You might not have noticed the advancements in cloud-hosted communication technology that, over the years, has made this technology much more palatable for a range of businesses. Through bringing your own business to the party, you can benefit from a flexible mobile business solution.

Hosted phone services are so-called as they are based in the cloud rather than linked to a specific location through a telephone line and physical keyboard, as ITProPortal explains.

There are many merits of switching to a hosted service from a standard one, but consider the following factors before you proceed.

A hosted service provides agility befitting a growing company

Your business might be going through a sustained period of rapid growth – in which case, you can probably easily relate to the frustrations of having to spend a lot of time overhauling your infrastructure to suit. However, this doesn’t have to extend to the firm’s phone system.

In switching that phone system to the cloud, you can avert such an overhaul or downtime that could prove a speed bump to your firm’s growth. Indeed, one of the biggest incentives to choose a hosted phone service is that it can be quickly deployed, as a LinkedIn article states.

Furthermore, once a hosted phone system is in place, you can readily scale it up as your company’s growth continues apace. This functionality helps to make the system truly future-proof.

How strong is your internet connectivity?

With a hosted system, you will be relying on your connection to keep your communication channels smooth and consistent. For this reason, it is worth verifying that your company’s current connection is up to the task. Also, incorporate wireless backup, as this will be crucial to the system’s resilience.

The telecoms services provider Gamma offers Horizon, a fully-hosted system that you can access over an IP connection. If you fear that your own company might be too small to practically benefit from Horizon, rest assured that this service can be used with businesses of any size.

Rest assured that, when you feed a cloud-based phone system like Horizon through internet connectivity, you can eagerly anticipate a raft of benefits. Those include improved phone call quality as well as lower risks of downtime and outage.

Which particular provider should you choose?

The question of which provider of hosted phone service constitutes the “best” provider can initially seem like a tricky question to answer. However, you can decrease your chances of a slip-up if you trace a provider that meets very particular criteria…

It would be a particularly good sign if the provider pledges to provide everything necessary for you to set up your hosted phone service. That “everything” can include premium handsets and core network access along with on-site installation of the phone system.

Through sourcing all of the above from just one provider, you can ease your company’s transition towards fully taking up a hosted phone service. Chosen wisely, a hosted phone system could allow you to streamline communication even across multiple offices.