Acquisition Aesthetics were proud winners of ‘‘Best Independent Training Provider of the Year’ at the 2021 Aesthetics Awards. In under 5 short years, this London-based start-up has blossomed into a pioneering female-led company, delivering a range of aesthetic injectables training courses.

A female-led company

We are very much living in the long-awaited era of the ‘girl boss’; women are redressing the balance within the business world, and female-led company Acquisition Aesthetics provides a shining example of talented, business-minded women thriving in the City of London The Acquisition Aesthetics Directors, Dr. Priyanka Chadha and Dr. Lara Watson are an inspiration to career-driven women everywhere. Not only are they high-flying academics and trainee surgeons, they are also both full-time mothers who have collaboratively scaled an award-winning business.

Elite medical professionals

Dr. Priyanka Chadha graduated from Imperial College, London, with impressive dual Distinctions in Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Chadha then went on to achieve a Masters in Teaching and Surgical Education, and has won notable awards for numerous educational courses she set up and successfully ran at the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr. Lara Watson has an equally glowing resume; she has dual degrees in Medicine and Dental Surgery, and now also teaches at various surgical skill workshops at the Royal College of Surgeons. She was particularly commended for founding and coordinating an international undergraduate surgical teaching programme at the College.

Both Dr. Chadha and Dr. Watson are Key Opinion Leaders in the industry and often invited to speak at exceptional conferences and events such as CCR Expo, ACE and IMCAS. They are driven by their passion to empower healthcare professionals to be creative in their work. Acquisition Aesthetics promotes facial aesthetics as an art form: a way for medical professionals to channel their inner creativity, while making a positive difference to clients’ lives.

Rave reviews

Acquisition Aesthetics have received rave reviews for their Botox® courses, lip filler training and advanced filler courses. This overwhelmingly positive response from clients has led to the company being recognised as ‘Best Independent Training Providers of the Year’ – due to their commitment to supporting both scientific understanding and the technical skill of their faculty. Dr. Chadha and Dr. Watson’s pioneering, female-led organisation prides itself on its ethos: to always ensure that fillers – and any other aesthetic procedure – are administered by fully qualified medical professionals.