Kerb appeal matters and it pays to freshen up the house exterior ready for resale. Find out the easiest ways to make the outside of your house look lovely for selling.

Even the most beautifully kept houses need a little tweaking in order to make sure they are as presentable as possible for sale. Whilst all of the decluttering, painting and touching up is occurring inside the house, the exterior of the property can often get overlooked. This can be quite the problem as kerb appeal is very important, and buyers driving past could write your property off as a potential purchase based on first impressions of the outside of the property alone.

To help you prepare the exterior of your property for sale, follow these tips to ensure you’re presenting kerb appeal to all of those important potential buyers:

Tame The Plants

Whether you have a tree on the front of your property, a lawn, or some well chosen shrubs, they should all be tamed and tidy. Overgrown plants not only obscure the features of the property, but they just scream ‘hard work’ to a potential buyer. If you have ivy growing up your property that is another story altogether. Ivy can actually damage brickwork and be a nightmare to control so, if you can, get rid of it or at least tame it right down.

Sort Out The Path

A path with broken tiles will make the entire front of the property look messy because we naturally look down when we walk. If your potential buyer trips, they will instantly register ‘death trap’ before they walk into your home. Get those tiles fixed if you can for a safer, better looking lead up to your home or consider replacing them with up-to-the-minute exterior porcelain tiles.

Brighten It Up

If you can get any wooden parts of the front of the house brightened up, do. It makes such a huge impact on kerb appeal, especially if the current colours are drab or faded.

Clean Those Windows

Windows which are covered in cobwebs and dirt do not present a house well. Instead they make a house look like it will be just as dusty and dirty inside. They can also make a house look creepy! Get all the front windows professionally cleaned, along with the frames, so that it gives the impression the whole house is shiny and well cared for.

Fix The Gate/ Wall/ Fences

If you have fences or a gate or a wall lining the front of your front garden, you’ll want to ensure those are in good condition. Paint them or, have any missing bricks or tiles fixed, and ensure the gate actually works.

Jetwash The Drive

Your drive might need repairing, but it is a lot to redo and probably isn’t the first place you would spend your money when doing up the house for resale. Instead, giving it a good clean should make it look ten times better, for very little money and time.

Clean The Garage Door

Having a garage is a real selling point, so you’ll want to highlight it. Get that garage door sparkling clean with a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to the presentation of your house.

Remember, kerb appeal matters so it is worth your time and attention to get your house looking beautiful for selling season. With just a few tweaks you’ll be getting a lot more enquiries and you’ll have that house sold in no time!