Now that the days feel a lot shorter, and are a lot colder, getting out in your garden might be the last thing on your mind. But if you enjoy the benefits of gardening in the Summer, the gentle exercise and the mindfulness of it all, then why not carry on your green-fingered hobby in the winter months too? You might be surprised to hear that whilst your garden might not be looking quite so alive, there’s still plenty you can be doing. And all the hard graft you put into your garden during the Winter will really pay off come Spring & Summer.

So let’s take a look at where you should be focusing your efforts on your garden this Winter.

  • Protect your grass

Your grass is going to be feeling a little neglected and vulnerable during the winter months, so it’s a good idea to avoid walking on it where necessary. If you’re particularly concerned about it, you could even place a thin plank down to provide you with a walkway over the grass – which will help distribute your weight more evenly, putting less pressure on the fragile, individual blades of grass.

  • Wrap your plants up warm

For any more delicate plants you might have, that aren’t quite hardy enough to make it through the cold winter months, now is the time to wrap them up warm. Bubble wrap is an affordable way to protect your plants, but you can also buy fleece which is designed exactly for this purpose.

  • Put out feeders for animals

Feeding the wildlife which visits your garden is more important this time of year than ever. Birds, squirrels and hedgehogs will all be looking for nuts, seeds and fat balls to keep them going this Winter. If you know you often have hedgehog visitors too, then it’s a good idea to leave an area of your garden untidy – logs, sticks and fallen leaves make a perfect cosy home for any hedgehog.

  • Feed your flower beds

Now is the perfect time to add compost or manure to your beds, to help grow healthier plants next year. Either fork the compost in, or spread a layer on top, and believe us – your plants will thank you for it when they’re blossoming next year!

  • Care for and maintain your tools

It’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of your garden tools and make sure they’re all in good condition. Do the blades on your secateurs need sharpening? Or maybe your gardening gloves are looking a little grubby and need washing? Now’s a perfect time. It’s also a good opportunity to look out for new gardening tools and equipment online – as you’ll often find them in the sale. For affordable garden tools all year round, take a look at Pronto Direct.

Follow our tips and we guarantee your garden will be looking better than ever before in the New Year. Happy gardening!