The new platform allowing people to access better energy deals without paying commission

Bournemouth UK, Tuesday 5th October 2021
All good innovation is born from necessity and Digital Energy Revolution’s (DER) new energy platform is very necessary in a time of eye-watering wholesale price rises.  

UK electricity costs reached £277 per megawatt hour on Sept 8, 2021, a 560% increase compared with a year ago [source Bloomberg]. Natural gas prices have also surged, with a 247% increase within the last 9 months.  DER’s new platform – which functions as a tool for accessing the very best business energy deals – could not be better timed.  

The objective is simple: DER is here to disrupt the energy market with technology to allow businesses to cut out the comparison site and energy broker middle-men; accessing energy prices directly from suppliers without added commission.   

Research presented to the UK Energy Ombudsman has shown that UK businesses are collectively paying a whopping £2 billion a year in commission to energy middle-men. The real kicker is that many businesses are not even aware that they are paying these fees while using an energy broker or comparison site, or if they are aware, they believe it to be an insignificant amount.    

The average commission added by middlemen for a business energy contract is £500 per contract year (or 9% of total energy spend). This commission is added directly onto the bills of the business concerned, who are unwittingly paying the middleman commission, every time they pay a bill.  

DER director Callum Pengelly explained: “Savvy business owners know that if they use a middle-man to arrange their business energy contract, commission will be added to their kWh unit rates to pay for the service, what most people are shocked to find out is the amount added to their unit rates. 

“That’s why every man and his dog from every corner of the world is ringing you up offering you a free energy switching service!” DER is changing things by pushing back in favour of UK businesses, offering a transparent and commission-free direct line with significantly cheaper kWh rates.  

By removing broker commission entirely for customers, DER guarantees the lowest prices on the market. Pengelly stated:

“We’re all energy people here, many of us have spent our entire careers in energy, so we are thrilled to be offering UK businesses a fairer, more transparent and cost effective way to interact with the energy markets.   

“We’re the only people in the marketplace brave enough to offer a money back guarantee, because we know our prices can’t be beaten by anyone.”  

Rather than adding commission into the customer’s unit rates for the use of their service, DER charges a business a one-off flat fee of £99 plus VAT, regardless of whether the business agrees a 1,2,3,4 or 5 year contract, or spends £200 or £5,000 a month.   

Not only does this approach make DER the best-priced business energy comparison site in the UK, but it also puts the user business firmly in the driving seat.  With DER, businesses are customers – not just commission cows.