be a ‘make or break’ factor in its corporate success. Seminars, meetings, team-building weekends, corporate retreats and fashion shows are just some of the most popular corporate events, and every aspect of yours needs to be just right if you are to make the right impression on everyone who attends.

However, a successful corporate event that does much to cultivate new business does not happen by accident. It occurs as a consequence of savvy and well-considered planning. With this end in mind, here are just a few of the factors that you should think about when organising an event.

Why are you holding this event at all?

You should not be organising a corporate event simply because it ‘feels like it’s time we had another one’. If there is any vagueness about your event’s purpose, you will only attract a small number of stragglers, instead of the members of your core audience who will be instrumental in determining whether the event is a worthwhile use of your time and funds.

Every aspect of your event planning – from the choice of venue and caterers, right through to any entertainment and activities – should dovetail with a purpose stated clearly from the start.

Who are you aiming the event at?

Attempting to make your event appealing to as broad an audience as possible can be counter-productive, not least because it will force you to assemble a programme of activities on the day that does not even adequately cover any single attendee’s specific needs.

Yes, it is gratifying to be able to attract a long list of guests for your event. But you need to formulate a clear vision as to who the audience is for your event, and what value they – and you – will gain from it. This will enable you to tailor the event to even the most niche expectations.

Which venue ticks all of the practical and emotional boxes?

It is understandable that you will probably wish to select a venue that catches the eye, excites the senses and fires the imaginations of your attendees. After all, your choice of venue will say something – however unwittingly – about your brand and its values.

It’s therefore no surprise that so many organisations are enticed by the notion of hiring a chateau for corporate event days – and nor does your search for the ideal corporate events venue have to come down to a ‘head vs heart’ decision.

Our very own Château Bouffémont in France, for example, exudes all of the refinement and elegance that you would expect from a noble stone-built residence.

With its stunning crystal chandeliers and opulent decor on the inside and spectacular manicured French gardens on the outside, this chateau in the Montmorency Forest consistently captures hearts. However, it is also excellently equipped for corporate event days and is even well-connected, being situated just 30 kilometres from central Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Careful consideration, research and planning are vital if you are to derive the maximum value from your firm’s next corporate event. That’s why you may also be interested in consulting the Taylor Lynn Corporation’s advice on what else your firm needs to think about when organising a corporate event.