When we Premium Clean perform any carpet or upholstery cleaning services we will use only the best steam cleaning machines available. We believe that steam cleaning is the most effective way of cleaning as it is guaranteed to kill 100% of bacteria and germs leaving behind fabrics that are fresh in scent and clean as a whistle.

We want to help you understand more about this amazing machine so here are some of the great benefits of using it to clean with:The ProChem Steempro 2000 Powerflo is a 35kg professional carpet and upholstery soil extraction machine, ideal for not only  domestic cleaning but also commercial cleaning too.

Its 8.2 bar, 120 psi diaphragm pump and 70.7 l/s airflow, 3-stage vacuum makes it one of the best and one of the most  powerful yet also portable extraction machines in the world. It’s fitted with an internal “whisper quiet” silencer that makes it one of the quietest steam cleaning machines available too. It can also feature a ProChem Heat n Run  Inline Heater, this allows continuous hot water to be at hand. We use this feature when cleaning to get maximum results.

Some of the other Features of the Steempro 2000 Powerflo include a 35-litre solution tank and 26-litre recovery tank allowing the clean water to stay completely separate from the dirty water allowing us to clean in a quick time as well as efficient, it also features two 10″ and two 4″ castors for easy mobility and effortless stair-climbing abilities, a scuff-resistant granite finish chassis to help make it look  clean and professional at all times and it also has controls that are mounted on the top handle so that they are easy to access at all times.  As a safety feature an automatic vacuum shut-off feature is also incorporated.

It comes complete with a 15ft (4.6m) hose assembly, a 25ft power cable and a 12″ single jet Glidemaster  Stainless Steel Wand. This wand is specially designed and shaped to allow us to get right into any corner or oddly shaped space allowing us to clean every inch of your carpets or rugs.

In more detail here’s a breakdown of all the features found on the steempro 2000 powerflo


  • Upright mounted motors and intercooler to give long life and durability
  • Opens quickly for easy access to internal components
  • 120 psi diaphragm pump
  •  3-stage vacuum
  •  Whisper quiet in-built silencer
  • Top handle-mounted switches and buttons for maximum accessibility
  • Automatic vacuum shut-off for safety and peace of mind
  • Scuff resistant granite finish giving a professional,  clean and tidy look at all times
  • Clip-on in-line heater allows us to clean with a continuous hot water flow.

  Specifications include:

Solution tank Recovery tank Solution pressure Vacuum motor Water lift / airflow Hose assembly Carpet wand Tank construction Wheels Front castors Power cable Weight Shipping weight Dimensions Shipping dimensions Warranty35 litres 26 litres 8.2 bar (120 psi) 1 x 3 stage bypass 3556 mm (140″) / 70.7 l/s (150 cfm) 4.6 metres (15 ft) 30 cm (12″) single jet Polyethylene with aluminium base plate Rear stair climbing 25 cm (10″) non-marking 10 cm (4″) non-marking 7.6 metres (25 ft) 35 kilos 42 kilos 89 x 78 x 45 cm (h x l x w) 90 x 80 x 49 cm (h x l x w) 2 years on tank, 1 year on parts

All of these amazing features are what make this fantastic machine the best of the best and this is why we use it for all of our carpet and upholstery cleaning services. This machine is how we can ensure to give our customers the best possible clean EVERY TIME that we clean. Guaranteeing a happy customer and a great reputation for ourselves to continue giving more and more people the clean that they deserve.