Refurbishing your bathroom is a great way to update the space without going over budget. While fitting a brand-new room comes with a steep cost, you can save hundreds if you shop around for clearance deals on parts and accessories. A bathroom refurb will not only change the overall look of the room, but it also allows you to stay on budget.

Why choose a refurb?

Updating your bathroom is one of the fastest ways to boost your property value. However, homeowners quickly learn the cost of tearing out and replacing a bathroom is quite steep. A refurbishment, on the other hand, will save you a lot of money.

A bathroom refurb involves making simple cosmetic changes to the space. Instead of overhauling the entire room, you may choose to replace outdated fixtures or install new tilling. These small changes will make a dramatic impact on your bathroom without breaking your budget.

The total cost

The amount you will pay out of pocket for a refurbishment depends on many factors. The types of fixtures and fittings you choose will significantly affect the price. Even the company you hire will have an impact on your total cost.

On average, most homeowners should allot about £1,500-5,000 for a bathroom refurb project. The majority of the cost will go towards buying materials and supplies. You should also budget about £500 to pay for labour. Planning your budget in advance will help ensure you don’t overspend on your refurbishment.

Hiring a renovation company

While it may be possible to tackle a bathroom refurb as a DIY project, it will take you longer to complete. Many homeowners choose to hire a contractor to do the job for them. However, remember that labour will set you back several hundred pounds. Before you hire someone, it’s best to get a written quotation from several companies. Reading reviews and seeking out referrals will also ensure you pick the best company to complete your refurbishment.

Reducing the cost

Not everyone has enough extra money to budget for a full bathroom refurbishment, while others just want to get a great deal. Regardless, you can reduce the cost of the project if you take the time to shop around.

Refinishing your bath instead of replacing it will save you a good amount. You can also reduce your budget by choosing less expensive supplies. For example, natural stone tiles will increase your total costs. Instead, opt for manmade materials, which are often much cheaper. Shopping for supplies during the off-season is another way to complete your bathroom refurb for less.