When you have gone through a full time MBA, the last thing you want to have to worry about is finding employment. Though you will have been primed for success by the time this moment comes, it can be hard to take the practical steps necessary to move forward in your career. 

That is why most schools help finding employment once you leave with your MBA degree in hand, especially if you have attained the degree at an establishment which has specialised in business, such as the Hult International Business School. The school holds the prestigious Triple Crown accreditation, meaning that it is part of the three major business accreditation associations in the world: the Association of MBAs (AMBA) from the United States, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASB) from the United Kingdom, and the European Foundation for Management Development Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) of the European Union. It is the only American business school to hold triple accreditation.

Why your business school would help you finding employment 

It’s likely that when you leave your business school with your MBA in hand, by that time you will have been given the tools and resources you need to have in your roster in order to be successful in life after schooling. Or, as many people put it, ‘real life.’ 

These resources and tools range from being a student for life, to networking and attending career appointments from successful and notable alumni to help you further your career. Business schools offer such help to you finding employment once you have your MBA degree as not only does it benefit you, but it is simply good practice in business on their behalf. 

For example, a high employment rate after graduation is something for a business school to boast about. This in turn keeps business good because it creates greater scope for reasons when students come to choosing their place of schooling. Naturally students choose a place which offers them a higher likelihood of employment once they are finished and have completed their degree. 

Ways your business school will help you find employment 

The job search in this day and age is overwhelming and it can be hard work, with the accessibility of finding work fantastic thanks to our digital age, but also a seemingly never-ending task, as there are now so many choices available online and so many ways to apply to those choices it makes searching for work sometimes seem like a job in itself. 

Most schools, however, especially business schools, can help you direct your search down a particular route. They will have an online service themselves where they will post job advertisements relevant to their students’ studies and also potentially within this a community hub for their alumni and new graduates to connect, along with practical tips and hints which can be applied at interviews and in applications. 

Another way your business school can help you in finding employment with their own alumni is through reunion events and alumni clubs, which sometimes count in the tens of thousands. Here you will be able to exchange information with one another which will help aid the success of each party in the long run and help keep everybody current and up to date with their knowledge about the world of business. 

How you can help yourself finding employment 

You have your MBA as a suit of armour and you’re halfway there – the only real way you can go about finding employment after your degree is by being proactive yourself. No amount of alumni events can get you a job or even get you through the doors of those events, only you can. 

It’s also worth noting that with the knowledge of networking in mind, you are going to have to accept that you are indeed a life-long student once you have attained your MBA degree, and that means accepting that you will need to think a little harder about the business school that you choose to attend, because the alumni will matter to them, and as we have learned throughout the course of this article, you. 

There is also another point worth mentioning around an MBA aiding your employment. It is, after all, essentially a business management degree. With this in mind, don’t just think of the job but also the journey. If you can manage somebody else’s business –  you can also do this with your own business. 

So, it wouldn’t be an aversion for anyone if you were to go into business yourself following the successful completion of your MBA degree. You can probably even find offers to get some mentorship within – again – the alumni of your business school if you do choose to go down that route. Being an entrepreneur is just like being any other kind of professional in business.

Again, with these networking events, you could even find someone to invest in your bright idea if you decide it is something worth doing. And again, there are many ways your business school can help you finding work, but ultimately, your success comes down to your work you put in.