There are so many new and innovative security techniques and systems available on the market and being advertised. You need to be aware of these and ensure that your business is kept as up-to-date as possible when it comes to your security and protecting your brand and business as a whole. This article provides some clear insights and advice as to the best security of the moment. Here are the top trends in security that any homeowner must be aware of.

Make security a community affair

Residential and suburban business security is best done when everybody in the local and surrounding community is involved. No one is asking for their neighbours to take any unnecessary risks for them or their property, to apprehend criminals, or set up community and neighbourhood watch patrols. The idea is to simply be aware of who your neighbours are, and being prepared to get involved in the security of where you live is a great start for community cohesion and shared responsibility. Knowing who to report any issues to and how to get the police to the area in case of emergency are the simple expectations that come with living with other people and having a shared concept of residential security. CCTV cameras, noise deterrents such as the mosquito device, and the smart led lighting that you have in the neighbourhood or even just on your property must be communicated and shared with neighbours and the community as a whole.

Lock everything

The harder it is for criminals to gain access to your property, the less they are likely to try. If it’s easy to gain access or access is unrestricted, then you will have a problem with vagrants and loitering. You may end up creating a weak system of initial security, leading to more serious issues down the line. Most household and community crime are opportunistic and as long as you reduce the possibility and ease of access, the more likely you will reduce the actual instances of residential crime. Many have looked to gated communities or neighbourhoods as the solution, but as long as you all have a shared concept that your property and access thereof should be restricted and that entrances are locked and monitored will provide the best initial layer of protection that all residential areas require.

Use hardware that can’t be seen

The trend has been for security hardware to be blended into the home exterior. This keeps an eye on the properties without alerting the criminal element and without adversely affecting the overall aesthetics of the neighbourhood. No one wants to live in an area with huge overhead security lights, and nor do they want to be able to see the security cameras in unpleasing security cages or wrapped in security wiring. In fact, a lot of the newest security hardware is built in, and security and home builders are now looking to improve partnerships and the manner in which they are able to build in the home security from the ground up. It is now called invisible hardware and not even the homeowners are able to see where their security hardware is.

Increased use of artificial intelligence

AI use in home security is on the rise. Smart doorbells that are able to detect people versus anything else, camera doorbells connected to your smartphone. Facial recognition is still a future or expected design trend that will be included in newer systems but is a trend to be aware of and to keep in mind when next upgrading any aspect of your residential security. Professional security companies now also use security drones to track and monitor those in the neighbourhood, and as long as you display the requisite signage, this cannot be regarded as an invasion of privacy, but rather as protecting your property rights.

Biometric entry/keyless entry and exit

The ability to open your front door using a fingerprint, voice, or eye recognition (biometrics) is a growing technological development in the home or residential security field. No longer will you need a key, nor will the criminal element be able to tamper with locks to gain access; they will just not be seen nor be able to be accessed as all entries will be keyless.

Not all of the improvements in security are tech-led, and it is notable that a substantial number of the greatest changes that can be made are simply linked to improved communication between community, neighbourhoods, and those providing such security. Take advice from today’s article.