Energy efficiency can have many benefits for a business. It’s one of the best ways to save money as energy expenses are one of the costs that eats the most money out of a business budget in the UK. It’s possible for a business to save 10-30% of its energy expenditure, by making some relatively simple changes.

It makes sense to invest a significant amount of available business finances in making improvements to energy efficiency. Businesses can also consider financing options, such as flexible business loans, when making major improvements. So, what type of changes should a business consider making?

Monitor energy usage effectively

It’s difficult to identify waste, and opportunities for savings, if effective energy monitoring is not in place. Smart meters can help to make this happen. They record spending at different times of the day so that trends can be spotted and problems can be identified.

Make use of sensors throughout business premises

Not every room of an office space is occupied all of the time. Areas that are not occupied do not require the same levels of heat and lighting. Using sensors in areas such as the toilets, and private offices, means that lighting and heat is automatically controlled. Energy is only used when needed and efficiency is improved as a result.

Make sure systems are maintained

Heating and ventilation systems can have an adverse effect on the energy efficiency of a business, if they are not working efficiently. This is why it’s so important to make sure that a regular maintenance schedule is maintained. The same applies to water tanks and pipes. No business wants to pay money for water that is being wasted because a pipe is leaking.

Make energy efficient purchases

One of the best ways of improving the energy efficiency of a business is to invest in the most efficient products. One area where this is especially important is the lighting of business premises. LED light bulbs use only a quarter of the energy that halogen bulbs do. Using these bulbs around a business premises, including the illumination of signage, can be a big help in reducing the amount of energy used.

Use natural light where possible

Natural light helps to improve productivity levels. It’s also available free of charge. It makes sense to make use of it whenever possible. For a business to make best use of natural light:

  • Blinds should be open if possible.
  • Window ledges should be cleared of clutter.
  • Open plan office designs should be used.

Making these changes means there is less need for artificial lighting, helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Using any of these methods to improve the energy efficiency of a business helps to reduce the amount spent on energy bills. It also presents a positive image of the business as a responsible user of energy and protector of the environment. These are valuable benefits for any business.