Organising a conference is definitely not a piece of cake. To do it properly you have to rise up to the higher heights of your organisational skills and resistance to stress because, despite sounding innocent, it is a highly complex and labour intensive task. But don’t worry – there is a hack to make it smoother and less stressful. And that is choosing a perfect conference venue.

I know it may sound cliché but truth being told – a conference venue matters most of all checkpoints in event organisation as it influences the further decisions and amount of work to be done. By choosing a conference venue recklessly you deprive yourself of powerful weapon which could help you wrap your head around it all. So how to choose a perfect one?

Features of a perfect conference venue


The very first thing to consider is a location. You must think where your attendees will be coming from and which place will be easily accessible for them. It will not only pamper a little bit your guests but also will increase the turnout of the event. Check whether the chosen place is close to the airport if needed and well-served by public transportation, like for example conference center Kraków in Poland. 

Perfect size

When choosing a venue you also have to take into consideration the size of your conference. Don’t bite off more that you can chew and try to match the venue size to the conference size. If you choose too big one you will end up in a half empty room which would make your event look not very successful. And on the contrary – if you choose too small the guest will be squeezed and the place overcrowded which also isn’t desired. Define first how many attendees you expect and choose wisely.

Solid technology

An important thing is also checking whether the venue of your choice is technically viable and whether you will be able to organise the whole event the way you want. You have to make sure that it has all the necessary audio and visual equipment, multimedia setups, solid sound system and sufficient network capabilities in order not to be surprised at the last minute.

Additional facilities for guests

Last but not least – one of the most crucial factors when choosing the venue is its potential for being attractive for guests. Before deciding on any venue you should consider what facilities it provides, what catering options are available, whether the alcoholic drinks are allowed, what are the décor restrictions or how many parking spots there are and where they are located. Checking those will save you a lot of stress and will make the conference a memorable experience for your invitees.