We’re all pretty much in the same boat when it comes to returning to normal life amid the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no shame in saying that, for many of us, it’s proving rather difficult to adapt to this ‘new normal’, and some may be struggling to implement those all-important changes to create a safe working environment.

Firstly, it’s vital to remember to adhere to social distancing measures so that your business can start trading again, lessening that hard-hitting impact on the economy. Of course, many businesses have taken great advantage of remote working, however, for many, this simply is an unsustainable and unachievable way to maintain the best results. Moreover, many businesses need to handle stock and sensitive data that cannot be done from home.

The freedom to continue building relationships is another reason why returning to ‘office life’ is so crucial.  The communal space allows for staff to work alongside one another, and is a great place to welcome clients. Serviced office space from BE Offices can provide the safe space that you need, lifting the burden of you spending countless hours searching for the most appropriate solution.

Increased cleaning

Now, you’re likely to be familiar with cleaning everything from your smartphone to your groceries, eradicating any possibility of spreading the virus. In regards to the office, be sure to use disposable gloves for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and items. Once you’re finished with the gloves, remove them and dispose of them accordingly.

Before you begin any disinfection regime, why not consider first having a pre-clean? Cleaning with soapy water will remove any particles that carry the risk of COVID-19, meaning the viral load is reduced even before disinfection properly begins.

Social distancing

Reduce the number of people in a work area so that the ‘2-metre distance’ rule remains in place at all times. Begin by reviewing your business’s entire work schedule, and adjust start and finish times accordingly. Speak to your employees and adapt shift patterns if needed – you could have one group of employees in for the start of the week before returning to work from home Thursday and Friday, and vice versa for other staff members.

You may even need to redesign your office space to ensure social distancing measures can be properly achieved. The plan could include one-way systems for entrances and exits, desks spaced further apart and all meetings held via Zoom or another online platform. If you’re struggling to adapt, you may like to know that a serviced office will help to ensure that these measures are already in place.


Following the latest government guidance in regards to PPE and face coverings, if your staff members are comfortable with wearing a mask, encourage them to do so. Face-coverings are an extremely beneficial measure – even if it’s just precautionary – especially in enclosed spaces. For higher traffic areas, such as the reception area, it may be wise to recommend that all visitors wear something to cover their nose and mouth. With this in mind, keep a small stock of disposable masks somewhere onsite.