Starting any business amid COVID-19 can be quite challenging, but that should not stop anyone from starting their own business and being their own bosses. An emerging industry taking the world by storm is the business of a handyman, and it can be very profitable. 

Who is a handyman?

A handyman is a person who offers several kinds of home repair services based on capacity and the want of the customer. A handyman can provide several types of plumbing, maintenance, interior and exterior trade skills, and repair. A handyman typically does what we refer to as “odd jobs.”

How To Start A Profitable Handyman Business In 2021?

Starting any business requires a proper plan; a handyman’s business is no exception, so if you are wondering how to start a handyman business

First, you need to ensure that you have made up your mind that you want to get into the handymen business in 2021. If you have made up your mind, you have completed the first step: having faith and confidence in yourself. Now you must be asking yourself a ton of questions, and it is only natural to have these questions in your mind:

What are the requirements for starting a profitable handyman business?

Do I need experience in the handyman business?

How to start my own handyman business?

Does good profit come out of a handyman’s business?

Do I need some certification and licensing?

Do not Worry, as in this post; I’ll guide you step by step what exactly are the things you need to do to start a profitable handyman business in 2021.

1. Make A Proper Plan For Your Handyman Business

Amid Covid, You need to plan your business as you need to make sure of certain things like your target audience’s occurring expenses and ongoing business. Since you will be dealing with a large pool of customers, you must keep in mind the kind of odd jobs you plan to take on.

2. Create A Website For Your Handyman Business

 Businesses these days are making their presence felt in the online sphere, so you should create a website for your handyman business; having a website that can easily be searched on google will actually do your business a lot better.

All the essential details of your business should be made available on the website, like the services you provide, the contact number. It also should be SEO optimized as it will help your potential customers to locate you online. The primary purpose of an SEO optimized website is to allow it to rank on search engines so that you never run out of work.

3. Acquire Your Permit and License

More often than not, handymen don’t require permits and licenses, but if you get work from another place, you need to have a permit so that everything runs smoothly.

4. Form A Strategy And Set goals

The handyman business revolves around the kind of services you provide, your clients, and the money you charge.

You are not going to earn enough in the initial days, but you must always figure out your overhead costs. Once you get the hang of being a handyman, it becomes a lot easier, and you can start earning a ton of profits from your Courier business. You should also set goals, and it will motivate you to work harder.

5. Create A Team

Handling a business becomes a lot easier when people work together. On several assignments, you will need a lot of decision making, so it’s better to have a team that would help your decision-making process a lot easier. You can hire employees by posting handyman jobs on your website.


If health wise you are fit and you are ready to be your boss, starting a handyman business will earn you a lot of profits in 2021.

You should possess the skills and required knowledge to fix and repair household items. The bottom line is you should be passionate about your work as a handyman. You might not earn a ton of profit in the initial days, but having patience and creating your presence online will make your handyman business profitable.

It is all about your efforts to put in your business’s overall vision and the goals you have set for yourself. Having the proper skills, team, and knowledge of your work will help you grow your handyman business. Some handymen prefer working locally, whereas some love to make the team and enjoy working in far off places and expand their services.

If you have some prior experience in the industry, starting your own handyman business will be a lot easier, and it is bound to earn you profits if you are good at it.