·       Manchester and Leeds are the best Northern cities to start a new business 

·  The research finds 64 per cent of British businesses started outside of London  

Manchester, 23rd August 2021.

Are you thinking about starting a business in the UK? Research from Bruntwood Group, the office space property providers, has found that the North West and Yorkshire & The Humber are just as lucrative as the capital for new business launches. 


Researching the launchpads of 100 of the most well-known companies in the UK, Bruntwood Group have found over 6 in 10 new British businesses (64 per cent) were founded outside London, despite the capital’s reputation for being the country’s main business hub. 

A large proportion of the dataset (14 per cent) began life in the North West, with 30 per cent of those getting their start in metropolitan Manchester. Rolls Royce, PG Tips and Vimto are just a handful of Mancunian business behemoths. 

The research also finds Leeds is the best city in the Yorkshire region for new British businesses, with 33 per cent of Yorkshire-based businesses starting their journey here. These include ASDA, Morrison’s, Marks & Spencer and Next. 

A Bruntwood spokesperson commented: 

“The spread across the North of England is definitely helping to create a better start-up foundation for business people all over the country. “While London is still the number one destination for many new British businesses, it is reassuring to know that other areas of the country, even the small towns and cities, have just as much of a shot at making it big as the stalwarts that soak up the economic growth of the capital”. 

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