When it comes to real estate, a garden is a feature that many homeowners want. Unfortunately, gardens fall into disrepair easily due to the time and money needed to maintain this space, as well as adverse weather conditions. However, a garden can add value to a property, and can be used as an extra living space for relaxing and entertaining. If you own an outdoor area, don’t let it go to waste. Here are 7 ways you can spruce up your garden.

Simple Touch Ups

First thing’s first, inspect your garden and identify areas that require attention. If it is a total mess, have a major clear out. Get rid of any junk cluttering up your space, such as old tools, broken garden ornaments and old outdoor lights that you can’t see yourself using again. Check out the state of your flooring. Chances are, it needs a good clean. Pay attention to any gaps in between your garden tiles and fill them up with some paving compound if necessary. This small DIY task can stop unsightly weeds from taking over your flooring. If your fence is looking a bit dated, a coat of paint can help refresh it. In addition to the fencing, a lick of paint to your outdoor features, such as the shed, can really make a difference to the aesthetic of your garden.

Clean Edging

A great way to make your garden look tidier is by creating neat edges using practical steel garden edging. This type of edging is great for creating clear borders for your flower beds and other garden features. Steel edging lends a clean, slick look to your garden.

Decorative Borders

If you like the idea of separating certain features in your garden but you prefer a more natural look, a decorative border could be a better choice for you. You can create a decorative border using shrubs, stones and beautiful blooms. Colourful fences can help you create a pretty garden border too. Decorative borders are fantastic for front and back gardens, and the shape you choose can help you create the vibe you want for your outdoor space. Straight borders are perfect for a contemporary, formal aesthetic while a curved border can help you achieve a relaxed, casual vibe.

Create a Water Feature

When it comes to peaceful gardens made for relaxation, a water feature is a must. Studies suggest that the sound of nature can help you feel calm and relaxed. Water features, such as bird baths and fountains, are excellent for attracting wildlife, which means you can enjoy the chirping of birds in your garden as well as the serene sound of trickling water. These features can also help mask the sound of noise pollution, which is perfect for homeowners who live close to busy roads.

Construct a Greenhouse

If you enjoy a spot of gardening, a greenhouse can really up your game. These glass structures are great for amplifying heat and offering protection from the cold. They allow avid gardeners to continue their hobby all year round without worrying about the health of their plants. Furthermore, greenhouses allow you to grow a larger variety of plants. However, they can be quite the expense if you pay a company to install it for you. Fortunately, with a greenhouse kit and a bit of DIY know-how you can construct a greenhouse by yourself.

Add Ambiance with Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners who enjoy spending time in the garden should equip their outdoor space with a set of outdoor lighting. This type of lighting is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can help elevate your outdoor area. Not to mention, outdoor lighting can help extend your time outdoors which makes them a must if you enjoy hosting guests in your garden. Use outdoor lights to illuminate pathways, entrances and sitting areas. Sconces are a fantastic choice for patios and areas close to doorways, while fairy lights can add a bit of magic to the far corners of your garden late at night. Outdoor lighting can also add an element of security to your outdoor space as they can deter opportunistic burglars from targeting your home.

Get Cosy with a Fire

An outdoor fire is a mesmerising garden feature that can be enjoyed all year round. They offer light and warmth and look great in small and large outdoor spaces. Homeowners with compact gardens can enjoy a cosy chiminea while those blessed with large spaces can add a fire pit table to their garden.