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Is investing better than saving? A guide to the facts

In theory, it might seem like putting your cash in the bank is the best thing to do. After all, most banks are too big to fail – and there are laws in place to protect your deposits. But there’s no way to protect against inflation – or, indeed, the lack of choice that the big banks provide. With that in mind, this article will explain the options and point out what you need to know to make an informed decision about your savings and investment pathways.

The appeal of savings

The old joke about people storing cash under the mattress is surprisingly still a realistic depiction.
While most people – at least in the developed world – are now what the industry terms “banked” and hence have access to bank accounts and other financial services, it’s still the case that most people are cautious. Having savings in cash means that you’re not subject to the ups and downs of an investment market such as the stock market, while it also means that you can take them out – or “liquidate” them with greater ease.

Inflation is a risk

But it’s also worth remembering that savings are not necessarily bulletproof. It’s certainly the case that savings which are stored in a bank covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (or FSCS) will be protected up to a certain amount if the bank goes out of business, which does mean that in theory you can’t lose by putting your money in the bank.

But what isn’t protected is the value of that money, and that’s because of inflation. Take the following example: if you deposit £100 in a bank savings account and the inflation rate is 0% over the course of a year, you’ll find that you’ll be able to buy the same items at the same price. But if inflation is 2%, you’ll find that you’ll have to have £102 in order to purchase the same. And as the amount of savings you have scales up, you’ll quickly find that inflation eats into what you have more and more. The interest rate on bank savings is currently not keeping pace with inflation rates – so you’ll never be able to recoup those losses.

More choice

Investing also provides a range of choice. Cash savings accounts tend to be just that: your cash goes into a specified bank account, and it is invested or lent out on your behalf by the bank. With investments, you can choose in various levels of detail where this can go. Taking a look at this review eToro reveals that there are diverse choices, from stocks and shares to cryptocurrencies. By investing, you have the opportunity to learn about a certain area of the investment market and become a mini-expert who can make informed trading decisions. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer to the question of how to grow your wealth and keep your deposits protected, however, by keeping yourself fully informed about the level of choice on offer in the savings and investment markets, you’ll be able to decide whether you would rather save or invest for long-term growth and security.

Smart Investing Tips for 2020

Every time the calendar gets ready to flip to a new year, experts come out of the woodwork and offer their advice for the “best investments.” In most cases, these tidbits of guidance are simply re-hashed versions of previous suggestions. Fortunately, several resources for wise investors have some fresh ideas for 2020, including a different type of IRA, non-standard thoughts about precious metals and clever ways to invest in your own health for a longer, less costly lifestyle.

If you’re looking to re-set your financial thinking as the new year approaches, here are a few of the best ideas from the minds of the world’s monetary gurus, all to be taken with a grain of salt and a healthy amount of due diligence:

Invest in Your Home

People are always saying, “My home is my biggest investment.” If that’s true, shouldn’t we be monitoring that large investment just as we would a huge stock portfolio or a collection of rental properties? Investing in a home means upgrading it when necessary and future-proofing it for our own long-term needs. Two recent approaches to this challenge include the installation of home lifts and having a thorough upgrade of electrical systems. 

In-home elevators, sometimes called residential lifts, are an ideal way to future-proof a home and make it more useful for people who can’t, or don’t want to, negotiate unsafe staircases. Elevators are becoming more common in new homes this decade and are also popular as add-ons in older and existing homes. Having an electrical system check-up makes sense for many reasons. It’s the best way to uncover fire hazards and sub-standard or outdated wiring. Best of all, a professional electrician can upgrade your system to accommodate smart appliances and other newfangled devices that seem to be popping up in every home. 

Consider Roth IRAs

Everything old is new again, and Roth IRAs are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. These after-tax IRAs let people put already-taxed money into a retirement account. The original investments can be withdrawn tax-free at retirement. One advantage Roth’s have over traditional IRAs is that there are fewer restrictions on when funds can be withdrawn and put in. Once the province of wealthy investors only, young folks are now flocking to Roth’s.

Invest in Gold and Silver

Here’s another old piece of advice with a new twist. Silver is the new gold, as many investors are saying, which means that precious metals portfolios are now including an equal portion of the two popular metals. Many young investors are also opting for metals, which were once almost exclusively the domain of middle-aged and senior investors.

Invest in You

In addition to getting yearly medical check-ups, it’s important to monitor your overall health and exercise regularly. Experts say that too many people simply visit a doctor once per year and don’t do anything else to maintain good health. It’s not just about exercise, either. The single most effective way to invest in your health and longevity, according to medical experts, is to eat right. Cut out junk and overly-processed foods. Don’t smoke. Don’t consume more than one or two alcoholic drinks per day and stay active.

5 Important Features to Take into Account When Choosing a Call Center Software

The choice of the right call center software  for your company is a very important step to help you improve the customer service that you offer  -and subsequently, make your business grow in the long term. Customer experience is one of the most relevant factors in business when it comes to ensuring that potential clients remain loyal to your brand, and therefore you must offer the best service to them in all the steps of the business process -including phone calls.

A call center software has the function of managing and administering the incoming and outgoing calls of the company, either from customers, suppliers or between employees within the same company -in the same way as traditional  call centers used to do. Any company that wants to manage the volume of calls they receive or emit to users, must use a software call center equipped with the latest technology to cover all these needs, because the business communications system is one of the fundamental aspects that companies must take care of, especially if they want to maintain a good reputation towards the customer. 

Today, the cloud has changed the way call centers work. Versions of cloud-focused software are a revolution that attracts small businesses as well as higher capacity traditional call centers. However, there are many things to consider for an entrepreneur who wants to enter this field. The most important task is to remain competitive, which is not the case for everyone. The choice of software can be made according to the functionalities that the company needs, but there are also essential options to ensure the productivity and viability of the call center. There are several effective strategies in terms of productivity. Since it is difficult to know which of these strategies is the most appropriate., it is important to consider the results you want to achieve and make sure your call center software has the all the features you need -being easy to use, intuitive and comprehensive are key factors- to help you grow your business. Here are 5 important features that your call center software must include if you want to offer the best customer service to your clients.

Automatic call distributor

The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is an essential functionality in a call center, since it manages incoming calls and transfers them correctly. Calls are counted and managed according to predefined instructions based on the caller ID, an external database or any other rule. Automatic distribution ensures fast call processing and customer satisfaction. The ACD also makes it possible to make outgoing calls, transfer calls to another extension and put user data together in different groups, which is a vital function for the smooth running of a call center.

Predictive Dialer

In general, call centers work through two types of call campaigns: Inbound and outbound campaigns. A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that automatically dials numbers from a list of numbers for either sales or portfolio retrieval purposes. This is an important feature because it is more efficient than dialing in the traditional way. This allows you to identify busy, unanswered or disconnected numbers before the call is assigned to an agent. The predictive dialer allows multiple numbers to be dialed at the same time, increasing productivity.

Interactive Voice Response

An IVR is a technology that allows the caller to get an answer or service by using voice commands or DTMF tones, the already well known “menu options”. Because this function helps consumers and customers to know the products, services and solutions offered, it can be considered one of the most important features within a Call Center. The IVR is used to manage a large volume of calls and optimizes the response given to customers without using the human resources of the company, for example, a customer consulting the expiration date of a policy or the summary of movements of his credit card.

Routing According to Skills

Skills-based routing is the enhanced version of the ACD. With agent-based routing, customer calls are redirected to the most competent agent to meet the specific demand. It can be a matter of language, specialty, or any other specific skill of an agent. It is a vital feature to improve the customer-agent relationship.

Call Queues

From an agent’s point of view, it is important to know which call to deal with first. The “call queues” function allows agents to route calls to an intelligent queue. In addition, many call centers allow their agents to work remotely. Agents can stay connected to the call queue and when a large number of calls arrive simultaneously, this feature allows each agent to remain silent and filter important calls for priority processing.

What to do when clutter is a problem in your home

Many businesses have their roots in someone’s home, starting perhaps in the spare room, dining room table or even the garage. As the business grows, it is important to establish a working environment conducive to productivity, and the best way to do that is to create sufficient space.

Decluttering your working spaces will enable you to better focus on the task at hand. Clutter can often take over one’s working space and the longer it is left, the bigger problem it becomes.

Organising your office (as well as the areas of your home in which you relax) will enable you to focus on your operations and deal with the challenges of the day more effectively.

Here are some helpful tips on how to create space by decluttering:

  • Identify problem areas and address them

Stop for a moment and take notice of all the clutter-filled spots around your home. Take the time to clear out these areas, whether it’s 10 minutes a day or once a week for an hour. Going forward, avoid letting this situation build up once again by doing regular clear-outs.

  • Eliminate the excess – declutter

Start by doing a systematic clean out of your cupboards, drawers and shelves to make the most out of your home space. Remember to work room by room as this will help keep you focused and make the job at hand seem more manageable. Consider donating any items which you no longer have use for. For the items you need for future use or which hold too much sentimental value, use self storage.

  • Choose the correct storage containers

Storage containers are ideal for keeping your items under control and in order. Avoid using bulky containers and make sure the ones you choose are easy to stack.

  • Use vertical space

If you’re struggling for space, consider looking up and utilising overhead space. This will open up your floor and desk space, therefore creating more space within your home office space. A simple solution is to invest in vertical shelving.

  • Invest in a self storage unit

One of the most viable solutions to controlling clutter and creating more space is to take advantage of self storage. Self storage is simple and affordable for households wanting to eradicate their clutter problems. Self storage enables you to unclutter your life without having to say goodbye to your belongings for good. Self storage facilities offer convenience and security, as well as flexibility as many facilities are accessible 24/7.

These are just a few helpful ways to eliminate clutter problems you may be experiencing, and allow you to reclaim your home and office space.

MaxiTrade: Getting to Know a Successful Brokerage Company

Finding a good brokerage company has always been a challenge for novice traders. There are many of them out there. However, if you subscribe to the opinions of experts and examine reviews on the internet, you will find out that there are a lot of entities in the industry that only aim to scheme and put one over unsuspecting traders. There are numerous cases when the operations of a promising company suddenly takes an unfortunate turn and files for bankruptcy. So when choosing a broker, you need to consider all the possible scenarios.

Regulatory organisations are well aware of such problems. In different countries, regulations have been adopted with respect to companies operating in the foreign exchange market. Some of these regulators are stricter that the rest. 

Regulators are expected to foster a high degree of confidence in the financial markets of different countries, strengthen and protect the stability of the financial system, and protect consumer rights by creating rules to help combat market crime such as fraud, abuse, and manipulation. As this is the case, regulators adopt stricter approaches to companies that do not meet the requirements of the law. 

International Forex brokers MaxiTrade, Saxo Bank, and OANDA are examples of brokerage companies who are not only able to follow the rules implemented by regulators, but are also able to establish successful working relations with traders around the globe. 

How to win the trust of a trader

Unfair or uncivilised competition exists wherever there is a chance of earning money. Various reviews are written that accuse this or that company as being fraudulent, despite the lack of evidence. 

It is actually challenging to distinguish law-abiding companies from those that are not. Some people do not even think twice about enlisting a company whom they have not done a thorough investigation on and end up losing their funds overnight. Putting your complete trust on the players of the industry is tough.

What then is so attractive about MaxiTrade, Saxo Bank, and OANDA? Firstly, all of them are always open and willing to communicate with the client to attempt at resolving his or her problems. Secondly, the companies provide their users all possible aids to better their financial strategies. The companies give their users the ability to trade with numerous financial instruments, access to detailed fundamental and technical analysis, various tools for trading, and the availability of advice. Through these helps, the trader will never feel alone. 

Let’s review all these companies separately.

The advantages of Forex brokers MaxiTrade, Saxo Bank and OANDA

Saxo Bank enjoys a well-deserved reputation. Being popular in the trading scene, Saxo Bank offers a large selection of financial instruments such as currency pairs, CFD-contracts, stocks and bonds, futures, options, and much more. 

Customers are invited to open three types of accounts. A trader, however, may find opening an account through Saxo Bank challenging as the minimum deposit for the opening of a Classic account is $10,000.00, this might prove quite a lot for a newbie in the market. Not everyone will be able to open a Platinum account as there is a minimum amount of $200,000.00. On the other hand, a VIP account can only be available to what are called, “chosen” who will have to deposit an amount starting $1,000,000.00.

Saxo Bank has developed its own trading platforms; the company’s technical capabilities are quite high. It has a highly responsive customer support centre that caters to customer inquiries from more than 180 countries with its offices located in major cities. 

OANDA enjoys a solid reputation and has been operating in the market for a good 20 years. OANDA offers various financial instruments and also has its own trading platforms. Any trader from any walk of life can always count on good customer support with the company. Its reliability and quality of work is unparalleled.

MaxiTrade, while much younger than the aforementioned companies, has already managed to establish itself. Unscrupulous competitors who write many negative reviews on the internet are usually not just happy with MaxiTrade‘s position. In this case, you can read about scam and fraud–accusations of a company as a fraudster. However, MaxiTrade adequately copes with this negativity and simply focuses its attention to its customers. It is not, in any way, threatened by bad reviews.

MaxiTrade’s official website is definitely one of note. It boasts of a lot of functions and can be conveniently navigated through. Much like Saxo Bank and OANDA, it offers quite a variety of financial tools. A trader can choose currencies, stocks, stock indices, commodities, precious metals, etc. 

In addition to the widely-known MetaTrader4, trading can easily be conducted on the MaxiTrade platform. The company’s own platform is distinguished by instant replenishment of the account, a convenient format for working with limit orders, a variety of time-frames and a unique technology: the built-in Autochartist trading signal system. In addition, the company offers users to undergo training for working on the platform.

The minimum amount for opening an account also draws attention. For only $500.00, you can already start working with MaxiTrade, thus, attracting a huge number of customers. Given the level of leverage of up to 1:200, the trader can count on solid profit. Among other financial advantages, MaxiTrade also offers low spreads that allow you to work almost without loss. On top of this, there are no commissions, there is a convenient system of account replenishment, and users are permitted easy withdrawal of profits.

A plus for MaxiTrade customers is the ability to use a large amount of analytical materials. The analytics includes daily and weekly forecasts, a calendar of financial and economic news, charts and quotes, and quarterly reporting dates for the largest global corporations that influence the financial market. 

MaxiTrade keeps all its activities in check and is wholly careful with its reputation. As such, its customers only keep increasing.

Expanding your business to Kuwait? Here’s everything you need to know

One of the most exciting times in any entrepreneur’s career is growing their business on a global scale. But all the hard work they put in during its early years can suddenly look easy compared to all the responsibilities of establishing their brand abroad. What’s more, some countries are more difficult to break into than others, requiring much more planning than initially expected.

Kuwait is one of these countries. The nation’s rocky history has seen it fall prey to a volatile financial market, but recent years have seen a dramatic turnaround in its fortunes. In fact, the government is planning on building a new city to address urban issues faced in the country, such as housing and traffic. Plans include a new airport, a free zone, an Olympic stadium, and a tower taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. These plans will not only benefit local communities, but also national and international entrepreneurs, providing them with increased opportunity to start a business in a new city.

But in order to get set up in Kuwait, there are a few things you will need to do first. From the initial approvals, to marketing planning there are some key facts you must take into consideration.

Understand the different business entities

Businesses in Kuwait are filed under the country’s commercial companies law (CCL), with foreign entrepreneurs only able to establish certain types of business:

Limited liability companies

Usually referred to as With Limited Liability (WLL), the closest UK equivalent would be private companies. They are not permitted to operate within the banking or insurance sectors, or as a pure investment fund, and the maximum shareholding by a non-Kuwaiti is 49%, unless approved otherwise by the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA).

Joint ventures

A joint venture can be formed by at least two people, who are jointly and severally liable. These companies don’t have legal existence and do not need to be recorded by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Each partner in a joint venture, however, must be separately registered in their own names. These kinds of businesses are best suited for construction projects.

Branch companies

Foreign corporate bodies can only set up branches in Kuwait if they have permission from the KDIPA, otherwise, they should operate through shareholding or limited liability companies. Alternative options include running the business through a Kuwaiti commercial or service agent.

Shareholding companies

These companies can either be public or closed, but must be made up of at least five shareholders. Foreigners can be shareholders, but must only own a maximum of 49% of the company, collectively. Any founders are obliged to own at least 10% of the capital.

Partnership companies

The two types of these companies are the simple limited partnership, which consists of joint liability members (general partners) and sleeping members (limited partners). The second type is the partnership limited by shares, which is a limited partnership where capital is divided into shares.

Complete thorough research into the new market

Expanding into a new market requires plenty of research. You may already have a detailed business plan, but Kuwait offers a brand new target audience that you may not fully understand.

Market research

The cultural differences between Kuwait and western countries are big enough that you will need to conduct thorough market research in order to guide your business plan. This includes research into your target market, distribution channels, established competitors, and marketing forms.

The culture is much more conservative than in many other major markets. The distinction between men and women is much stronger and more defined, so suggestive imagery for advertisements is strongly advised against. It’s also illegal to drink alcohol in Kuwait, so any marketing would need to avoid this.

Competitor analysis

Understanding your competition is important for businesses at any stage, but breaking into a new market brings its own complications to the process. For instance, competitors might be far better established in the community, which can make your entrance even more difficult. Analyse your business through factors like price and the services and products offered, as well as the market share and marketing strategies.

Management and workforce

Expanding your business overseas brings about a situation you may not have thought of—do you hire a brand new team in that country, or take existing employees who know your business to the new location? Both options have their own benefits and drawbacks. Hiring local employees ensures you have staff who are likely to understand your audience, as well as knowing the best way to conduct business in that country. However, they won’t have the background knowledge regarding your business that older team members may have.

Expats can certainly be beneficial as you first set up your company overseas, by helping to establish your company culture abroad, and assisting in the hiring and training of full-time Kuwaiti staff. However, you will need to consider employment and immigration laws and ensure your business abides by them. Expats will need written permission from the employer in Kuwait as well as a medical report in order to obtain a working visa to the country.

Develop a market entry strategy

Once you’ve completed your research, you can create and develop your entry strategy document, which will be your blueprint for how you run your company in Kuwait. This should clearly outline the research findings, goals, budget information, action items, and timelines. Your market and competitor research should highlight audience behaviour, as well as how your rivals are selling and promoting similar products. This allows you to decide on your specific entry points into the market.

The best strategy to connect with your new audience is through using specific marketing techniques. Localising your website, for example, makes it culturally and linguistically accessible, which will help you build a better, more stable relationship with your target audience from the start of their customer journey. Launching a Kuwait-specific website allows you to alter things like the layout and phrasing in a way that will resonate well with a Kuwaiti audience, without sacrificing the content or overall visual style of your existing website.

Day trading the market with RSI indicator

Indicators are often considered as the best trade filter tools. Many professional UK traders use the indicator readings to assess the quality of their trade setups. Things might be really hard at the initial stage but if you learn the proper use of the indicators reading, it won’t take much time to develop your trading skills. But the moment you rely on the indicator readings, you need to consider your trading strategy. Being a short time frame trader or day trader, you can’t use all types of indicators. The professional traders prefer to use the RSI indicator in their day trading strategy since it allows them to find high-quality trades. Let’s learn how experienced traders manage to find great trades.

Analyzing the lower time frame data

Those who day trade the market have very precise skills in technical analysis. They can easily find the key support and resistance level with an extreme level of accuracy. But when it comes to lower time frame trading, rookie traders often make things overly complex. In fact most of the time they end up by trading against the major trend. So, if you intend to trade the market, you must be very careful about your trade execution. Try to focus on the higher time frame data since it will help to find the key levels. If possible, learn about multiple time frame analysis since it will greatly help you to increase your profit factors.

Understanding the RSI reading

RSI usually stands for Relative Strength Index. It helps the trader to find the overbought and oversold condition of a currency pair. Since you will be day trading the market, it’s better to modify the default settings of the RSI indicator. The pro trader in the exchange traded funds industry prefers to use period 5 since it gives a better reading. But these settings only work best when you use it in the major pairs. If you spot the RSI curve near the 30 mark, you need to look for a buying opportunity. Similarly, if you spot it near the 70 mark, you need to look for a selling opportunity.

Developing your trading skills

After learning the details of the RSI indicator, you should never trade the market with real money. You need to use the demo account to see the new settings of the RSI indicator work. Since you will be day trading the market, its highly imperative you learn more about risk management and the multiple time frame method. Using multiple time frame analysis, you can easily spot the false spike and signal. Most importantly you will have a clear idea about the key support and resistance level. On the contrary, risk management factors will help you to protect your trading capital in the long run. Never think you can make a consistent profit without losing any trade. Focus on long term goals and try to trade the market with an extreme level of precision.

Learn from your trading mistakes

Day trading the market by using the RSI indicator reading is very profitable. However, you have to learn new things on a regular basis from the losing trades. Since you will be dealing with the fast-paced trading environment, it’s imperative that you never make the same mistake twice. Write down the detailed trade setup so that you can analyze your trading results and make necessary changes to fine-tune your trading system. Trading is all about finding the perfect trades with managed risk. You can’t change your life unless you learn from your mistakes.

Stop following the indicators blindly

Though the RSI indicator is a very effective tool for finding good trades, you should still rely on the raw price data. Try to incorporate a simple price action trading strategy so that you can easily make a profit and increase your win rate. Stop following the indicator readings blindly as it will increase your risk factors in trading.

DIY Tips For How To Bleed A Radiator

Bleeding a radiator is one of those jobs that sounds relatively easy to do on the surface, but we’re always a little nervous about getting it wrong and causing a leak. It’s also one of those jobs that are essential when keeping your entire central heating running efficiently and effectively.

Why is it important to bleed a radiator?

Perhaps your radiators aren’t feeling as hot as they used to, or they’re beginning to make an odd gurgling noise every time they attempt to heat up. This happens because of trapped air inside, which moves around and prevents the water from being heated up within it. When you have trapped air inside, that’s a sign that you need to bleed your radiator as soon as you can.

How to bleed a radiator?

To ensure your radiators are always working as they should be, you need to bleed them. Follow these steps to ensure you always bleed your radiators correctly and safely.

Check your radiators.

To make sure you’re only bleeding those radiators that need it, you should first turn on your heating as you normally would and allow it to heat up fully. You can then visit each radiator in turn and feel them to see if they have any cold spots. Cold spots on a radiator indicate that there is trapped air, which needs to be removed.

Wait for your radiators to cool.

Before you start bleeding your radiator, wait for them to be completely cool. You’ll release some water in the process; it’s better to release cold water than scolding hot water that can cause damage or injury. When your radiators have been off for a couple of hours, you’re ready to start.

If you don’t turn off your central heating system entirely before you start, there is still the chance of more air getting caught inside the radiator. This will make successfully bleeding your radiator more difficult.

Get a suitable key.

Before you can bleed your radiator, you’ll need a key to fit your radiator valve. There are numerous stores that will stock radiator keys, but if not, a flat head screwdriver can work in a lot of cases. You should also prepare your area and make sure you have something to wipe any spillages and keep the area safe.

Make sure you have a bowl or something similar ready to catch water that is released when bleeding the radiator. Putting a towel on the floor can also help to soak up any access water.

Release the air using the key.

Put the radiator key on your radiator valve, usually located at the top, and turn it anti-clockwise. Make sure you hold your bowl underneath the valve to catch the water. You may hear a hissing sound as you do this – that will be the air escaping from the radiator itself.

Don’t open the valve quickly – do it slowly to ensure you have complete control of the situation and avoid any accidents or large leakages. When the water has stopped dribbling, you can turn the key clockwise again on the valve to close it once more. Wipe away any access water.

Check the valves and turn on your heating.

Double check that all your valves are securely fastened and turn on your central heating system once more. Go around your radiators again and feel for cold spots. The problem should be fixed, but if they’re still showing signs of problems, then it may be worth calling out a professional to help diagnose the problem.

Follow these tips for bleeding a radiator successfully!

If you’re having trouble with bleeding your radiators or you’re unsure how to do it safely, follow our guide. It’s an easy enough job to carry out on your own and can prevent a professional from coming out to do it for you, saving time and money in the process.

How to avoid being involved in pyramid schemes

Pyramid schemes are one of the most ingenious ways of tricking people in search of making money easily and rapidly in the UK. Pyramid schemes work especially on those who have little or no experience in investing, so the best advice to avoid getting caught in a pyramid scheme is to pay attention on those offers which simply seem to good to be true. 

There are several ways in which individuals can verify if they are victims of pyramid schemes, however, they prefer to believe that this would never happen to them and so they end up needing a London defence lawyer when it comes to recovering their money. 

How do we recognize a pyramid scheme? Let’s see below some of the signs that when an offer is too good to be true, then something might be wrong with it.

Promises for high returns in a very short time

A pyramid scheme usually looks like a regular investment scheme based on a hierarchy of the members. The first person starting the scheme will recruit other persons and build the so-called pyramid. Usually, the last persons recruited are the investors who are promised a high yield on their investments. This is the best time to check how the investment scheme has performed in the past or even if it has a past.

Also, asking to talk to other investors could help in spotting the validity of the investment scheme. These little background checks have helped a lot of people to avoid the services of lawyers specialized in pyramid scheme scams.

Verify the product or service sold

Most of the times, pyramid schemes take the form of multi-level marketing schemes which are legitimate, however, the latter will sell reliable and genuine products or services, while the focus of a pyramid scheme is to collect money from investors while relying on them to pay fees or taxes on products or services that don’t exist or cannot be sold. So, a thorough verification of the products or services is a must before falling into a pyramid scheme fraud.

Ask how the money will be invested

Another simple way of avoiding becoming a victim of a pyramid scheme is to simply and directly ask how the money will be invested. This is because the money is usually used to pay older investors while the new ones are given small amounts of money to be kept content for a while until no money comes at all. 

It is true that in theory avoiding being a victim of a pyramid scheme seems easier than in reality, however, being cautious costs nothing. Considering everybody cares about their money, asking a few questions and doing a little bit of research before making any investment is the best way of ensuring one’s financial soundness and investing in something genuine with lower but safer returns.

The Rossi Effect for LENR Demonstrated in the E-Cat by Andrea Rossi

A revolutionary form of low energy nuclear reaction was demonstrated by entrepreneur Andrea Rossi in 2011 in the form of the E-Cat device, which stands for Energy Catalyser. The device has received much attention in the scientific community and in the media, being the first of its kind to be publicly demonstrated and verified by third parties. The E-Cat has been shown to produce useful heat to the magnitude of at least ten times any previously known chemical reaction.


LENR has for many years been hypothesised by scientists as a type of nuclear reaction that takes place at or close to room temperature. Nuclear reactions take place naturally within stars, at temperatures reaching millions of degrees, so this process is known as hot fusion. Humans have recreated hot fusion in prototype reactors and in hydrogen bombs, but until recently there was no accepted evidence that LENR were possible. Studies in the 1980s by leading electrochemists reported evidence of LENR, but the results were impossible to replicate and interest soon died away. Interest in the field has significantly increased since Andrea Rossi’s demonstration of the E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi responds to questions about the E-Cat and LENR in the Rossi Blog Reader.

Unique Process

Original studies into the possibility of LENR involved experiments with deuterium and palladium. Later experiments looked at the possibility of generating an anomalous heat reaction using hydrogen and nickel. The process known as the Rossi Effect uses nickel as the catalyst, but with a fuel comprised of lithium aluminium hydride. The Rossi Effect is patented, with the patent held by the Leonardo Corporation.

Energy Catalyser

The current design of the E-Cat is table-top sized and has a reactor core surrounding a thin layer of finely granulated nickel and lithium aluminium hydride within a cylindrical rod. This reactor has cooling elements in the shape of wings attached and is placed at the bottom of a box. The heat generated by the reaction is transmitted from the reactor to the surrounding water by the cooling wings, heating the water to produce hot water or steam.

Andrea Rossi is an Italian inventor and entrepreneur, born in Italy in 1950. He is a Doctor in Philosophy and obtained his Doctorate in 1974 at the Universita’ Degli Studi di Milano (Italy).

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