They can be found abandoned and neglected in many closets, storerooms and garages across the nation. We’re talking about your old VHS tapes. Once cast aside as obsolete, they are enjoying new-found love thanks to a new generation of VHS to DVD converter software. Do you still have your old VHS tapes gathering dust at home? Now, by using VHS to DVD software, those old VHS tapes are enjoying a new lease of life.

Remember the “golden” age of VHS? This ushered in the generation that had a VCR in every home. It heralded a boom time for Friday or Saturday movie nights at home. 

VHS Allowed Anyone to Create Memories

It also allowed anyone to capture their magical memories and key moments on VHS tape thanks to inexpensive camcorders. No more struggling with complex film cameras, no more rolls of expensive 8mm film to process. 

In one affordable, easy to use, handheld video camera, suddenly capturing those sublime moments were within easy reach of anyone. But that was almost two decades ago.

As VCRs steadily disappeared from our home entertainment centres, our once treasured VHS tapes became unplayable and disappeared from our shelves. 

How The VHS Changed Our Lives

The introduction of the VHS had changed society. In 1982 few homes could afford VCRs. However, by 1986 nearly a third of homes owned a VCR. Hollywood movies were now being created not only for cinema release but also for release on VHS.

As the screen idol, Tony Curtis said in 1971, “you can plug whatever film you want to see into your television … a new form of entertainment.” 

Since 1986 the fundamental technology behind the VCR remained comparatively unchanged. However, manufacturers continued to introduce new features, which enhanced functionality and convenience.

Stereo sound and advanced programming were introduced. Today the VHS has been replaced first by its successor the DVD, which launched in 1997 and dominated the market after 2000, then by streaming services.

By 2006, the major U.S. film studios had ceased releasing new movie titles on the VHS format. On December 31, 2008, the last major supplier of pre-recorded VHS tapes in America shipped out its final truckload.

VHS Are Enjoying A New Lease Of Life

But that doesn’t mean the VHS format has completely disappeared. 

On eBay, Amazon, Facebook trading posts and other channels, collectors are actively dipping in and out of the market buying and selling videocassettes for prices that often reach into the hundreds of dollars.

Forget those flash Black Diamond” tapes or VHS Disney movies pushed out onto an indifferent market somewhere between 1984 and 1994 that is now rumoured to be selling for megabucks. 

They rarely achieve anything like those prices. Rather, VHS aficionados are more likely to plunk down their hard-earned cash for comparatively obscure horror movies, children’s’ content and genre content that either never received a DVD release in its time or strikes the right nostalgia or retro notes.

Memories Reach Across The Times

Then there are all those personal or family memories lurking on VHS tapes, just waiting to be rediscovered. With the best VHS to DVD converter, those memories can be as fresh as they were yesterday. 

Can you remember how valuable and precious those moments caught on your VHS tapes are? No? If you struggle to remember, let me remind you. On those VHS videos lies some of your most treasured family events, first baby steps, graduation ceremonies, celebrations, weddings and funerals.

Still, other VHS tapes hold our favourite movie classics, long-vanished TV programs, sitcoms and epic concerts. 

If you suspect those lost VHS tapes still lie gathering dust somewhere at home, you could just be wondering are those old videos retrievable?

Act Now Before Those Memories Vanish Forever

As the quote goes “the past has passed and can never be recalled.” This quote reflects a sad fact of life. However, people have stored billions of memorable events and momentous moments on VHS. 

Almost everyone can relate to a range of sweeping emotions triggered when we watch old videos. Those memories live and breathe as fresh as the day they were captured on tape.

As each day passes, your window for taking action shrinks. Your playable VHS will gradually degrade until one day they are unplayable. 

So, why not act now and preserve for future generations those old VHS tapes? Save your truly memorable occasions from the verge of destruction? Losing these treasured memories would be a sad loss not only for you but also for future generations. 

Take advantage of VHS to DVD converter software to bridge the gap between analogue and the digital era. Convert your VHS to DVD today before it is too late!

It’s All About Sharing 

Even if you happen to have a working VCR player at home, it’s not exactly easy to share all those wonderful memories “captured in the moment” with your family and friends, right?

Why? In the Facebook and Instagram era, sharing is digital. If your family and friends happen to be scattered across different geographies, it’s not like they can drop into your lounge for an extended video session.

Besides, most homes these days don‘t have a VHS player. As the years go by, sharing your memories becomes increasingly difficult. Soon, the VHS video player will be extinct and life will be lived in the cloud.

Unless those memories and treasured recordings are converted to a digital format they could be unrecoverable and thus lost to future generations. And that would be a tragedy.

That’s why VHS to DVD software is so essential to ensuring memories don’t vanish as technology evolves.

The Perils Of VCR Repair

One option to resurrecting all those old VHS tapes is to dig out that old VCR and have it repaired. However, the cost of repairing your VHS player is usually higher than the cost of buying a DVD player!

Moreover, aside from the economics, VHS repairers are now rare beasts and good ones are hard to find. Preserving your memories by converting your VHS to DVD is a fabulous gift for your future generations as well as saving you the headache of tracking down a VCR repairman.

Final Word

Now is the time to save your neglected VHS tapes. By using the best VHS to DVD converter, your old VHS tapes can enjoy a new lease of life. So, rather than leave those memories to gather dust, take advantage of a new generation of VHS to DVD converter software and bring your memories and treasured tapes to life once more.