Social media is a powerful marketing tool in today’s world. Influencers are constantly promoting something online, big brands tend to create great marketing videos for social media, alongside the vast array of other businesses keen to tap into a new online audience. Everyone is on social media these days, making it vitally important business is too.

Some social media platforms are more suitable than others, of course. Certain brands aren’t necessarily right for certain platforms, making it important your business does it right and chooses correctly between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the fastest growing social media platform at the moment, TikTok. If you make the right choice for your brand then success could soon follow, as has been proven countless times by a number of successful companies.

With the new year firmly underway, here are some of the best ways to market your business on social media in 2021.

Choose the right platform

There are an array of social media platforms to choose from, and it can seem overwhelming at times. To make the right choice between the likes of Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, assess your target market and what platforms your audience is likely to be a part of. Also, conduct some light research into your target audience and what exactly it is they prefer in terms of social media, be it Facebook posts or fancy Instagram images. For example, there is no use in joining TikTok if you’re targeting an older audience with casino games where you can pay online using PayPal with more at casino.com/uk/payment-methods/paypal. Likewise, Twitter might not be the best place to target a younger audience with a new and trendy clothing brand. Always keep your audience in mind.

Create a calendar

A lack of planning can lead to failure. Creating last-minute posts and coming up with late social media marketing strategies will show. In order to stay on top of your social media profile and make the most of it try creating a content calendar. All you need to do is list the social media platforms your business is using, plan out the posts, add any hashtags, links and images, alongside any other useful content. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Encourage engagement

Most successful social media accounts have created a vibrant community. In order to help your brand get there, always remain interactive and generate discussion and debate. You could share images and articles you find interesting, create a quiz for your online following, alongside commenting on other peoples’ posts, sharing them, and just generally being a friendly and engaging voice for your community to get behind.

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Don’t become spammy  

When you’re tasked with spreading awareness around your business, it can be easy to think that promotional posts need to be the main part of the plan. Whereas in actual fact, too many promotional posts can put people off your company and come across as too spammy. People want to see content that they enjoy and find interesting. The odd promotional post is important, but there is a line. Consider using the one-in-seven rule, which says that for every promotional post, six others should be content-based. Selling is necessary but selling too hard most definitely isn’t.

Share video content

Video content is hugely powerful online. When scrolling quickly through social media feeds, people tend to be grabbed by video posts over other forms of content. Video content is also a great way of showcasing the work your business does. If you can create interesting, narrative-driven video content, then you could be onto a winner.