Earlier this week Ballyhoo launched an updated website for their loyal client Derricks Music, a Swansea-based music and events ticketer and record seller with a shopfront on Oxford Street in Swansea city centre.

Who Are Derricks MusicDerricks Music have worked with Ballyhoo, a Birmingham web design agency, for over a decade to help sell their products online and keep their website up-to-date. This year, Ballyhoo has been working with Derricks Music to bring their website in line with modern web design techniques and introduce new functionality for admins and users.

The Website Project Derricks Music’s website was originally created by Ballyhoo in 2011, and after being live for over 10 years, the website had a well deserved refresh earlier this year. The website needed to be made mobile responsive, and the branding has also received a refresh – removing the old three-dimensional elements and textures , and replacing them with brighter and cleaner elements.

Ballyhoo managing director, Anthony Chaffey, has said, “Derricks Music was one of the first websites I developed and we’ve worked closely with them for so long they’re part of the Ballyhoo family. The site has performed well over many years but was well overdue for an overhaul, so we were delighted to get the opportunity to show what we can do with current techniques and toolsets; and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Read more about this web design project here: https://www.ballyhoo.co.uk/Derricks-Music.html or read about Ballyhoo’s other recent projects in our online portfolio here: https://www.ballyhoo.co.uk/Projects.html