Boguslavsky & Co, a Digital Strategy Agency aimed at growing tech startups, is pivoting its focus on the UK market from ​this month onwards​. Founded by Marianna Boguslavsky & previously operating in UAE & South Africa, the focus is on scaling tech startups by solving the issue of access to international markets.

Marianna​, who is now based in the UK, has​ assembled a small team that is agile, intelligent, and resilient enough to accommodate growing arrays of emerging tools and approaches that can enable tech startups to grow & scale. Their background of marketing (both domestic and international) and technological innovation skills is how the agency aims to help the startup community in the UK.

‘’Large proportion of tech companies fail to achieve their full potential because they do not have the marketing skills to engage with and sell to their target market. Plus knowledge/experience of how to launch in international markets. Customer acquisition and access to markets is key for startup success” – Marianna Boguslavsky, founder of Boguslavsky & Co, commented.