The evolution of the IT industry has led to a gradual shift from on-premises software to the cloud. Nowadays, modern companies are actively introducing innovative technologies for operation management in logistics, such as cloud warehouse management systems (WMS). It is necessary to speed up and automate logistics processes, simplifies the administration system and reduces costs. The use of professional software makes it possible to automate and remotely manage both all warehouse operations and the accounting infrastructure.

GoRamp has been successfully developing IT technologies since 2016, supplying WMS and TMS systems to the market. The company’s specialists emphasize the merits of a full-featured warehouse management system that automates all the main business processes: acceptance and placement of goods, their movement and packaging, order processing, document flow, employee control, etc. And also, note the advantages of implementing cloud solutions over installation software.

Advantages of a cloud-based WMS system

The main advantages of cloud solutions include:

  • quick launch of a WMS system without a complicated implementation process;
  • no financial costs associated with the initial purchase of a local system;
  • flexible monthly subscription: all payments are predictable;
  • the ability to stop using the system at any time without losing money;
  • quick addition or reduction the number of the system users;
  • viewing, control and adjustment of all logistics processes in one place;
  • every employee has access to accurate information at any time online.

This speeds up internal communication in the company and eliminates multiple mistakes.

Another advantage of using a WMS system is the ability to integrate it with other cloud programs of the company, TMS, for example. In addition, users can order customization and revision of the program by the specifics of running their business. On the GoRamp website, you have the option to sign up for a short online presentation with an experienced logistics expert, as well as get a free trial of the product.