The recent advancements in technology have given birth to a vast variety of social as well as ethical concerns. What would become of the world as we know it in the decade to come? And mostly when it comes to new parents, will our children be safe and protected in this new world of digital reality and new virtual stimulations? 

Fret not for while it might still take a couple of years for the Meta technology to take hold of our lives, Parents can take hold of their children’s digital security right away and make sure their kids are always safe through the use of some of last year’s tried and tested, best parental control apps that just keep on getting better with time.


Out of all the parental apps out there, FamilyTime parental control app tops our list because of its diverse functionality and wide range of viable options for parents on how to control and monitor their child’s online activities. 

The initial version of the app is free to use but once infants start to get older, they do offer various premium packages based on the number of child devices in the household and the number of digital control parents wants to have over their toddlers and tweens.

This app offers various features such as 

  • Geofencing locations, 
  • Content filtering based on keywords and genre,
  • App blocking, 
  • Location tracking
  • Chat monitoring
  • Teen safe drive limits 

and many more interesting and fun features that both parents and children can enjoy while being completely safe and protected online.

  • Kaspersky

Like FamilyTime, this app also allows for various kinds of controls such as:

  • Content filtering
  • Site or app blocking
  • Screen-time limits
  • Location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Contact blocking

Kaspersky Safe Kids offers a highly vigilant and impactful alert system but their content filtering is not as diverse as the former app and continues to face interruptions in the web on various iOS browsers. Their parental monitoring is also limited and only allows for parents to see child activity on certain applications.

  • Qustodio

The next one on the list is Qustodio. This app happens to be one of the best developed and well-functioning apps out there. It is simple and convenient to use software that offers a lot of features including:

  • Screen time monitoring
  • App blocking on remote and home devices
  • And is easy to use across devices.

The only drawback is that this app is not as economical as the other two mentioned prior.

  • OurPact

Like FamilyTime, OurPact also offers the complete package to parents in terms of 

  • Live location tracking
  • Screen time monitoring
  • App blocking
  • Website restrictions

And more, but there are certain limitations to what this app can and cannot do. For example, this app does not enable parents to monitor the digital whereabouts and activities of their children in terms of who they are in contact with and what kind of interactions they have with the person as well as certain glitches that might interrupt mid-usage.

  • Net Nanny

Net Nanny is also one of the easy to install and configure softwares. Like the ones mentioned above, this app also offers great

  • Screen time limitation controls
  • Location tracking and geofencing
  • App blocking
  • Web filtering

But one of the drawbacks is that there is no free version of the app available for trial and some of the functions happen to be manipulable when it comes to child safety.