Revered in the international shipping industry today, Evangelos Marinakis was born in 1967 in the Greek city of Piraeus. His father, Miltiadis Marinakis, came from the Greek island of Crete and was also a prominent shipowner. Meanwhile, Evangelos Marinakis’s mother, Irini, was descended from the prestigious Ypsilantis family. Evangelos Marinakis is the couple’s only son.

An alumnus of the American International University in London, Evangelos Marinakis studied Business Administration, gaining a bachelor’s degree before subsequently earning a master’s degree. Upon graduating, Mr Marinakis followed in his father’s footsteps by entering the international shipping industry.

Following stints at British firms Harley Mullion and Elders Chartering Limited, Evangelos Marinakis was primed to break out on his own, forging an incredibly successful path in shipping. Starting with the company handed down by his father, operating seven bulk carriers, Evangelos Marinakis went on to establish the Capital Maritime & Trading Corporation, earning a global reputation as one of the shipping industry’s most important figures, with a reported net worth of $650 million.

Evangelos Marinakis also served as CEO of the New York Stock Exchange-listed company Crude Carriers Corp., and established Capital Product Partners LP, a maritime company listed on the American Stock Exchange.

In 2019, an announcement was made revealing that Capital Product Partners LP was to merge with Diamond S Shipping Inc. in a $1.65 billion deal, creating one of the largest tanker companies listed globally.

In addition to his prominent role in international shipping, Evangelos Marinakis serves as a board member for several companies operating in other industries, including , and Alter Ego Media SA, Abisso Holdings Limited and One Channel.

A keen football enthusiast, Mr Marinakis acquired Olympiacos FC in 2010. The team is based in Piraeus, Evangelos Marinakis’s home city. He continues to serve as team president, having previously served as president of the Greek Superleague and vice president of the Hellenic Football Federation.

Mr Marinakis bought a controlling share in the English football club Nottingham Forest in 2017. Gaining the English Football League’s approval, he embarked on ambitious, far-reaching plans designed to restore the team to its former glory, including the redevelopment of the club’s home grounds – paving the way for the creation of a world-class venue and the East Midland’s largest football stadium.

In 2014, Evangelos Marinakis joined forces with Yannis Moralis, current mayor of Piraeus and Olympiacos vice president. Together, they launched the independent Piraeus Winner alliance, and Mr Marinakis subsequently become an elected member of Piraeus City Council. He and his party pledged to focus on upgrading local infrastructure, transforming the city into a booming tourist destination, and enhancing the standard of living for people living in the port city.

A generous philanthropist, Evangelos Marinakis has made substantial donations to a variety of causes over the years. In Piraeus, he has used his own personal funds to finance several redevelopment programmes, with the result of creating new jobs and businesses. He has also funded construction of sports facilities, children’s playgrounds, and parks and squares throughout the city.