The technological advancements achieved over the years has changed the way business is conducted and for the better. As a business owner, you have the liberty to manage and administer streamlined dashboards, with access to information in real-time across teams with direct access to your target audience via digital channels and platforms.

The market is rife with competition which makes gaining an edge over your competitors a priority. In a tough economic environment, making the most of the latest technology will help accelerate business growth as you establish a firm standing in your niche.

Why Leverage Technology?

When you leverage technology to automate your business processes, it will free up resources and headspace to focus on core business activities and services which will further boost your growth and profitability.

Speaking of business scalability, the smallest tweak can go a long way in enhancing your operations. You can benefit from the best of tech and innovation in the most unexpected ways to take your business to the next level, be it managed IT services, installing renewable heating solutions or automatic business doors!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can accelerate business growth with the help of technology!

1.   Automate Business Finance

Finance lies at the very core of every business. The numbers have to add up and remain in sync with your balance sheets and profit and loss statements to make sense. If that’s not the case, your company is in trouble and is likely to fail. This is where you can benefit from cloud accounting software that will accurately crunch numbers automatically. With cloud computing solutions, you can take control of your finances as you access critical financial information with just a few clicks.

You can integrate your business bank account with the software at hand and learn about monthly incomes and debts you have incurred. You can also benefit from digital invoicing meaning you can be sustainable and green with your business activities.

With cloud solutions at your fingertips, managing company finance and profitability has never been easier. Consult your managed services provider and access cloud accounting tools like Xero to automate business finance which will further enhance your decision making.

2.  Track Your KPIs

The only way to ascertain that your business performance and output has increased is to measure it with previous figures and numbers. You can use technology to track these metrics and work upon them to improve in areas where you lag behind. Leverage cloud dashboards to integrate financial data, live sales reports and payroll to highlight core KPIs. Set up clever dashboards to record, track, maintain and improve both financial and non-financial KPIs. This way you can make improvements in real-time and influence business performance with surgical precision.

3.  Create Brand Awareness By Leveraging Social Platforms

While social media might not exactly be the new ground breaking idea that will change the face of your marketing campaign, it doesn’t mean that its not an effective marketing tool. Your social media could be a powerful aggregator of stories revolving around your brand awareness, look for a social media agency in London. Optimise your social media footprint with tools like Hootsuite that assist in planning and scheduling posts across platforms and channels. This way, you can steadily build and instigate audience engagement.

Ensure that you continuously improve your efforts by tracking the analytics on every platform you use. Leverage the power of videos and podcasts as you get your brand story across and communicate with your target audience. 

4.  Streamline Sales and Lead Generation

Business growth is directly proportional to new business and leads you acquire. You have to come up with ways to attract new customers in order to improve your bottom line. The amount of quality leads you engage with and out of that, the number of leads you convert into paying customers is the baseline for new clients and business. If you fail to keep a track of all the details and conversations you had with potential customers, you will surely lose business from prospective paying clients.

Tools like Hubspot and Salesforce are handy to fully automate the sales process as you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks as you maximise your marketing efforts to convert leads and add to your revenue.

You can also adopt a green business approach as clients today place emphasis on sustainability practices of a company. Install heat pumps, solar panels or biomass boilers to improve your carbon footprint and further green your business.

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5.   Create a Cloud Company Culture

While technology can simplify many things for you, nothing can replace the element of human touch that’s conducive for a collaborative business environment. Thankfully, there are tools available that help bridge the gap, using technology to keep team motivation and productivity at an all-time high. With tools like Office Vibe, teams continuously receive feedback from their colleagues and managers and act on them accordingly to improve their deliverables. You can also use Hi5, which is a staff recognition tool that ensures peer recognition and appreciation for work well done.

Simple tools like these can go a long way in building and promoting a healthy and happy company culture that works for everyone. You can also use Google Suite to work on documents and files with the whole team at the same time which bolsters productivity and reduces delays and frustrations.

The Bottom Line

As a modern-day company, its important to not miss out on the latest tech trends that can help you redesign and automate your business and its scalability. It is an exciting time to build a business and take it to the next level with all the technological means available at your disposal!

Ensure that you make the most of it as you successfully grow your business and make it more profitable!