Like the UK, many countries across the world find themselves in the midst of another national lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic. Not only has the past year had detrimental effects on the health of the nation, the economy has also been significantly hit. As the UK Government ordered for another national lockdown only a matter of weeks ago, this meant that many businesses had to close their doors once again.

Numerous articles in the media have suggested that some of the national restrictions may be lifted over the next month or so, meaning businesses in the hospitality industry for example, will be allowed to welcome consumers into their premises. Although a national vaccine program has been rolled out and there seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, many people will still be anxious to step out into public spaces.

Businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic need consumers now more than ever; but it’s down to business owners to make sure consumers feel confident when they’re visiting their place of work. To help your business prepare for welcoming customers once again, CallCare have created an eBook which looks at building consumer confidence in a post-pandemic era. Below are a few valuable factors all business owners should take into consideration.

Make sure your consumers feel safe

We’ve all become extremely familiar with social distancing and the importance of hand hygiene, but it’s important this message is clear throughout your business. If you work in a shop for example, make sure you limit the number of people in the building at any one time, as well as encouraging people to socially distance by using markers on the floor. It may also be a good idea to create hand sanitising stations throughout your place of work, as this will prove that you’re doing all you can to create a hygienic environment for all.

Inform staff and consumers about any important information

Once businesses across the hospitality and retail sector are allowed to open their doors again, it will mean a period of transition will need to take place. Staff members will need to be told their working hours and consumers will need to know your opening hours and the steps you’re taking to adapt to the current situation. It’s reasons like this which means communication is vital. Whether you create newsletters to send out via email or use your social media channels to reach employees and consumers; it’s crucial you keep everyone up to date with any important information you have.

Although many businesses have had to temporarily close their doors, now is the perfect time for business owners to create a plan for the months ahead. By outlining the steps you’re going to be taking to keep your employees and consumers safe, will show people how prepared you are and in turn, help boost consumer confidence.