If your job requires you to work in an office, then the chances are you’re surrounded by your colleagues and all have your own individual work space. Environments like these present many advantages, such as good team communication and atmosphere, but working in an office can come with its downsides.

For any of you who work in an office, you’ll know how easy and quickly the space around you can become rather cluttered and unorganised. Not only can this present an untidy appearance when people visit your place of work, it can also affect your productivity and present potential hazards which could cause harm to both you and your colleagues.

In order to keep an organised office space, it’s important that each individual does their bit to help maintain a tidy place of work for all. If you feel like your work space could do with a declutter and a more organised appearance, then hopefully the below points will come in useful to you.

Think about storage

The key to creating an organised work space is to think about the different forms of storage you could use. Many offices will often have copious amounts of important documents and folders which can take up large amounts of space. If this is the case for you and you find yourself with documents which are important but you don’t need close by, then it may be worth investing in some archive boxes or other forms of storage. By doing this you can keep your documents in a safe and organised place for when you need to access them at a later date.

Go paperless where possible

Storage is a great place to start but it’s unlikely your place of work will have large amounts of space for the amount of documents you and your colleagues will need. With this in mind, it’s important to try and go paperless where possible. Desks and surrounding areas can often consist of paperwork that could easily be stored on your computer, for example, using Google Drive. Switching from physical documents to those online, means you can save space and you’ll find it easier to access and share documents with your colleagues.

By following steps like those mentioned above and more, you can play your part in creating a more organised place of work. Not only will this help boost your productivity, it will also reduce any hazardous risks around you and create a more professional appearance for anyone visiting your office.