It was once seen as the epitome of success. You had landed yourself a desk job and now you could sit in an air-conditioned office all day and simply fill out paperwork or write reports on a computer.

However, this is not a job that everybody wants, and recent job search trends are highlighting this point. Luckily, there are multiple alternatives to choose from if you don’t want a standard office job. Some of them may require additional training and some of them can simply be started from an apprentice position. However, one thing’s for sure, if you don’t like sitting down all day and typing, there are many jobs that you can do that can take you into a different range of environments and enhance your learning and creativity along with your leadership skills.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best alternatives to standard office jobs that you can undertake, even with minimal training.

Taxi Driver

Transport, in general, offers a lot of non-office jobs, whether you are driving a vehicle or flying an aeroplane, although the latter will probably require a bit of additional training to simply driving a car. If you like getting out and about in the city and enjoy driving and meeting people, then a taxi driver is likely to be an ideal job for you. The best part is that you don’t even have to set up as part of a taxi firm, and you can get hold of your own taxi and begin chauffeuring people around once you have passed some of the licencing exams. If you’re looking for a cheap taxi to begin this career, head over to to explore the options that they have on their site.


If you are a lover of animals, then being a zookeeper is a straightforward job that you can usually walk into with minimal hands-on training. This will require you to have some basic knowledge of how to care for exotic animals, such as snakes and even monkeys, but it will allow you to work outside, meet with the public, and also learn about the different animals that you will be caring for.

This can involve a lot of health-based responsibilities too. You will be responsible for keeping an eye on the animals that you care for and ensuring that they appear physically and mentally healthy. If you undertake additional training as a zookeeper, you may even be able to administer medications to animals that are slightly bigger than a dog or a cat, like lions, zebras, and even large snakes. However, being a zookeeper is a job which is physically demanding, so if you’re looking for a way to get rid of some excess energy and want to help animals, then this is an ideal career choice for you.

Healthcare Professional

One of the jobs that will always be in high demand and require new people to join is that of a healthcare professional. Training as a nurse or a doctor will take many years, but you can start as a support worker in either a nursing home or a mental health hospital, which will require some basic level literacy tests. This will allow you to be working with people and will very rarely involve sitting down at a desk.

Plus, there is great room for advancement if you train as a healthcare professional. As mentioned earlier, you can go on to train as a nurse or doctor or can simply become a senior support worker or even a ward manager, which will once again not involve a lot of sitting down. This role will also give you a great sense of pride when it comes to helping people too. 


If you’ve been told you’re the next Gordon Ramsay (hopefully not due to your language), then it may be worth looking into a career as a cook and potentially working your way up to a chef. Be aware that this is a very physically demanding job and will require you to be on your feet for the majority, if not all, of your shift. However, if you enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, and simply love a fast-paced job, then this is likely to be the ideal one for you.


If you love children, it can be worth looking into getting a job in childcare. This role will enable you to look after children, make friends with their parents, and of course, not be sat in an office. You will need to pass basic training in first aid to be employed by most nurseries but once you get in, it’s unlikely that you will have a boring day.