London, United Kingdom – 29 June, 2021 – New research from media analytics firm Commetric has found that more and more brands have started facing accusations of “pinkwashing” during Pride. Fuelled by some left-wing politicians and LGBTQ+ campaigners, criticism for rainbow capitalism, in which corporations are accused of boosting their image by selling LGBTQ+-themed products, has never been louder.

Analysing 1058 articles published in top-tier English-language outlets between May-June 2021, Commetric found that Disney, whose popular streaming service has made Pride Month a key focus of content curation, suffered the biggest reputational challenges on both traditional and social media.

Many media outlets reported that the company has found itself at the centre of a sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit brought by an executive employee, while Twitter users noticed that the official Twitter accounts for the company in countries where LGBTQ+ issues are not as freely discussed didn’t celebrate Pride.

Other companies facing allegations of pink-washing were Walmart, Amazon, and McDonald’s, which have all donated to members of Congress who voted against the Equality Act, a bill that would ban discrimination in the United States based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The names of six companies in particular – Comcast, AT&T, Home Depot, Deloitte, Exxon and Verizon– started circulating on social media after the consumer rights advocacy group Public Citizen tweeted that they donated substantial amounts of money to anti-LGBTQ politicians.

Based on the analysis, Commetric offers some best-practice solutions for avoiding accusations of pink-washing and implementing a more inclusive comms strategy.

Read Commetric’s full analysis: “Pride 2021: How Can Brands Steer Clear of Pink-Washing?”

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