As the UK continues to see a potentially deadly rise in COVID-19 cases, new measures are being put into place to ensure the safety of the population and lower the number of people who are exposed to the virus. For example, in England, you cannot meet up in groups of 6 or more. One of these new measures also sees the introduction of COVID marshals to the streets. Though the complete nature of their role is still unclear, specific procedures will need to be put in place for them to identify themselves to the public and undertake their work – such as COVID marshal uniforms.

What is the role of a COVID marshal?

The duties of a COVID marshal are still being defined as the government has only recently announced its role. However, their position was designed in order to help enforce COVID-19 regulations in their local area by ensuring proper procedures are followed at all times. The idea behind this being that a marshal will act as a clear deterrent for those breaking the rules. They could also be used to help clarify what the rules are, should anybody be unsure. This could prove particularly beneficial as many have been claiming that the rules are confusing, especially when they are subject to change. As a result, a COVID-19 marshals role could include:

– Ensuring masks are worn at all times. Unless you’re medically exempt, you are required to wear a mask when you are indoors, in a shopping center or taking public transport. An officer can help enforce this.
– Ensuring people are socially distancing from each other.
– Ensuring people are not meeting up in groups larger than six or with multiple households.

However, despite the vital nature of their role, they are currently unable to enforce fines on those caught breaking the rules. In addition to street patrolling duties, they will also be expected to check in on pubs, bars, and restaurants to ensure that they, too, are following government guidelines.

The government has stated that marshal positions will be held by a mixture of current council workers and volunteers, though the situation is likely to develop as time moves forward.

What is covid marshal workwear?

Many current workplace uniforms are subject to change in light of COVID-19. Many of those who work in customer-facing roles are now being advised to wear PPE when possible in the workplace. This helps protect both customers and staff during this difficult time. Therefore, it is fair to assume that COVID secure marshal uniforms should include PPE when possible, due to the nature of their work and job title itself. This COVID marshal uniform could include:

– Fabric facemasks
– Disposable facemasks
– A snood/face scarf.
– Faceguard
– Gloves

If COVID marshals are also expected to enforce rules, their COVID marshal uniforms should clearly identify them to the public. This goal can be achieved by having them wear:

– COVID marshal jackets. A COVID marshal jacket should include some text stating their role – where the information is clearly visible. This is to ensure that the public is aware of the officer and their status.
– COVID marshal vests. A COVID marshal vest will function similarly to the jacket and should be used to help identify the marshal. Clear identification also means that marshals can be approached by members of the public who may have questions or concerns. For this reason, the jacket and vest should be made of hi-vis material.
– COVID marshal badges. COVID marshal badges are a useful addition to the uniform, especially if they are not wearing any other identifiers.