One of the best ways to make a splash on social media is to create a video. People love watching and sharing video clips on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere, and their popularity is growing rapidly as more people access the internet via their phones and other mobile devices. It’s been predicted that in 2019 mobile users will spend on average ten minutes of every hour watching videos.

Be original

So how do you go about creating a popular video clip for social media? It doesn’t have to be very long, and in fact brevity is a distinct advantage. Facebook recommends creating videos that can be as short as 15 seconds. The important thing is to have a good original idea, so get brainstorming if in case you need help, a facebook marketing in Manchester can definitely help you with that..

If you keep a blog, look back over your old posts and see if there’s a subject that can be adapted for video. What topics were the most popular or the most shared? What is trending right now? Look at other social media videos for inspiration, but don’t copy them. Original content is what will get you noticed.

Plan it out

Once you have your basic idea you need to turn it into a script or even better a storyboard. This is a series of pictures representing your video as successive images. It might look a bit like a comic strip. This enables you to pace out your video and hit the right beats.

Don’t try to make an ambitious special effects extravaganza: keep it simple and appropriate to the platform and the audience you’re aiming at. Different channels support different aspects of video for social media so bear this in mind when you’re creating your initial outline.

Grab your viewers and keep them watching

You should try to get your viewers’ attention as early in your video as possible- within the first couple of seconds. Also, make it watchable with the sound off, by using captions or subtitles. The majority of social media videos are watched in situations where it’s not appropriate to have the sound on, such as at work or on public transport. Be clear exactly what you want to say and keep to the point.

Pay attention to the technical details

The technology to make a great video is literally in your hands, as you can create professional-looking footage with most smartphones. Use a tripod to keep it steady and an external microphone if needed. One of the most common amateur mistakes is poor lighting. Natural light is best, so film outdoors on a good day or by a large window, but avoid having the sun glaring right into the camera. Light should be evenly spread across your subject’s face.

Edit effectively

It’s all in the edit, and easily available video editing software can help make your video clip dynamic and presentable. Software solutions like Biteable include basic templates and animation tools as well.

Once you’ve made your video be sure to share it effectively and monitor how it’s received. You can then start planning your next film to keep the momentum going.