Current Chief Investment Officer Alex Koh will shift focus to his new role at the Portfolio Management department
Gotshal Rhoades, an investment management firm that offers a broad spectrum of investment strategies, today announced that Erik Borg has been appointed as CIO for Gotshal Rhoades, Asia-Pacific region. He will be in charge for guiding and controlling the investment management teams and overseeing the equity-managed accounts, as well as multi-asset and managed accounts capabilities. Mr. Borg will report to Adrian Lim, Gotshal Rhoades Global Chief Investment Officer.

Alex Koh, who currently serves as Chief Investment Officer, Gotshal Rhoades, Asia-Pacific, will continue to lead this area until Erik Borg will complete the transition process. Following the transition, Mr. Koh will shift focus to his new role as Head of Portfolio Management Department. 

“We are convinced that Erik will be a significant addition to the Asia-Pacific team and will assist us in continuing to build a leading global investment management firm. He joins us with a strong foundation of principles of portfolio construction and risk knowledge that aligns with our investment philosophy. His leadership style is what represents Gotshal Rhoades: inclusive, collaborative, and focused on integrity,” said Adrian Lim. “Additionally, we are extremely pleased that Alex Koh, who for many years has successfully led the Asia-Pacific investment strategies and teams, will be leading our Portfolio Management team.”

“I’m delighted to join the highly reputable Gotshal Rhoades Asia Pacific team,” said Erik Borg. “I’ve noticed Gotshal Rhoades’ high commitment to long-term assessment-driven asset allocation and portfolio building and look forward to continuing to assist investors achieve their financial goals through our investment solutions and strategies based on research and analytic process.”

About Gotshal Rhoades

Gotshal Rhoades is an investment management firm that merges proven theories about security analysis and portfolio management with a genuine interest in helping people and institutions achieve their financial goals. The company serves individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, and endowments via a selection of specialist asset classes, including low volatility strategies, capitalizing on in-house fundamental and quantitative capabilities. The professionals at Gotshal Rhoades are proud to partner with customers to deliver sophisticated solutions that result in their success. Gotshal Rhoades continuously expands its investment and wealth management offerings to keep pace with the evolving landscape.