Following a successful career in professional tennis, the late Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi enjoyed an equally aspirational second career in the world of finance. This article will look at M&E Premium Consulting, the company co-founded by Elena, whose work is continued through the support of her partners.

M&E Premium Consulting was established with the mission of supporting young players by advising, guiding, and motivating them and helping them to become stars, providing the support and advice they need to get to the top.

M&E Premium Consulting organizes and markets sports and cultural events, both at home and abroad. With a principal focus on tennis, the company organizes, implements and markets tournament events. In addition, it also puts in place professional environment structures, as well as selecting sponsors and marketing athletes.

Calling on its team members’ unique experiences gained through their own careers in professional tennis, M&E Premium Consulting also presents motivational and life coaching courses for business executives, with these transferable skills providing useful tools for prospective and established business leaders. The company also organizes charity events and social projects both at home and abroad.

M&E Premium Consulting’s philosophy is to support young and promising talent, helping them on their journey to a successful, long-term career in professional sports. The company was founded with the mission of passing on the team’s unique experiences gained through their own successful careers in professional tennis, sharing this wisdom with the next generation of sport talents – as well as with executives operating in the business world.

In 2018, Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi attended the Les Petits tournament, one of the world’s biggest junior tennis event. Having competed in the competition herself some 30 years previously, she returned as a sponsor with her company M&E Premium Consulting, on a very different mission.

Speaking in an interview at the event, Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi explained that La Petits was a very special place where many great players compete, and also a tournament with a long history. Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi recounted attending herself with her father, 30 years previously.

Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi launched M&E Premium Consulting to give something back to the sport that had given her so much. Through M&E Premium Consulting, she hoped to support young players, providing the benefit of her experience. Speaking at the Les Petits tournament in 2018, Elena Pampoulova-Bergomi expressed a strong desire to return again the following year as sponsor, reiterating what a great event it was.