When watching a television program documenting the transformation of one or more rooms of a home from drab, dull and tired to innovative, functional, and aesthetically impressive, it also seems frustratingly easy for the designer to bring their idea to life.

Away from the TV, however, interior design is a complex and often time-consuming process, and to give you a helping hand in redecorating your own home, here are some of the top-secret methods interior designers utilize again and again.

Powder Coating for Bathroom Accessories

Custom powder used to coat a variety of different bathroom fixtures, fittings, and accessories is an incredibly common hack for interior designers.

Perhaps the best way to add an unexpected pop of color to the space, powdered coatings are especially useful when you have the vision of a color palette which you seem entirely unable to find in hardware stores, and as long as the item you are coating is metal, you can choose any shade.

Mixing Patterns to Add Warmth

The concept of being war and cozy is entirely synonymous with layering and depth and this is why whenever you see the results of an interior designer’s work in a bedroom or living room, they will always mix and match contrasting patterns.

Often in the same shades, or at least in color, the amalgamation of different patterns serves to add a sense of dimension and depth to anything from the floor to the sofa.

Larger Artwork in Smaller Spaces

Another tried and tested method interior designers use is when they want to make a smaller interior living space appear larger and comes in the form of adding a large piece of wall art or canvas to the back wall.

Reputable and established designers such as ligne-roset-bromley.co.uk focus instead on the addition of an eye-catching piece of statement furniture to draw the eye to a particular area of the room and create an illusion of space around it.

Pins in the Bed Skirt

When climbing into bed after a hard day at work and finding the sheet has come away from the corners of the mattress and the bed skirt askew, finding the energy to get back out of bed to straighten the bedding often feels like more effort than it is worth.

To avoid this situation entirely, especially when designers want to create a portfolio of perfectly arranged bedding and cushions, such experts simply pin the bed skirt to the box spring beneath and the sheet underneath the mattress. 

Utilizing Black Paint

Finally, one of the most on-trend tricks of the trade interior designers across the length and breadth of the United States regularly utilize is the addition of black paint carefully applied to add a splash of accent color.

Naturally, even a small stripe of black paint say, for example, on the bottom of the kitchen cabinets or around the tiles in the bathroom, has a huge impact so it is exceedingly important to use your tin of black paint sparingly.