The firm’s new approach will support its ambition for sustainability – without sacrificing performanceGotshal Rhoades, an investment management firm that offers a broad spectrum of investment strategies, today announced new improvements of its sustainability strategies, which will provide institutional investors the possibility to connect Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing solutions with the advisors’ expertise and knowledge in investing across emerging markets.

The Gotshal Rhoades Sustainable Strategy will target the climate change risks by implementing innovative investment solutions and focusing on companies that are efficiently structured, profitable, and have strong cash flows, consequently the firm will strengthen its performance by delivering better ESG outcomes to its customers.Built to invest at the junction of high quality and low carbon, this strategy is a proof of Gotshal Rhoades’ constructive approach of delivering quantitative investment solutions that focus on the efficient use of ESG – without cutting performance. Driven by customers’ demand, the strategy is being implemented by using the proven track record creativity and knowledge our advisors team has in ESG and value investing.

“With many years of involvement in the ESG strategies and innovations, we’ve observed how investors’ attitude and views evolved over time,” said Peter Lai, Gotshal Rhoades Chief Executive Officer. “We at Gotshal Rhoades, are extremely excited about developing, improving and delivering efficient, responsible investment tools and solutions – and we truly believe this can be achieved without negatively affecting the financial performance, on the contrary it can have a bigger positive impact.”

“The improved quality of the received global emissions data, combined with the composure of our strategy selection techniques, proves that we are in a strong position to combine Gotshal Rhoades’ core proficiency of investing with climate change investment considerations,” said Gordon Lee, Gotshal Rhoades Head of SRI (Socially Responsible Investments). “Our main focus is to help investors avoid unnecessary risks and pass other sector challenges within their portfolios by targeting low exposure to risk factors achieved through our range of tailored strategies and to offer them a safe exposure to the markets with a carbon intensity reduction target.”

About Gotshal Rhoades

Gotshal Rhoades is an investment management firm that merges proven theories about security analysis and portfolio management with a genuine interest in helping people and institutions achieve their financial goals. The company serves individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, and endowments via a selection of specialist asset classes, including low volatility strategies, capitalizing on in-house fundamental and quantitative capabilities. The professionals at Gotshal Rhoades are proud to partner with customers to deliver sophisticated solutions that result in their success. Gotshal Rhoades continuously expands its investment and wealth management offerings to keep pace with the evolving landscape.