In recent times, you might have noticed more and more organizations talking about continuous controls monitoring. CCM is rising in popularity and can be used for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. There are also a handful of benefits to using this type of technology, but it is the reduced risk of cyber breaches that makes it so key in 2022. Cybercrime is a major and growing problem right now with cybercriminals using increasingly advanced tactics to steal sensitive data, which can then cause all kinds of long-term damage to any organization. This post will look at what CCM is and the reasons why it is proving to be so popular in 2022.  

What Is Continuous Controls Monitoring?

So, what exactly is continuous controls monitoring? CCM involves the continuous and automated testing of the cybersecurity controls that an organization has in place to ensure their effectiveness at all times. These controls can be used to reduce risk, which includes preventing cybersecurity attacks. In addition to this, CCM is also a smart way to ensure business compliance at all times which is why CCM is so common in highly regulated industries like financial services. On top of this, CCM can also provide peace of mind knowing that controls are always effective and that you are being proactive in reducing risk.

Why Is CCM So Popular In 2022?

The main reason why so many businesses are using a CCM platform in 2022 is the increased risk of cybercrime. Cybercrime has been a growing issue for some time now, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber-attacks have been rife with so many people working remotely along with the disruption that the pandemic caused with all companies having to stay in touch with their customers on a regular basis to keep them updated. As a result, cybercrime has become a major issue and businesses of all sizes and in all industries are being targeted. By implementing a CCM platform, such as the Panaseer Platform, businesses are able to reduce risk in a time when all companies are at threat from cybercrime.

Ensure Compliance

One of the other primary reasons why so many organizations are using CCM platforms in 2022 is for compliance. The way in which businesses use and control data is continuously being changed and hugely important, so businesses need to do all that they can to ensure compliance at all times. These platforms can make it easy to manage security controls in a unified way so that adjustments can easily be made to ensure compliance at all times. As mentioned before, in highly regulated industries like banking and IT, organizations need to do all that they can to always remain compliant.

Improve Efficiency

Another reason why CCM is proving to be popular in 2022 is that it can help organizations to improve their efficiency. Instead of compliance professionals having to conduct lengthy audits and manually test controls multiple times over the course of a year, CCM can automate this task and provide continuous monitoring so that any issues will be flagged up immediately. This can then free up time and energy for compliance professionals to focus on other high-value projects. This can all help any organization to increase efficiency while also reducing risk, preventing fraud and increasing cybersecurity. Additionally, by detecting issues earlier, organizations are able to stop small issues from growing into larger (and more expensive) issues to resolve.

Improve Brand Reputation

One of the other reasons why so many companies are now using a CCM platform is that it can be an effective way to improve brand reputation. When a company uses CCM, it shows that they are taking risk management, compliance and protecting important assets seriously and this can help to improve brand reputation among customers, regulators and all other stakeholders. This is particularly important when you consider the damage that a cyber-attack can do in terms of brand reputation, so it is easy to see why many businesses are now taking this very seriously and using solutions like CCM to prevent cyber-attacks from happening.

It is clear why CCM platforms are proving to be so popular in 2022 and why organizations in a range of industries are using these as a way to reduce risk and increase cybersecurity. Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats facing modern-day businesses and can do damage in more ways than one, so it is vital that action is taken to reduce risk in 2022.