As a landlord, ensuring your tenants are safe and secure at all times is the number one priority. Your property should always be in top condition, but there still may be times where emergency issues need to be resolved. In these situations, there are certain phone numbers you’ll need quick access to, and these are four of the most important contacts to have during a crisis.

Trusted tradespeople available in an emergency

Perhaps the most common emergency you’ll face as a landlord is a breakage inside your property. You may need to call an electrician, plumber, or a general handyman, who can arrive at your property as quickly as possible and minimise any inconvenience for your tenants. However, the professional trader you contact must complete the work to a high standard without overcharging. Having a trusted number or business to call allows you to avoid being scammed by a trader, especially in an emergency.

There are plenty of ways to check you’re calling a legitimate trader rather than a rogue scammer, such as searching on local handymen directories from reliable companies like Checkatrade. While there are many available online, it’s worth putting as much effort into finding the right tradespeople for your specific needs. For example, property maintenance company Homyze was launched by property managers Adam Edgell-Bush and Andrew Jaques to help property managers. When making your final selection, working with an empathetic company who understand your concerns may well trump a company who don’t.

Experienced lettings agent

If you’re not managing your tenants yourself and are working with a lettings agent, you’ll need to be able to contact them quickly in the event of any emergencies. Agents can tailor their services to suit your needs, such as carrying out safety inspections, managing the deposit, collecting rent, and chasing arrears. Lettings agents can also bridge communication between you and your tenants, so if any issues arise, it’s a good idea to call your lettings agent first to discuss any legalities.

For example, you must follow a particular legal process in order to evict a tenant, and your lettings agent will be able to discuss this with you. Similarly, if a tenant suddenly leaves and you’re left with an empty property, you’ll need to work with your lettings agent in order to find a new tenant as quickly as possible. An experienced agent will be able to complete the process quickly and efficiently, and be thorough in their vetting of any potential new tenants, giving you peace of mind.

The neighbours of the property you let

It’s important to build a good relationship with the neighbours to your property, as they can help keep a watchful eye on the building and may even look after a spare key in the event of any emergencies. Despite more than half of Brits describing their neighbours as strangers, relying on your neighbours actually has a number of benefits. If anything was to happen to the home you let, a neighbour could be on hand to help resolve any conflicts and possibly act as a witness.

It’s always best to have your neighbour’s contact information close to hand as you never know when you’ll need it. If your tenants report a burglary, for example, you should contact the neighbours to inform them of the crime and find out whether or not they noticed anything that should be included in the police report.

A specialist solicitor

Having a property to let often involves a large amount of paperwork, whether it’s financial or legal. There are expenses you can claim as a landlord which are related to the running and maintaining of your property. However, these expenses depend on whether the rent being charged covers services like water and council tax. Having a solicitor on call provides the answers to any legal questions as quickly as possible, especially when moving tenants in and out of your property. Similarly, if you do run into any issues with a problematic tenant you want to evict, your solicitor can advise the best way to proceed.

As a landlord, your property is your investment so you want it to give you the best return possible. It’s important to have the most important contact numbers to hand so you can resolve any issues as quickly as possible, ensuring your tenants are happy, and encouraging them to stay within your property for as long as possible.