Chu Agency limited – is a marketing agency is a company that specializes in market research and development of solutions to increase sales. It is structured in order to manage with care and competence the different phases of the project: from the strategic analysis of the processes, to the precise definition of roles, tasks and budget; from the drafting of the communication and promotion plans, to the concrete conduction of the actions, offering also a “turnkey” support. Chu’s marketing services include:

  • conducting research (analysis of the market, consumers, brand, competitors, etc.);
  • promotion using various channels;
  • branding (development and positioning of the “face” of the company);
  • bringing a new product or service to the market;
  • sales promotion!

Chu is a full-cycle agency is distinguished by the fact that it offers the client a full range of advertising services, including the development, production and placement of advertising products in various media. It is better to apply to this integrated marketing communications agency because it is more convenient to work with it than with several contractors, each of which takes on only a part of advertising services, so the customer does not need to coordinate the actions of several organizations. The effectiveness of online promotion by full-cycle Chu Agency is much higher, since all possible advertising distribution channels are used: sites, forums, social networks, etc.

The agency is engaged in brand development and promotion. Its experts dive deep into the company’s product, carefully study the characteristics of the business, audit the current state, build intensive communication with brand representatives and clients, analyze the market and the experience of other companies. On this basis they develop a comprehensive, flexible and long-term brand building strategy.

Chu Agency limited services and marketing support

Marketing activity is the foundation of any company. Marketing brings customers, outperforms competitors, conquers markets and scales sales. If you want to develop and promote your business, you must definitely do marketing and do it systematically. Chu Agency limited elaborates effective strategies for comprehensive promotion and development. They provide companies with professional and appropriate assistance, solve their problems, combine online and offline advertising, increase sales and achieve results.

All actions of the agency are subordinated to one goal: to expand business opportunities and adaptation to changing market conditions. All Chu’s offers are focused on practical and effective solutions to achieve the set objectives:

  • Marketing support and assistance;
  • Marketing research, market research and analysis;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Development of a comprehensive marketing strategy of the company;
  • Working out of business development concept;
  • Marketing consulting;
  • Efficiency assessment and audit of the company’s marketing activities;
  • Development of a marketing department;
  • Development and connection of marketing platforms;
  • Event marketing;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Content marketing;
  • Internet Marketing;
  • Email marketing!

Chu Agency provides a wide range of marketing services and research to meet the objectives of companies of all levels and scales. What sets it apart is its practical, comprehensive and individual approach to achieving our goals. The professional will find a solution for your business that will bring results.