On 29th July 29 2021, BoxMedia joined AICPA-CIMA at Engage 2021 both online and in-person at the Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas to discuss how game-changing, innovative digital learning products are revolutionising the modern workplace.

Engage 2021 is an unforgettable, invaluable and one-of-a-kind career opportunity that offers exclusive insights and networking opportunities for engaged finance professionals.

Alongside Clare Munn – CEO and co-founder of BoxMedia was Keri Hawkins, a BoxPlay customer in the pharmaceuticals sector. Keri gave clear examples of how the CQ Originals Active Listening accredited course has been both cost-effective and impactful for both employees and her company.

BoxPlay (a BoxMedia company) exists to improve employability possibilities through relatable learning that builds confidence and was thrilled to be supporting their partners AICPA-CIMA at this amazing event.

CQ Originals focuses on interpersonal confidence-building skills – essential for anyone in the workplace today.  The first digital version of this course is Active Listening, an accredited course based on CQ: Communication Quotient and created by Clare Munn.

Communication Quotient (CQ) is the bridge between EQ and IQ.  It exists in the space between your intelligence and your emotions and helps you understand how to be expressive and receptive and thereby increasing confidence along with your ‘communication intelligence’.

Hawkins discussed how, to remain employable and relevant, we need to take charge of adaption. This includes learning both digital and technical fundamentals, understanding data analytics, and mastering our soft skills like active listening, critical thinking, negotiation and stress management.

Hawkins talked about how BoxPlay’s stackable and modular award-winning learning products are both beautiful to look at and immediately applicable to all aspects of your life.

To discover more and purchase the courses go to: https://future.aicpa.org/cpe-learning/course/cq-originals-active-listening

For more information please contact lauren@boxmedia.io or visit www.cqoriginals.io.