Working eight to ten hours a day, sitting at a desk or behind a steering wheel, is undoubtedly no easy task. After a while, as tiredness and fatigue kick in, employees may very well switch off and become disengaged. A workplace that has cheap and outdated equipment will only accelerate staff disenchantment. It also hinders people’s ability to be productive and create results in the long run.

With tools and an environment that feel both old and stagnant, even the best-performing and most dedicated employee will start to look around in search of new, more stimulating opportunities. A role that a business rival right down the street may be offering.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to refresh your equipment and to revaluate your company perks from time to time. By doing so, you will continually convince your staff that your business is the right one for them to thrive both on a personal and professional level.

Here is a list of aspects you could implement to render your company the place to be and to really let your employees feel valued. And, the good news is, there are no pay rises involved. 

Praise and give credit

We all like to receive a compliment every now and then. A pat on the back or a quick word of appreciation for your employee’s hard effort will do them the world of good. In fact, it is surprising how a small sign of recognition can brighten one’s mood in a flash, and motivation will be sure to remain high and positive throughout the day.

Flexible schedule

The current challenging climate brought about by the ongoing pandemic has altered many of our habits and routines, including the way we work. As lockdown constrained us at home, we soon had to switch to remote working. Now that the crisis seems to be slightly more under control, staff have gradually been repopulating the office. However, a flexible schedule has inevitably become a desired perk for employees, who find the chance to balance office and home working extremely appealing. Giving the opportunity to people to alternate and programme their own work timetable will be a huge incentive in the eyes of your staff: affording flexibility in their schedule will show them that they are both trusted and valued members of the team, rather than merely paid subordinates.

Modern, compact equipment

As already briefly mentioned, old and outdated tools do not do your business nor employees any favours. It is worth investing in renovating and refreshing your equipment to make sure that your staff are as efficient and comfortable as possible. For instance, fast compact laptops are an excellent way to allow employees to easily carry out their duties wherever they happen to be working from (home, trains or even hotels). Moreover, they save precious space on the office desk, avoiding unnecessary clutter which ultimately distracts and slows down your staff. By providing functional and up-to-date equipment, workers will feel that their position and efforts really matter to you.


A long, full day at work is usually mentally draining and can, on occasion, be stressful. A good way to reward your employees for their efforts and to help them refuel for the following shift is to provide them with discounted memberships. A gym pass could, for example, be the perfect cure for a hard-working team member to lift, squat and Zumba their stress away. By thinking about their physical and mental wellbeing, you are demonstrating that you appreciate them as individuals even before than as workers.    


If your employer’s job requires them to buzz about in a car or a Vauxhall van for a large portion of their working day, you should make sure to provide them with a vehicle that is safe and ideally – enjoyable to drive. Darting through busy roads for hours while sitting on an uncomfortable seat or with vehicle parts dangling off is certainly not going to make those peak-time traffic jams any less stressful. With a vehicle in good condition, your team member will feel safer and more relaxed, and those horning cars and shooting mopeds will be far easier to tolerate.

With these small tricks and precautions, we hope that you will be able to create a work environment that no one will ever dream about leaving. By showing your appreciation, not only will your staff feel truly valued and at ease, but their level of productivity and work rate will become a real asset to the success of your business.