Ah, Christmas! Tis the season of joy, harmony and hopefully a steady uphill ranking for your website. Anyone in the world of SEO knows that the best present that they could get is a top spot on page 1 of Google’s search results. So, before you relax and unwind from the madness of Google’s constant updates, it’s time for you to consider your holiday check list. Have you done everything that you want to for this Christmas season’s SEO?

Holiday Marketing Scheme

As it is the Christmas period, one of the most important things you can do for your SEO is focus on your holiday email marketing campaigns. Around this time of year, businesses everywhere are going to be using newsletters and email signups to promote special deals to their clients, as well as promote a direct link to their website and gain some organic traffic. So, have you jumped on the bandwagon? Remember that with any sort of seasonable campaign, you are not only encouraging your clients to engage with your brand because you have a fantastic deal on offer for them, but you are also personalising your deal for them to humanize your brand.

The more personal your email marketing campaigns are, the more positive interaction you will gain from your audience. So, it’s worth pursuing!

Social Media Posts

When it comes to using any sort of digital marketing services for SEO, they will recommend that the holidays are a great way of adding some fun to your brand. Put the content creators at your business to work by asking them to create a social media campaign that incorporates humour, Christmas and most importantly your brand. Create some fun videos, gifs and collaborations with your competition or competitions for your audience to enjoy in order to reel in those sweet clicks. Just make sure that the ads do make sense and are personal to your campaign. Having weird, indescribable content can only get you so far when it comes to getting the attention of your clientele!

“Season up” your website

You want to show Google that your website is always active, right? After all, constant updates are a great way to show that your information is always being added to and that you deserve to be shown to new clients. Well, if you really want to show your customers you take the holiday season seriously, why not update your website with a Christmas layout or theme? If you add a touch of festivity to your website, your visitors will more likely stay on your website for longer. This means that your bounce rate is more likely to go down. Try incorporating some Christmas colours, including in your ads or “special offer” sections. If you show that you are connecting to the season, then this will humanize your brand and make you appear like you are trying to genuinely reach out to your audience. Your clients will appreciate this. Just don’t forget to change your website back to its usual style once the Christmas season is over.