The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing down around the world. In the wake of protests in Australia’s major cities, health professionals are worried about a second wave and it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect clients’ homes. Fortunately, there are some effective steps that we can all take to slow the transmission of Coronavirus. Being stuck at home may seem like the perfect time to spring clean. In fact, it is crucial that your clients maintain the cleanliness of their homes.

However many people do not have the time, commitment and know-how to maintain a clean and germ-free home. This is where professional cleaners can step in. Even professional cleaners need a refresher every now and then to keep themselves updated on the best cleaning practices. Keep reading to find out what deep cleaning entails and what steps you need to take to ensure the health of your client’s household.

The Real Meaning of Deep-Cleaning

To make sure a house is pathogen free you will need to clean every nook and cranny. This is why many essential service businesses are proudly declaring their premises undergo regular deep cleaning. Many domestic households are also opting to engage the services of professional cleaners. Residents might be elderly, immuno-compromised or simply concerned about the health and safety of themselves and their families. However, to remain competitive amongst the multiple professional cleaners now offering this service you will need to do a thorough job.

Deep cleaning goes above and beyond wiping down kitchen counter tops and giving the floor a quick vacuum. Professional cleaning practices that used to be the standard do not cut it anymore. In these uncertain times, health and safety are paramount and you simply cannot afford to cut any corners. If you do innocent people may wind up ill.

A proper deep clean will remove all pathogens and allergens from the household. These include dust mites and toxic mould that can cause respiratory issues, germs and viruses. Deep cleaning means removing scum from the shower head, disinfecting bathrooms with bleach, wiping doorknobs, drawer handles and light switches with Glen-20 and laundering curtains and soft furnishings.

Think of deep cleaning as a regular cleaning session on steroids. Each one of us will have our own preferred techniques and style but in a nutshell, deep cleaning requires you to clean out and disinfect every possible surface in the house, office or premises.

Some people choose to tackle the task alone. Understandably, deep cleaning sounds too daunting to many people. Some simply don’t have the time and that’s where professional cleaners can really step in. Just be sure to remind your clients to maintain the cleanliness of their house afterwards. This will ensure that they continue to enjoy all the health benefits that go along with a professionally cleaned household.

It also means that you can focus on deep cleaning instead of general tidying in subsequent visits. This will give your customer the most bang for their buck. Happy customers mean great reviews and referrals. This in turn will boost your business.

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