Pellini blinds are committed to supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly future and this is at the heart of the ethos of their business. This article shall explore the different ways that Pellini is exercising sustainable methods in day-to-day business.

Energy Efficiency

Pellini blinds pioneer the way in energy efficiency as they provide individuals with the opportunity to save money on their energy bills. All Pellini products manage light and solar heat in a way that optimises the energy requirements of the buildings.

Pellini blinds allow light to be maximised into a room which results in a reduction in costs of heating and air conditioning. In the winter months, blinds can be fully opened to maximise the amount of light that will distribute throughout a room which is an alternative to heating a room through fire or central heating.  Contrastingly, in the summer months, users can operate integral blinds to be half or fully shut to reject sunlight coming into a room thus creating a cooler environment. 

Pellini have also introduced product innovations to further improve energy efficiency through the creation of a coated slat V95 and the ability to place a brushless motor inside or outside the insulating glass.


Pellini strives to design each of its products to be environmentally friendly and have the ability to be recyclable. Each product has a Cradle-to-Cradle certification meaning that in some instances they can even be fully recyclable. Having products that can be recycled means that there will be fewer materials wasted and less production of materials required in the future.

Sustainable Paper

When it comes to producing their brochures, Pellini uses recycled paper from specific responsibly managed forests. This in turn assists in preventing the planet’s forests from being destroyed, thus, protecting this vital part of the world’s ecosystem.

Less Plastic

Pellini provides free water dispensers throughout their offices to encourage employees to reduce the use of plastic consumption.

Solar Energy

By using solar energy, Pellini blinds cut out the use of harmful non-sustainable energy-producing methods that would significantly affect the environment. Avoiding the use of coal, gas and oil allows them to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of the new photovoltaic system. As a consumer, you can also benefit from this solar energy by utilising solar-blind control as a battery-free control system for your blinds.

Assisting in Reducing the Carbon Footprint for Customers

While Pellini boasts sustainable practices within their own business, as a company they are also committed to making it easier for their customers to reduce their own carbon footprint. This is made possible through the installation of sustainable blinds that will optimise sunlight and heat intake. By choosing Pellini, customers can be assured that their sustainable practices are in place to make installation as eco friendly as possible.

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