The design company has enjoyed a big first year with a burgeoning portfolio of website and logo projects

Green Cardinal Design has emerged as a strong contender for one of the biggest branding success stories of 2021 – transforming from a two-person team into an agency running global projects in just 12 months. 

Launched on the eve of the second England lockdown in October 2020, the London-based agency morphed from an ambitious concept into a thriving startup almost overnight – quickly earning a reputation for high calibre work. 

Specialising in website and logo design, Green Cardinal has worked on a wide array of projects across multiple industries including audio, podcast, sport, delivery, food & drink, beauty, grooming, and style. 

Examples include websites for accounting firm Huque Chaudhry, 3D printing company JPDUK, IT business Trifort, and wholesale tech breakdown cover plan provider WeeWah.  

Founder Tyler Sear set up Green Cardinal using a small pot of savings made in cryptocurrency, quickly putting together a talented team of designers, copywriters and marketers. 

Sear has attributed the brand’s early success to genuine passion and the utilisation of a personalised, collaborative approach. 

He explained: “We tend to see a lot of businesses come to us with a lack of knowledge of what a good website actually is. They want a website that works – but how you achieve that is different for every client. 

“We work closely together with companies to understand their pain points and then guide and advise on what’s best. 

“Using this info, we build websites that convert. It’s not just down to the design, it’s about putting the right elements in the right places; making sure the Call To Action is included in the best spot, ensuring the navigation is all connected, and that the copy is written in a tone of voice that speaks to the customer.

“Having a great website has been important for a long time. But post-COVID, it’s essential to get it right. That’s what our job is – to create these online spaces that encourage visitors to actually buy and get in touch.”

Green Cardinal’s services range from logos and landing pages to entire websites – providing solutions for all industries.  

Learn more about Green Cardinal Design by visiting their website.