Product labels plays a pivotal role in any product’s marketing and advertisement mix and it is pretty important to a brand’s identity and perceived integrity not to rush or scrimp on them. That little bit of extra quality on your print finish can make all the difference. The cost implications of opting for premium label printing over a cheaper service are not significant. Some label printing companies, like for example have label calculators on their websites, so you can look at the cost differences between different finishes, sizes, quantities etc.

Make sure you factor in delivery cost as well as this will also have to be factored in when calcuating your final cost per unit.  

There are few of the key factors that should always be kept in mind when designing your own custom stickers and product labels, and they are as follows: 

  1. The look and feel of your product label will make all the difference to your product’s shelf appeal. Those initial seconds are your opportunity to make a great first impression
  2. Even if a customer doesn’t pick up your product, making your design memorable and distinctive gives your product a greater chance of sticking in the mind of shoppers. They might not be in the market for a product like yours now, but you want to be first in mind when they are
  3. Many targeted customers subconsciously make a judgement on the quality of a product based on the look and feel of the label. This is why it is recommended to always go for the best quality printing, material and finish you can afford        
  4. Be clear and concise. Don’t clutter your label with non-essential information – that stuff can be saved for your website.

Your label provider can be much more than just a silent supplier. The larger label companies work with manufacturers of a vast array of products and packaging style. Their experience in working with a multitude of brands and seeing what works and what doesn’t is invaluable knowledge that you can tap into.  In those scenarios your label supplier becomes more of a partner and an advisor – afterall, they’re the guys with the expertise so it makes sense to ask their advice.

Despite the retail sector in the UK experiencing a downturn, custom printed product labels are in high demand these days. The growing craft food & drink industries, CBD products, vitamin supplements and plant-based dietary foods are all fuelling demand for label printing and despite the fact that many of these products will be sold purely online and never actually see a physical shop shelf, the same rules of shelf appeal apply.