Why is heating oil becoming more popular for homes and businesses across the country?

There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as a cold office or living space. You spend about 8 hours per day sat at that desk and when you get home, another chunk of your day is spent relaxing on your sofa. The last thing you want is to feel a sense of dread and a wave of cold wherever you go. In winter, your home or office may take an age to heat up, and it’s about time things changed.

Where energy sources are concerned, people are often confused as to which is the best option for them. Is it affordable? Is it kind to the environment? What is everyone else using? With so many questions surrounding the topic of fuel and which is best, it makes sense to discuss the advantages of a hidden fuel gem; heating oil.

Why is heating oil the perfect way to heat up your home and office? Here are the advantages of this type of fuel and how you can ensure you’re saving money and energy in the process.

What is heating oil and how does it work?

Over 1 million homes in the UK are not connected to the national gas grid, meaning that they use heating oil or other means to heat their homes. The oil is used as a fuel for boilers and is usually stored outside in a tank. The fuel is delivered by road from a supplier, who will fill up your tank as it needs it. What’s even better is that it’s an affordable investment. Check heating oil prices for an idea of what you can expect.

An oil boiler is needed for heating oil to be used, but even then, doing so give you a whole host of benefits. What are the advantages of using this type of fuel in your home or in the office?

It’s safe.

The biggest benefit is that it’s completely safe. It won’t burn in a liquid state, only when it evaporates. The oil needs to be heated over 60 degrees Celsius to burn. It’s also non-explosive, so you can feel completely safe in your home or office.

You have a regular supplier.

Refilling your tank when it’s needed is easy. There are multiple suppliers around but by reordering from the same supplier, you’ll probably get many more benefits than if you changed for each order. However, saying this, you do have the freedom to buy from multiple suppliers if you wish. As with all things, prices can fluctuate, so doing your research is sensible.

It’s cheap.

As we mentioned earlier, heating oil is one of the cheaper ways to heat up your home. However, if you feel like you need a little more security, there are payment plans available to ensure you’re not left out of pocket. This means you can manage your oil deliveries as best you can, within your own budget.

Better performance.

Heating oil burns quickly and at a higher temperature, meaning its performance is much better than that of natural gas and electricity. Because of this, your home or office will be heated much quicker for longer. To get this sort of a result using other sources, it would take much longer, making it more expensive.

For a warmer home and office, heating oil is your best bet.

If you want a new way to heat your home that is packed full of advantages, heating oil is the way to go. Keep these advantages in mind when you next discuss fuel options for your home or at work and you’ll be in a better place to make the right decision. How do you heat up your office at work or your home day-to-day? Share your experience in the comments below.

This post was in collaboration with Rix, heating oil and fuel suppliers in the UK. For more information about their services or to request a quote, visit their website: https://www.rix.co.uk.