Excellent business opportunities for area management now available in Ireland

The UK’s leading home services provider and award-winning franchisor with over 530 franchisees across three continents, Fantastic Services,  has recently set foot in Ireland with the appointment of a new Master Franchisee.  

After entering over 30 new markets in the UK since the beginning of 2020, the franchisor proved that it has everything needed to support thriving businesses in various niches, including cleaning, gardening, handyman, pest control and removals.  

“We have been successful in implementing a strong business model and providing industry know-how to our franchise partners, and we strongly believe that our Master Franchisee in Ireland will quickly grow a sustainable business with the formula we have in place. Our new partner is exactly the type of learning-based, growth-oriented leader, who has the ability to conquer the property-maintenance market in Ireland,” said Anton Skarlatov, Co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services.  

The Master Franchisee is responsible for developing and growing the Fantastic Services brand within Ireland by recruiting Area Franchisees for the different regions.  After tremendous success in the UK and Australia, Fantastic Services is now ready to conquer the Irish market.

There are currently high-demand Irish territories available for sale, and the company is looking for qualified prospects who are eager to join a thriving, crisis-proof industry by bringing the brand to various areas in Ireland. “

The Area Franchisees will exclusively represent Fantastic Services in a specific territory in Ireland and grow a profitable business by recruiting and managing several franchise units. Fantastic Services will provide them with 12+ years of know-how, a successful business model, a bespoke and sophisticated CRM system, and advanced training,” added Skarlatov.  

While the sheer size of Fantastic Services and its franchising model are feats on their own, these are not even the most exciting aspects of the brand. What truly stands out is its focus on technology and innovation. Established more than a decade ago, the technology-driven company continuously develops new services, implements new technologies and attracts new partners.

Their uniquely designed CRM system and custom-built apps establish seamless communication between franchisees and technicians. 

 “We are confident in the success of our future franchisees in Ireland because we have had an excellent understanding of Fantastic Services’ capabilities over the past years. Our franchisees performed extremely well, with several of our Area Developers exceeding a yearly revenue of one million pounds,” explains Anton Skarlatov.  

Anyone interested in owning an Area Franchise in Ireland can visit www.fantasticfranchise.ie to learn more about their franchise opportunities.